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Here's How MCD Stock Can Grow Your Wealth by 13% in Five Years

Over the last 12 months, MCD stock has climbed more than 31%.

Considering how shaky the global markets are right now, that's an incredible return for patient investors.

But even with this economic uncertainty, McDonald's stock offers investors a safe way to grow their wealth. Let us explain...

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[CHART] Robots to Take 80 Million U.S. Jobs – Is Yours at Risk?

Automation is a great thing – unless it's robots taking your job.

Over the next 10 to 20 years, half of all working Americans could find themselves replaced by some type of robot. And with the technology improving faster than ever, it's not just low-skilled jobs at risk.

This chart shows which occupations face the greatest threat from robots...

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5 Notorious Public Health Scares That Caused Share Price Crashes

When a company's share price crashes in the wake of a public health scare, it can take a long time for the business to rebuild a reputation seemingly wiped out overnight.

Case in point: Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. It was brought to the public's attention last Friday that the restaurant chain was linked to an E. coli outbreak in the Pacific Northwest.

But Chipotle's debacle is a cake walk compared to these five notorious public health scares and the share price drops that followed them...


Is McDonald's Stock a Buy After the Q3 Earnings Beat? (NYSE: MCD)

McDonald's stock rose as much as 8% in early trading today (Thursday) following solid Q3 earnings that beat Wall Street expectations.

What caught Wall Street's attention was the 4% increase in same-store sales – the first gain in this metric after nearly two years of declines..

But the question now is whether McDonald's stock is a buy.

Here's what investors need to know about MCD stock right now...