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Forget China – India Is the Next Hub of Tech Profits

These days, India boasts the world's most dynamic economy. It's also ripe for tech investment, with 6 million new Internet users added every month.

And this little-known tech firm is best positioned to spearhead this massive growth - and capture the ensuing profits. Get the ticker here...


The Only Investment You Need to Profit from Silicon Valley's Massive Dividend Hikes

Investors are still scared of Apple Inc.'s quarterly report, which contained the company's first earnings miss in 13 years. The stock is currently being punished by skittish analysts and investors, which is a tremendous opportunity in and of itself.

But it's what else these investors are running away from that I want to talk to you about today. It's a lot more than just the potential gains Apple has to offer.

These investors somehow completely missed Apple's massive profits: $10.52 billion, or $1.90 a share, and all in an "off" quarter.

With that truckload of cash, Tim Cook & Co. decided to give shareholders a consolation prize in the form of a stunning 10% dividend hike. It's still early yet, but it's likely that boost will be the tech sector's biggest of the quarter.

Here's the thing… Apple's not alone in this welcome tech trend of huge dividend hikes. So today I'm going to show you how you can buy the very best, biggest dividends in tech… for less than the cost of dinner for two at the Olive Garden.

This is a one-stop income machine that would be good in any market, but is an absolute must-have in this volatility...


Qualcomm Stock (Nasdaq: QCOM) Among Today's Best Tech Bargains

The Qualcomm stock price took a dive when it missed out on a major collaboration with Samsung.

The tech company has new opportunities on the horizon, but are their best days behind them?

Read on to find out if the future still looks bright for Qualcomm...

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Qualcomm Stock Price Would Get a Lift from a Breakup (Nasdaq: QCOM)

After a year-long slide that has sawed more than 21% off the Qualcomm stock price, the company is considering drastic steps to revitalize the share price.

And the most dramatic is the consideration of splitting the chip making and patent licensing units into two separate companies.

Here's why a Qualcomm breakup would the ideal remedy for QCOM stock...

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What's Next for Qualcomm Stock? (QCOM)

Qualcomm stock today is at a crossroads.

QCOM stock is down more than 13% over the past year. That, as well as an activist investor breathing down its neck and a wave of mergers in the chip-making industry, has put a lot of pressure on management. The company needs to do something – and soon.

Luckily, Qualcomm has more options than most. Here's a closer look at the moves Qualcomm could make...