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Netflix Stock Price Today Tanks 13% – Is This a Buying Opportunity?

The Netflix stock price tanked 13% to $85.52 today after Q2 results disappointed.

A pressing question now for investors is if this is a buying opportunity.

We answer that below...


Should I Buy Netflix Stock After Q2 Earnings?

With Netflix stock down 13.98% year to date, investors will be closely watching the company's Q2 earnings after today's (Monday) close for a buy signal.

Here's what to watch for in Netflix's Q2 earnings reports.

And here's our recommendation on how to play NFLX stock...


A Ground-Floor Opportunity in the Next Decade’s Most Disruptive Technology

Every tech investor looks forward to the classic "ground-floor opportunity," the chance to invest in a young company, inches from going public, developing a new, compelling technology that has every chance of wide adoption.

A company like that can bring gains that just keep getting bigger and bigger for years. Take Netflix, for instance, the undisputed king of streaming video. If you'd bought shares of the company back in 2002 when streaming was on the drawing boards and the firm was a DVD-only mail rental business, you would have seen gains as high as 11,388%, not accounting for splits.

Today I want to tell you about another ground-floor opportunity waiting in the wings. I've been following it closely, and I've been in close touch with one of the chief architects of this exciting new technology.

I couldn't be more fired up about the profit potential here.

Let me be clear, you can't invest in it right now, but soon you'll be able to grab shares at a real bargain. I'm going to let you know right away when that happens.

But in the meantime, here's why I'm so excited about "Deep Learning"...


How to Play the Falling NFLX Stock Price Now

With the NFLX stock price off 19% to $86.80 over the last month, investors are asking how to play the falling NFLX stock price now.

More volatility is likely near term, but we remain bullish on the NFLX stock price long term.

Here's why...


What's Next for the Netflix Stock Price Following Earnings

After disappointing earnings sent NFLX shares tumbling 11.51% to $95.11 Tuesday morning, investors are asking what's next for the Netflix stock price.

The streaming video giant's shares tend to be very volatile after results, and this quarter was no different.

We like NFLX long term and here's why...


Should I Buy Netflix Stock Following Q1 2016 Earnings?

Many investors want to know whether Netflix stock is a buy in 2016. A lot is going to depend on Netflix's Q1 2016 earnings results.

But investors are also putting a lot of weight on one major development for Netflix. Here's what we think about this development and Netflix's upcoming earnings results...


3 Reasons We're Bullish on the Netflix Stock Price

The Netflix stock price is hurting because of its slowing domestic subscriber growth. While this is a legitimate concern, Netflix stock has many other good things going for it.

Here are the three most important...


Why the Netflix Stock Price Is Up This Month – and How to Play NFLX Now

The Netflix stock price is up more than 7.6% to $97.78 in the last month as markets have stabilized and stocks have rallied. That outpaces gains of 3.3% and 4.2% for the Dow Jones and Nasdaq in the same time.

Despite the rally, the Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) stock price is down 15.16% year to date, and NFLX continues to be one of the most volatile stocks on the market. That's why we have a very specific recommendation on how to profit from Netflix stock.

But before we get to that, here's what has boosted the Netflix stock price this month…


Apple Buying Netflix Would Give Investors What They Crave

Apple buying Netflix would give the tech giant something it's been lacking lately – but absolutely must have to keep investors happy.

While an Apple-Netflix deal would not be cheap, it would pay off for Apple in the long run.

An Apple acquisition of Netflix would address the root cause of why investors have dropped Apple stock more than 20% since November.

This is what Apple has to gain from buying Netflix...


The Netflix Stock Price Falls on Slower User Growth Concerns

The Netflix stock price is down once again on news that technology group ITG Research projects Netflix's projections of domestic user growth for Q4 2015 is off.

ITG Research believes that Netflix will only report an increase of 1.13 million new domestic users, while Netflix projected an addition of 1.3 million new subscribers.

But while the hedge funds and millionaires on Wall Street are overreacting, they are overlooking one key catalyst for revenue growth...