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Where the Shake Shack Stock Price Is Headed in 2016


Some investors may view the falling SHAK stock price as a buying opportunity, but here's what Money Morning readers need to know about the Shack Shake stock price entering 2016...


Should I Buy Shake Shack Stock After Q3 Earnings? (NYSE: SHAK)

The Shake Shack stock price is up 17% this week, and investors are wondering if they should buy Shake Shack stock before the rally goes higher.

But there are a few reasons why Shake Shack isn't worth the investment millions of people think it is.

Here's why you should avoid shares of the burger chain...


Morgan Stanley Analysts Join Us on the GoPro Stock Bandwagon

On Tuesday, Morgan Stanley analysts cut their target price for GoPro stock. Millions of investors were surprised, and the stock got shellacked.

GoPro is a worse value trap now than ever, and any investor who gets sucked in now is playing with fire.

I know the temptation is to buy, but hold your ground. The company has always been on the "cusp of something great," and it's never delivered.

At best, GoPro stock is worth $15 and, even then, probably only as an acquisition for a bigger player keen to absorb GoPro technology. Here's why...


Shake Shack Stock Price Falls Today as Insiders Sell $1.3 Billion in Shares (NYSE: SHAK)

The Shake Shack stock price fell 6.6% to $45.26 today after pre-IPO investors decided to sell roughly 26.2 million shares.

The SEC filing states the investors will sell 26.2 million shares worth roughly $1.3 billion.

Here's how to play SHAK stock after the news...


New Shake Shack Stock Prediction Shows 22% Drop (NYSE: SHAK)

Shares of Shake Shack have been exceptionally volatile lately after last week's Shake Shack stock prediction.

SHAK stock soared last Friday after an investment bank initiated a "Neutral" rating. Today, it's falling back down to Earth.

Here's how you should play Shake Shack's volatility...

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5 Reasons Why the Shake Shack Stock Price Is Overvalued Now (NYSE: SHAK)

Shake Shack Inc. (NYSE: SHAK) has become the most successful IPO of 2015.

The Shake Shack stock price skyrocketed 119% in its first day of trading and is up 53.9% since then.

But there are five reasons why shares of the burger chain are extremely overvalued...


Don’t Confuse Shake Shack “Hopium” for Value (NYSE: SHAK)

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald was on CNBC Tuesday, discussing his view of the fundamentals of Shake Shack Inc. (NYSE: SHAK).

While a lot of pundits think that SHAK stock's post-sell-off bump is a sign things are turning around, Keith points out a number of vital reasons why they're wrong.

Watch the video to learn more...