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Will There Be a Stock Market Correction in 2017?

Investors are anxious about a stock market correction after all three major indexes closed at record highs last month.

With the Fed set to raise interest rates at the FOMC meeting this month, we could see a stock market correction in 2017.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Rising Despite Quitaly Vote Results

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is rising despite the Quitaly vote results Sunday.

Markets Quickly Move Past Sunday's Italian "No" Vote On Constitutional Reforms

Sunday's much-anticipated Italian referendum on constitutional reforms produced a "no" vote by an overwhelming margin. Italy's prime minister immediately resigned. Many markets initially were gyrated on the news, but quickly settled down. The government-backed no-vote was not unexpected by the market place. Still, this latest development is another sign of the insecurity of the European Union and the growing potential for continued fragmentation of the EU. The Italian vote was especially worrisome to the European banking and financial sector.

Do Your Holiday Shopping on Wall Street's Dime This Year… and Forever

These kinds of encounters really make my day.

We've seen how trading is perfect for setting up extra regular income, but I want to share this one with you because it really drives home how folks can use trading to pocket a timely windfall… at a time when we could all use some extra money. 

I was getting some work done on my house, and one of the construction guys asked me what I do for a living. Naturally, I told him that I'd been working for nearly 30 years as a trading coach for everyday investors, and that my specialty was turning people on to low-cost, low-risk, high-profit trades.

He mentioned that the stock market was going ballistic, of course, and asked me how a guy like him might cash in on these all-time highs and pull in a little more cash for the holidays.

What the Quitaly Vote Today Means for Your Money

The Quitaly vote today could send the markets into free fall – just like the Brexit vote did back in June.

What Is Quitaly?

First there was Grexit, followed by Brexit, and now there's Quitaly.

What is Quitaly?

The Most Important Profit-Taking Lesson of 2016 (and 2017)

Getting big profits and investing in a rising stock are great, but some investors don't know how to handles these gains.

D.R. Barton has the best technique to make sure you do as much profit-taking as you should.

Could Jeff Sessions End Legal Marijuana?

Trump recently tagged Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General.

The conservative Republican has some strong opinions on marijuana use and has Americans asking, "Could Jeff Sessions end legal marijuana?"

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Dips as Italian Referendum Looms

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today fell ahead of an important vote in Italy.

On Sunday, Italian voters will go to the polls to decide whether or not to vote for constitutional reforms.

Where the Spot Silver Price Is Headed Now

Traders are watching precious metals ahead of Italy's referendum on Sunday.

Uncertainty and fear of the outcome have investors asking us where the spot silver price is heading now.