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Social Security: Study Finds Nearly Half of Baby Boomers Have No Retirement

The Social Security trust fund is due to run out by 2034. That's only 18 years away.

Yet many baby boomers are still hoping to rely solely on SSI benefits then...


Uncle Sam Now Gives Thousands More to Undocumented Minors Than to Retirees

Undocumented minors are expected to flow into the United States from Central America at a record clip.

Uncle Sam intends to greet them with open arms… and an open wallet.

Here's how these children will make out better than the average retired American once they get here...


How Social Security Started

It's important to understand how Social Security started. To date, Social Security is one of the biggest welfare programs we have.

Although it's over 80 years old, Social Security's purpose hasn't changed over the years. But it's future may be threatened.

And to understand why, all you have to do is look to the past...


Mad About Upcoming Social Security Cuts? Blame This Book…

Social Security cuts outlined by Congress last fall officially go into effect on May 1.

Here's how one famed economist accidentally tipped off Washington policymakers to draft their controversial bipartisan budget deal that cut several Social Security benefits...


One of the Most Profitable Social Security Benefits Is About to Disappear

Thanks to President Obama's new budget deal, married couples have one week to take advantage of one of the best Social Security benefits.

This benefit allows married couples to boost their retirement benefits by upwards of $60,000.

And Congress is taking it away just because it's too great to go on unchecked...


IRS Turns Blind Eye to Fake Social Security Numbers from Undocumented Immigrants

Illegal immigrants are using illicitly obtained or fake Social Security numbers to get jobs.

According to the IRS Chief, that's A-OK.

Here's precisely what he had to tell Congress...


3 of the Most Outrageous Social Security Fraud Schemes in Program History

Thousands of crooks commit Social Security fraud each year.

And it comes in many forms – payee abuse, fiduciary deception, fake disability claims. The list goes on.

Here's a look at three of the most outrageous examples that average Americans wound up footing the bill for...


The Biggest Reason Social Security Looks Like a Ponzi Scheme

Social Security is unsustainable as it presently operates. The program's cash reserves are expected to diminish completely by 2035. And it may be past time to fix the problem.

Whatever the fate of Social Security, we can be certain of one thing: its initial design has failed us.

There are many who aren't surprised. They say Social Security is, and has always been, one big Ponzi scheme.

The idea isn't for folks in tinfoil hats…

There is real truth to the argument.

One needn't look much further than a new, infuriating report...


Former Reagan Advisor: Congress Just "Hatcheted" Your Social Security Benefits

While it went virtually unnoticed, Section 831 of the House's new budget bill could radically change your Social Security benefits.

This change will affect the benefits that as many as 21.3 million Americans could be eligible for, instantly.

According to Larry Kotlikoff, former member of President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisors, "No retiree will ever again be able to feel their Social Security benefits are safe from some backroom, midnight, rushed change in rules that are designed to meet some budget target or accommodate some politician's whims."

There have been no public hearings and no public debate. And these changes will come to bear starting in less than two months -- on May 1...