You know Wall Street is lying to you…

My "Wall Street Lie Detector" Could Triple, Quadruple… Even Quintuple Your Income In The Next Few Days

I show you how in this letter…

Dear Reader,

My name is Martin Hutchinson, and I'm about to show you how my "Wall Street Lie Detector" could help you triple, quadruple, even quintuple your investment income in the next few days.

I'll also show how you could get paid a nice pot of cash (even several thousand dollars) as a "down payment" on your new, higher income stream.

I explain how in my report on my "Wall Street Lie Detector."

Don't Get Fooled Again

You already know "the story"…
  • MF Global "misplaces" $633 million in customers' money…
  • Goldman Sachs sells customers' "garbage" and bets against them…
  • Bernanke devalues your money to keep the bankers rolling in it…
Wall Street gets obscenely rich making a fool out of you…

Perhaps you've read about how Citigroup drew investors into a billion-dollar mortgage securities fund in which they'd bet against the securities they sold to customers.

Sure enough, Citigroup made $160 million… as investors lost $700 million.

It remains to be seen whether Citigroup will be forced to pay back what they took.

And let's not forget how Wall Street executives have been getting million-dollar bonuses ever since we bailed them out.

The point of all this is simply to take your money and put it in their pockets.

You know all this, but what you may not know is how easy it is to avoid it and make buckets of money. That's why I'm writing you today…

How They Lure You In…

A study by a noted Ph.D. business professor from the Wharton School shows how Wall Street sucks investors in with their lies…

Every time Wall Street dangles the "the newest cure for cancer," or "the next Google," or the-fill-in-the-blank in front of you… 99% of all investors fall for it. Hard.

But enthusiasm is so great, most investors pay way too much.

"Our fixation on growth is a snare, enticing us to place our assets in what we think will be the next big thing. Invariably [we] pay too high a price for a piece of the action."

"The individual investor… inevitably loses out."

The winners are the CEOs, venture capitalists, and bankers who already have their shares and sell us shares after the price is already too high.

And if you decide to resist temptation and "sit it out"… watch out.

The market makers will force the market higher, past the shorts, until you can't bear to stay on the sidelines a minute longer.

And you – and many other investors – will jump in to ride the "good news."

Then, on cue, they'll bring the hammer down and crush your position.

(This is what happened in the housing "boom" and the $15 billion short. Billions for them; bailouts for them; underwater mortgages for the rest of us.)

The point of this charade is to lure you in… then force you to dump your hard-bought shares into their hands at absurdly low prices.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Occasionally, they let you win – for a while – but that's only to keep you playing. Keep you hoping "next time will be different." But it never is, because this is the game.

It's a show… designed to lure you in… and take your money.

And Wall Street's biggest lie is that you have no choice but to play this game. Or settle for a paltry income of 1% or 2% a year in bonds or dividend stocks.

How My "Wall Street Lie Detector" Works

But the truth is, you DO have a choice – a very profitable one – as I'm about to show you.

You see, I've watched this Charlie Brown and Lucy routine for years now.

People pay way too much for stocks they're led to believe will make them rich. Then they watch in horror as their "fortunes" go up in smoke when prices tank.

But as a former banker, I know when assets are overpriced or a good buy.

This is what drove me to develop my "Wall Street Lie Detector" after the last meltdown.

I wanted to give people a different and much safer way to become wealthy.
  • Avoid the traps Wall Street lays for you…
  • See through the lies…
  • And the chance to make buckets of money with a certainty you may not think possible.
In fact, in just a few moments, I'm going to show how you could triple, quadruple, even quintuple your investment income.

My "Wall Street Lie Detector" is based on a principle so simple you might be tempted to dismiss it as too simple…

Cash can't lie.

I know, Wall Street's lies can be complicated, filled with complex derivatives, many players, and mountains of incomprehensible language.

But you don't need to bother with any of this to cut through the lies.

All you have to ask is: Who's getting paid?

Are shareholders getting paid the lion's share of profits? Or is cash being siphoned off to pad salaries, boost bonuses, or fund half-baked acquisitions and other loony projects?

(It might surprise you to learn that most companies return only a small fraction of their profits to their owners – regular investors who own the shares.)

Cash is the ultimate lie detector and truth teller.

If investors had followed the cash instead of Wall Street's fantasies in 1996, 2000 and 2007, they'd be a lot richer now.

A CEO can fake or fudge annual reports, balance sheets, sales reports, and conference calls a million different ways. He can sweet-talk analysts 'til the cows come home.

But a company can't fake cash – it either has the money to pay dividends or it doesn't.

