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What Is the Ferrari IPO Price? (NYSE: RACE)

The Ferrari IPO price was set at $52 per share last night (Tuesday), and shares are already soaring this morning.

Shares opened at 9:45 a.m. at $60 a share. That was an immediate gain of 15.4% for Ferrari IPO investors.

Here's why the Ferrari stock price is climbing this morning...


What Is the Ferrari Stock Symbol?

As anticipation heats up ahead of the Ferrari IPO Wednesday, investors want to know what the Ferrari stock symbol is.

Here's your answer to that questions, plus 12 more facts investors need to know about the Ferrari IPO...


The Three-Step Strategy for Investing in Ferrari Stock (NYSE: RACE)

Ferrari SpA (NYSE: RACE) stock starts trading on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

As one of the most anticipated IPOs of 2015, traders are wondering if investing in Ferrari stock will strengthen their portfolios.

Here's our three-step strategy for those looking to invest in RACE stock...


The Ferrari Share Price Hinges on This One Factor (NYSE: RACE)

Ferrari SpA (NYSE: RACE) will start trading on the NYSE on Wednesday, Oct. 21, and the Ferrari share price will hinge on one factor: valuation.

Ferrari's fair value has been a flashpoint among analysts since the luxury car maker announced initial public offering plans in July. Initially, many analysts put Ferrari's fair value between $5 billion and $7 billion.

But the Ferrari CEO thinks the valuation should be much higher...


6 Upcoming IPOs This Week Led by Ferrari IPO (NYSE: RACE)

There are six upcoming IPOs this week expected to raise a combined $1.4 billion.

Leading this week's IPO calendar is one of the most highly anticipated deals of the year – Ferrari SpA (NYSE: RACE).

Here's everything you need to know about this big week in the IPO market...


Is the Ferrari IPO Valuation Justified? (NYSE: RACE)

At the high end of its $48 to $52 price range, the Ferrari IPO valuation would be $9.8 billion.

Some traders believe that's way too high for a car company.

But Ferrari believes it can live up to its valuation. That's because it's repositioning its brand right before the IPO...


Why the Fiat Chrysler Stock Price Is Up 35% This Year (NYSE: FCAU)

The Fiat Chrysler stock price is up 35% this year, compared to a loss of nearly 5% for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the same time.

One reason for the soaring stock price has been Fiat Chrysler's fastest annualized pace of U.S. vehicle sales in more than a decade. Particularly, Jeep sales have impressed investors.

But recently, the upcoming Ferrari (NYSE: RACE) IPO is also driving shares higher...


Should I Buy Ferrari Stock? (NYSE: RACE)

Luxury automaker Ferrari SpA (NYSE: RACE) hits the market on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

As the company prepares for its market debut, investors are wondering, "Should I buy Ferrari stock?"

Here's a closer look at the Ferrari IPO and Ferrari stock...


Ferrari IPO Price Is Set – Here's a Breakdown of the Deal (NYSE: RACE)

The Ferrari IPO price range is $48 to $52 a share.

The deal is one of the most anticipated offerings of 2015, as investors will be able to own shares of the most luxurious auto brand in the world.

Here's whether or not you should buy Ferrari stock when it hits the market...