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Halliburton Stock Price Today Up After Layoff Report (NYSE: HAL)

The Halliburton stock price moved higher today despite some bad news out of the Midwest.

According to a report from Reuters, Halliburton Inc. (NYSE: HAL) laid off oil workers at its branch in North Dakota.

Here's a breakdown of why the news is moving the stock today...

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Halliburton-Baker Hughes Merger Faces New Hurdles (NYSE: HAL)

The $34.6 billion Halliburton-Baker Hughes merger faces additional regulatory probes.

Still, Halliburton remains committed to closing the deal in late 2015.

Here's the latest news on the merger between the No. 2 and No 3 oil services players...


Do Halliburton Q2 Earnings Make HAL Stock a Buy?

The Halliburton Q2 earnings report was released before markets opened this morning.

The second-largest oilfield services company in the world saw a 93% earnings loss as the oil price plunge continues to eat into the sector's profits.

Here's a breakdown of the report and what it means for HAL stock...