In fact, long before the SEC, CFTC or any stock market regulations came into existence, "stock operators" used cash dividends as a sure-fire way to become extremely rich.

If a company wasn't paying cash dividends, the savvy operator smelled a rat. Either the firm was going under, or management was wasting profits on hair-brained schemes.

But if it was paying big dividends like clockwork, the operator knew the company was healthy and well-managed and went "all in" to scoop up the profit as fast as possible.

My "Wall Street Lie Detector" works the same way…

Up to Six Times More Income… Immediately

Let me take you back to April 2009 to show you what I mean…

It was just after the market had hit its deepest bottom since the Great Depression.

The landscape was littered with the remains of Wall Street's lies. Investors had lost 50% of their wealth. Their financial lives were in ruins. They were extremely risk-averse.

And yet people knew they had to do something to rebuild their lives.

My "Wall Street Lie Detector" zeroed in on 7 companies paying investors boatloads of cash, far more money than the average "dividend stock" was paying.

I called them "the magnificent seven."

And they were magnificent for good reason…
  • All seven paid a majority of their profits to investors…
  • All seven were earning plenty to cover the cash they were paying out…
  • All seven had no reason to stop paying out big money to investors…
  • All seven were off the mainstream's radar with huge upside potential…
  • All seven were very good buys…
Here's what they were paying…
  • 7.28% a year
  • 9.21% a year
  • 10.95% a year
  • 18.36% a year
  • 17.20% a year
  • 7.53% a year
  • 15% a year
Average: 12% a year

I showed my readers how these seven cash-payers could increase their income on average by 4 times… immediately.

If they were making a paltry 1% to 3% with Treasuries, bonds, CDs, money markets, or ordinary dividend stocks… they could jump their income to 12% on average with these magnificent seven cash payers.
  • So, someone making just $3,000 a year on his money could start making $12,000 a year immediately (assuming $100,000 in capital).
And he could shoot his income up to 18.36% by choosing the highest payer among the seven. This was 6 times more than most people were getting. And would bring in an income of $18,000 a year.

Up to $4,000 In Cash… Immediately

Of course, my 2009 readers were skeptical. Post-meltdown, they needed proof, not just assurance from me.

So I showed them how they could get an immediate $4,000 in cash as a "down payment" on the higher income they'd be receiving all year long.

Some of them got paid even more…

One person, Walt Brown, made $13,000 the first month!

He was so excited, he emailed to tell me about it:
"I had to say how staggered I am at the additional $9,100 I will receive on 29th June. It is on top of $3,804.76. Lunch awaits you in London on your next visit." – Walt Brown
But here's the key point:

My readers sailed past the lies Wall Street was peddling. They didn't fall for fantasy "growth" stocks. Nor did they settle for gains of 1% to 2% a year.

My "Wall Street Lie Detector" led them straight to buckets of cash.

And the payoff was big and immediate.

Unlike other battered investors, they didn't have to sit on the sidelines… or wait and hope for their stocks to go up.

They could get paid – upfront – and look forward to a very large income all year long.

From reading their letters, I know my readers were surprised at how easy it was to avoid Wall Street's traps and make real money with very little risk.

I still get letters like this:
"I am very impressed with your knowledge, honesty and concern. It is nice to identify people who you can trust to help people without any hidden agendas. No one can be right all the time but you seem to have a better understanding from a high level where the market is going along with its pit falls. Keep doing what you are doing. You have helped me and my family. Thank You." – Stan Smith
And yet, the biggest surprise was still to come…

Total Wealth Could Double In Two Years

You see, Wall Street peddles the lie that "growth" stocks outperform dividend stocks. It's their biggest lie.

They want you to believe the fairytale that "this one stock" will turn paupers into millionaires overnight.

They point to Gates and Jobs and early investors in famously successful companies as proof that "the next big thing" could make you very rich, too.

They claim that companies that pay cash are performance "slow pokes" – okay if you're retired and "need income," but without the juice to make you wealthy.

But in fact, the opposite is true. My "Wall Street Lie Detector" proves it…

If my first readers in 2009 had put $10,000 into each of my "magnificent seven" cash-payers and done nothing else for two years, they could've collected $18,799 in cash and grown their total capital 41%. Just by doing nothing.

Not bad.
  • But if they'd reinvested their cash, their total capital could've grown 91%... ALMOST DOUBLING THEIR WEALTH IN TWO YEARS.
By sticking to serious cash-payers instead of chasing "the next big thing," I put my first readers in a position to double their total wealth in two years.

Zeroing in on cash lets you avoid the lies AND gives you the chance to be very, very wealthy.

