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Time Is Running Out for Maximum Gains on This Olympic Trade

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games start in just three days, on Aug. 5. That means there's not much time to put on this beautiful trade that's shaping up.

This trade has it all: a short window with little uncertainty, the potential of windfall gains in the near future, and for folks who are buying in this market, the chance to grab an outperforming long-term investment, too.

The time is quite literally right to make this move. Here's what I mean…

Some of us will remember the 2008 Beijing Summer Games. They were spectacular, of course, but they were also 12 whole hours out of sync with the U.S. East Coast. The 2012 London Games were even better, but they were five hours ahead of schedule. Peoples' favorite events were live at really inconvenient times, and "spoilers" were practically unavoidable, letting down some of the most rabid sports fans and putting a damper on consumption.

But the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games will be just an hour ahead of one of the world's biggest, richest media markets.

And one of America's biggest media companies is taking some remarkable, high-tech steps to make a killing on Americans' insatiable taste for real-time Olympic entertainment.

In doing that, it's setting itself up for even bigger gains long after the Olympics are over...


Move Over, Comcast: There's a New Cable Company in Town

Comcast is about to see a new competitor in town.

Just yesterday, the DOJ okayed an epic cable merger worth $78 billion.

Here's a look at the deal and how it will affect consumers...

Mergers and Acquisitions

2015 Mergers and Acquisitions: Anticipated Deals Going Down This Year

2015 Mergers and Acquisitions: M&A activity, if executed properly, can result in industry dominance and shareholder wealth.

Some of the companies planning to tie up in 2015 could monopolize an entire sector, while others simply hope to bolster their chances against the competition.

Here are the most anticipated and industry-changing deals ahead...

Stock Market Today

Stock Market Today Moving on BABA, AT&T, and CMCSA News

Good morning! Futures indicate the stock market today will rise from yesterday's close.

What to watch today: Investors should get an announcement from e-commerce giant Alibaba Holding Group Ltd. (NYSE: BABA). The company just concluded sales on Chinese Singles' Day. The holiday, which was created to celebrate or lament being single in China, is the largest 24-hour online shopping event in the world.

Here's what else you should know - including your Money Morning Tip of the Day - to make your Tuesday profitable...


Comcast Stock (Nasdaq: CMCSA) Up on Earnings Growth, Despite Little Help from NBC

Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA) saw second quarter sales up 3.5% and profits up 14.9% on its earnings release this morning (Tuesday), for an earnings-per-share (EPS) of $0.76. While Comcast sales were below analyst estimates, according to data from Yahoo! Finance, Comcast stock was still trading up in the morning 1.7% at $54.75.

Get all the Comcast earnings details here.