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Fitbit Stock Price Soars Today – Should You Buy FIT Now?

The Fitbit stock price soared 9% to $14.65 today after posting better than expected Q2 2016 earnings and revenue.

With shares still down 51% year to date, is this the time to buy FIT?

Here's the answer...


What You Need to Know About Cheap Stocks to Buy Now

There are some quality cheap stocks to buy now that no one is noticing. They are undervalued compared to where the stock should – and will – rise to.

To find these great cheap stocks to buy today, we looked at companies' prospects as well as current share-price metrics.

Here's our latest list of the top cheap stocks to buy...


One Factor Will Send Fitbit Stock Higher After Q4 Earnings

Fitbit Inc. (NYSE: FIT) will release Q4 earnings on Monday, Feb. 22.

Although the Fitbit stock price is down 46.3% so far this year, we expect shares to head higher after it reports another strong quarter.

And there's one factor that will fuel the rebound in 2016...


Where the Fitbit Stock Price Is Headed in 2016

xFitbit Inc. (NYSE: FIT) stock is up 38.7% during its six-month run as a public company.

And our Fitbit stock price prediction shows the firm will maintain that momentum in 2016.

In fact, we see shares moving higher next year for two important reasons...


Should I Buy Fitbit Stock Now? (NYSE: FIT)

The Fitbit Inc. (NYSE: FIT) stock price is up 26.6% since the company went public in June, but shares have plunged 21.1% in the last three months.

The recent volatility has investors wondering if they should buy Fitbit stock now.

Here's how you can play the tech leader today...


Weight Watchers Stock Price Up 30% Today (NYSE: WTW) – Is It a Buy?

After Oprah Winfrey announced a 10% stake in the company, the Weight Watchers stock price has soared.

WTW stock is selling for $18.25, up 62.79% from Winfrey's purchase of $6.79.

Money Morning subscribers should read on to find out if they should invest in WTW stock like Oprah...


Morgan Stanley Analysts Join Us on the GoPro Stock Bandwagon

On Tuesday, Morgan Stanley analysts cut their target price for GoPro stock. Millions of investors were surprised, and the stock got shellacked.

GoPro is a worse value trap now than ever, and any investor who gets sucked in now is playing with fire.

I know the temptation is to buy, but hold your ground. The company has always been on the "cusp of something great," and it's never delivered.

At best, GoPro stock is worth $15 and, even then, probably only as an acquisition for a bigger player keen to absorb GoPro technology. Here's why...


Is Fitbit Stock (NYSE: FIT) at the Mercy of the Apple Watch?

The Fitbit stock price has seen a massive rise over the last week. Shares of FIT are up 9.1% since Sept. 3.

The majority of the gains came after Morgan Stanley reported that Fitbit dominates the wearable tech market over Apple.

But could the Apple Watch jeopardize Fitbit's long-term appreciation?


Why the Fitbit Stock Price Is Up 8% Today (NYSE: FIT)

The Fitbit stock price shot up today after Morgan Stanley gave the fitness wearable tech company an upgrade.

The boost in FIT stock came after the bank upgraded it to "overweight" – the equivalent of a "Buy" rating.

Here's how you should play the wearable tech giant today...

Wearable Tech

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Pentagon in a $171 Million Wearable Tech Venture

The Pentagon has partnered with Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL), Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ), and 159 other private companies and universities to develop wearable tech for military use.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the creation of a new institute in San Jose called "Flexible Hybrid Electronic Institute" on Friday. The institute will work to develop manufacturing techniques and new applications for flexible electronics.

Apple has become a tour de force in the wearables market this year alone, according to fresh IDC data...