Research confirms it…

Ned Davis Research showed that from 1972 to 2008, cash-paying companies outperformed so-called "growth" companies by more than four times.

Just take a look at the chart…

During bear or difficult markets, cash payers have an even bigger advantage.

Between 2000 and 2003, cash payers outperformed "growth" stocks by 65 percentage points!

Researchers Zou, Ping and Ruland showed that "companies with high dividend payouts typically experience a higher level of future earnings growth" than low-dividend payers.

In short, if you're looking for growth – and riches – go for the cash.

Is Getting Wealthy Really This Easy?

Yes, it is this easy. But you have to know how to identify the right cash-payers.

Right now, the average yield for a dividend stock in the S&P 500 is just 2.78%.

So picking just any dividend stock – even one that seems to be paying a high dividend – won't necessarily make you wealthy.

For one thing, you have to steer clear of the phonies: Self-liquidating companies (e.g., some miners) that are returning capital as "dividends," or companies whose high yield is merely a product of a declining stock price because… well… the company is failing.

That's why my "Wall Street Lie Detector" and decades of experience identifying serious cash payers are critical.

My Permanent Wealth Investor research service gives you both…

Unique Access To My Life's Work

You see, I've made money my life's work.

Since my first days as a merchant banker, I've lived by this motto: Cash talks and everything else walks.

Call it what you want – income, money, the long green – cash is the only way of really telling what a company is worth and whether it's worth investing in.

Ever since I graduated from Cambridge University with a First Class in mathematics… and then from Harvard Business School with honors…

My "nose for cash" has let me profit from currency flows, the rise and fall of emerging markets, and the forces that make some companies global giants and others go bust.

And I've shown my readers big money – enough to nearly double their wealth in about two years.

You see, in this market, it pays to have expert research coming from someone with real-life, global investing experience.

I've journeyed to every continent to close every kind of bond, currency, and corporate transaction under the sun, as…
  • Merchant banker for Hill Samuel of London…
  • Citibank Western Hemisphere representative…
  • Strategic and financial advisor to emerging market companies…
  • Principal in a European venture capital firm…
  • U.S. advisor to the governments of Croatia and Macedonia…
In short, when it comes to money, I've done it all… or nearly so.

And I didn't do any of it sitting at a desk in a tall, glass building making "paper profits" for some anonymous corporate client.

Because I've "been there," at street level, I have the instincts to "get" what's happening with a currency, market, or industry.

Drop me down anywhere in the world, and I can spot the trustworthy bond… the solid currency… and the cash-paying companies that can multiple your income.

And I'm ready to do the same thing for you now…

An Opportunity to Triple, Quadruple,
Quintuple Your Income Now

I launched The Permanent Wealth Investor to give you the advantage of my "Wall Street Lie Detector" and make buckets of real money safely.

You've just seen what it's done for my first readers.

Now, I hope, this will be your turn…

My "Wall Street Lie Detector" has pinpointed our next round of magnificent cash-payers I'd like to share with you…

As before, these companies meet my stringent criteria:
  • All pay most of their profits to shareholders…
  • All earn more than enough to cover the cash they're paying out…
  • All are virtually certain to keep paying out big sums to investors…
  • All have huge upside growth potential (though you've probably never heard of them)…
  • All are inexpensive to buy… as little as $8.50 a share…
These cash-payers could triple, quadruple, or even quintuple your investment income immediately (depending on what you're earning and how much you put in)…

Take a look at what readers who've acted on my recommendations are earning right now
  • 10% a year from a conservatively run producer of agricultural commodities, copper, gold, silver and molybdenum…
  • 13.38% a year from a major oil producer unaffected by the uncertainties of the Middle East – or Canadian pipeline – politics...
  • 4.31% a year from a firm that takes tired brands from major companies and revitalizes them…
  • 10% a year from a firm invested in health care, telecommunications, hotels and logistics, among other businesses…
  • 11% a year from a firm invested in aerospace and defense, automotive, beverage, and food and tobacco, among other industries…
  • 12.18% a year from small middle-market companies in search of debt and equity financing in a time of tight-fisted banks…
These six cash-payers pay three to five times more than the 1.5% from money markets or CDs… 2.5% from government bonds… 3-4% from corporate bonds… or 2.1% from the ordinary "dividend stocks" most people settle for.

Even the average of these new cash payers could show 10% a year… three to four times more than most people are making..

Would this make a difference in your life?

Could making $10,000 a year instead of $3,000 from your capital (assuming $100,000) make a difference in your life?

Tripling your income would be a dream come true for most people.

But this is what I'm offering, even promising, you.

