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Could Jeff Sessions End Legal Marijuana?

Trump recently tagged Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General.

The conservative Republican has some strong opinions on marijuana use and has Americans asking, "Could Jeff Sessions end legal marijuana?"

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Dips as Italian Referendum Looms

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today fell ahead of an important vote in Italy.

On Sunday, Italian voters will go to the polls to decide whether or not to vote for constitutional reforms.

Where the Spot Silver Price Is Headed Now

Traders are watching precious metals ahead of Italy's referendum on Sunday.

Uncertainty and fear of the outcome have investors asking us where the spot silver price is heading now.

This “Bond Buying” Company Could Climb 100%

Investors are pouring money into stocks, buy this bond-buying company could skyrocket by 100% in roughly three years.

This company makes money from bonds, no matter whether investors are buying or selling.

Our Newest Oil Price Prediction After the OPEC Meeting

We have a new oil price prediction now that OPEC has agreed to slash production.

The Only Reason Why OPEC's Oil Deal Might Last

OPEC's historic oil deal shocked markets, but the most difficult negotiations are still ahead.


Shah's Quick Take on Trump's Cabinet

Trump's cabinet is starting to take shape. And the names of two of the economic team members, for the Treasury and Commerce Departments, were recently announced.

The 3 Best Defense Stocks to Buy in 2017

The three best defense stocks to buy promise investors steady long-term returns. Already this year, our three defense picks are up more than 20%.

We see these stocks continuing their tremendous runs in 2017, especially under a hawkish President Trump, who has vowed to boost military spending.

Spot Gold Price Today Climbs and Should Head Higher

The spot gold price today (Friday) is higher in morning trading, which is a reprieve from the losses the precious metal saw throughout the month of November.

While some investors and traders remain bearish on gold prices in the near term, the bottom for gold prices is in sight.