You could even do it within days of finishing this letter…

Get Your Cash "Down Payment" Now

Most investing involves uncertainty – waiting and hoping for your stock to go up.

Will you make money or won't you? No one can tell you for sure.

But with my next cash-payers, you could get a cash "down payment" on the money you receive all year long.

But here's the important point: You won't have to guess which of my cash payers will pay out cash. They ALL do.

You can pick any one or all of them. It doesn't matter. I don't recommend stocks unless they're going to pay out cash.

This is the opposite of what Wall Street does. Wall Street pushes dreams of future riches. And then, as we saw with Goldman, often bets against your dream coming true.

By contrast, my Permanent Wealth Investor research service gives you… certainty.

A Better Way To Get Rich Fast

My first portfolio of seven serious cash-payers could have almost doubled readers' total capital in two years.

Though one can never predict future profits, I've selected my current cash-payers to show you the same, safe, wealth-multiplying opportunities.

Let me show you what I mean with just one of these cash-payers…

Since I first recommended this food marketer to my readers, it has…
  • Grown 114% minus any cash paid out...
  • Grown 130% with cash paid to investors…
  • Grown 158% with cash reinvested…
This cash-payer has more than doubled not counting the cash it paid.

Factor in the cash, and it has crushed the market by 140 percentage points – while throwing off a nice pot of cash to spend, save, or reinvest.

But consider this: Even if this food marketer's price had flat-lined – not grown at all – it would still have thrown off enough cash to keep you close to even with the market.

(And if the stock's price had dipped, you'd have had a 16% buffer before falling behind – and the chance to reinvest your cash when shares were cheaper.)

This is no fluke.

As I write this…
  • Another one of my current cash-payers is trouncing the market by 132%...
  • And a third is killing the market by 248%...
And they're ALL paying cash to readers who've invested in them.

Real cash-payers are the REAL growth stocks. As The Economist wrote recently:

"If you rank the 75 years on the American stock market from 1925 to 2000 by yield, investors who bought in the lowest-yielding quintile received an average real return over ten years of 3.1%; those who bought in the highest-yielding quintile got 10.7%."

But Wall Street likes to keep this fact quiet. There's not much money to be made from selling you stocks that throw off a lot of cash. When they find a real one, people tend to hold on to these cash cows for years and years.

Instead, Wall Street sells you the dream, while they go for the cash themselves. As soon as the "big money" sees a stream of cash, they pile in and drive the price way up.

This is why cash-payers have grown 3 times faster than those stocks paying a minimal amount.

Why NOW Is The Time To Act

This is also why the best cash-payers are often too expensive to buy. They've been bid way up by Wall Street's biggest players.

And this is why now is the moment to act. A bipolar market has beaten down some of the best cash-payers, making them affordable.

I cut your costs further by recommending top-notch cash-payers off the beaten track and thus way underpriced. And an optimal price means maximum upside potential.

This is why I'm writing you now – the moment is ripe for big profits.

The moment you invest in one or more of my cash-payers, you could triple, quadruple, or even quintuple your investment income right away.

And you can expect hundreds, even thousands, of dollars as a "down payment" on your year-long income.

I hope you do it now, before Wall Street's big money is drawn to my new cash-payers.

What You'll Get…

All you have to do is try my Permanent Wealth Investor on a trial basis. I'll express you this time-sensitive information right away...

Special "Fast Start" Report #1: The Permanent Wealth Investor

I call my cash-payers "Alpha Bulldogs" for reasons you'll understand when you read this report. In it, I show you how:
  • Alpha Bulldogs are the fastest and safest way to grow your money – and get the cash you need – in these financially treacherous times
  • Why Alpha Bulldogs are a better source of dividends and income than any other option, including regular dividend stocks, bonds, T-bills
  • Why Alpha Bulldogs will be the "ten baggers" of the next 10 years
  • How to spot and avoid impostor dividends that can sink your wealth
  • Why it's critical to act quickly if you want to "lock in" the Alpha Bulldogs' extra-large yields
  • How we research and locate explosive gainers in the Permanent Wealth Investor strategy to help to put our readers on the path to achieve permanent wealth
Then, as a Permanent Wealth Investor subscriber, you get...

Every Week: The Alpha Bulldog Alert

Every week, my research helps my readers figure out:
  • How each Alpha Bulldog in the portfolio is performing
  • Which Alpha Bulldogs to add, how, and when
  • Which explosive gainers to buy, how and when
  • What to do to replace a Bulldog with another when the time is right
  • What to do to make a "safety" adjustment (if necessary)
  • You'll know what to do the second a hot bond, currency, precious metal or option play is ripe for the picking – and how it could boost your wealth and jack up your income
Every month: The Permanent Wealth Report

Every month, I show:
  • How the big political and economic events will impact the portfolio
  • What our subscribers need to do when the Fed or foreign central banks raise interest rates or float new bond issues
  • When inflation surges or deflation lets the air out of the economy
  • When bonds become the "go to" investment for permanent wealth seekers
  • How political events and decisions force our readers take evasive – or aggressive – action to keep moving forward
Is This Right For You?

But the chief benefit of trying The Permanent Wealth Investor is the opportunity to triple, quadruple, or quintuple the investment you're getting now.

Is this right for you? If your portfolio is already throwing off…
  • 10% a year
  • 13.38% a year
  • 4.31% a year
  • 10% a year
  • 11% a year
  • 12.18% a year
… you may be making all the money you need and can use. And in that case, I wouldn't blame you for passing on this offer.

But if, like many people, you're stuck making 1.5% from your money market account… 2.5% from government bonds… 3-4% from corporate bonds… or the 2.1% that ordinary dividend stocks are now paying… and want to make a lot more…

Joining The Permanent Wealth Investor could be the smartest investment decision you make all year. It could up your income three to five times – from $3,000 up to $15,000 a year on a starting capital of $100,000.

How Much Does It Cost?

As you've seen, my earliest investors could have seen their nest egg grow over 90% in two years. A $100,000 could've increased to almost $200,000.

So, you can see why I charge $1,995 for The Permanent Wealth Investor. And why some of my subscribers pay it. Just your "down payment" could more than cover it.

But here's the thing: I want to help as many people as I reasonably can make money in this very tough market. That's why you won't have to pay anything close to this price.
  • I'm inviting you to TRY Permanent Wealth Investor for just $495 a year when you act in the next few days.
In other words, if you act now, I'll reward you. You'll get my Permanent Wealth report, my weekly alerts and my monthly reports…

… for just $495, more than 75% off the normal price… if, as I say, I hear from you now.

Otherwise, you'll pay the $1,995 and still, I promise, feel that you've got a deal.

And let me take my promise one step further…

My Personal Guarantee:

If you're feeling somewhat uncertain about whether The Permanent Wealth Investor will really deliver what I say it will, let me give you my personal guarantee:
  • If you're not satisfied with the opportunities we show you – opportunities that could double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple your income over the course of 2012 – then we'll fully refund your subscription fee.
I can't make this any clearer or more generous: 1) More than 75% off the normal price if you act now, and 2) All your money back if you don't get the chance to triple, quadruple, or quintuple your income as soon as you sign up.

In short, you have nothing to lose by acting now… and a whole lot to gain.

The Chance to Triple, Quadruple, Quintuple
Your Income is Just Days Away…

Acting now gives you time to "lock in" remarkable yields up to 13.38% and the fat down payments my cash payers are paying out..

Once Wall Street catches wind of these remarkable opportunities, they'll bid up the price as they always do. That's great, IF you're already on board. If not, you'll be on the outside looking in… again… a victim of Wall Street's unscrupulous avarice.

You see, the financial crisis and all the bad publicity and all the threats of new regulations haven't slowed the liars on Wall Street one bit.

The SEC is feckless as ever. They didn't fire one person over the Madoff scandal. Last month, Goldman Sachs set aside $10 billion for salaries and bonuses – while its stock fell 43% and profits dropped 70%. Who got hurt? The shareholders.

As my friend, Shah Gilani, just wrote: "The truth is, the big banks on Wall Street invariably 'blow up' customers to make money for themselves."

In shark-infested waters like these, cash is your best friend – your only trustworthy friend. Follow the cash, and you can't go far wrong.

The Permanent Wealth Investor shows you how for just $495. Never fall for Wall Street's lies again. Triple, quadruple, quintuple your income. Get a fat down payment on future cash. And never risk a dime.

Just go here to get started now.

Or call 888-570-9830 or 410-454-0498 during business hours. Please use Priority Code: EPBIMC27 to receive the fully discounted price.

I look forward to hearing from you now.

Martin Hutchinson
Editor, The Permanent Wealth Investor

P.S. Are you settling for paltry returns of 1-3% because you think it’s the only way to keep your money safe AND get some growth? Do you think your ONLY choice is between lousy returns and Wall Street’s lies and fantasies?

Take another look at the returns you could be getting right now just by trying The Permanent Wealth Investor at no risk:
  • 13.38% a year
  • 10% a year
  • 10% a year
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You have a REAL choice – and a potentially profitable one. I urge you to take it now.

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