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Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Climbs Ahead of Potential Chinese Stimulus

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is climbing on hopes China will try and stimulate its economy.

China reported weak data on the health of its economy, and the People's Bank of China may need to introduce a new stimulus program.

But that's not the only story you need to know today- here's all the important stock market information to get you ready for August 15...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Flat Ahead of Potential OPEC Oil Freeze

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is flat ahead of an OPEC meeting in September.

At the meeting, the oil cartel will discuss capping off excessive production to help stabilize oil prices and profits.

But that's not the only story you need to know today- here's all the important stock market information to get you ready for August 12...


Don’t Be Fooled by the Valeant Stock Price Surge This Week

The Valeant stock price surged more than 25% this week after the firm released Q2 earnings.

But shares of VRX are down nearly 10% again today, and we think they're heading much lower.

In fact, we think the company will go bankrupt. Here's why...

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How Bernie Madoff Is Still Calling the Shots on Wall Street

Back in 1998, my firm visited with a prominent money manager in New York City.

At the time, we were trying to raise money to invest in less‐than‐investment‐grade corporate debt. We attended the meeting and, to put it politely, we were given the brush off. That was no big deal – it happened all the time.

But what that money manager said struck us as very odd…

"Why should I give you guys money?" he asked. "You can't make me one point a month like my friend can."

We responded, "It's not a 'point‐a‐month' world." And that was that.

Several years later, in 2005, we were sitting in front of another group that said it was interested in raising money for us.

The talks proceeded to the point where we were invited to meet with the company's founder and his top lieutenants.

These gentlemen explained they were looking for another product to add to the offering of their "winningest" manager, who was producing "consistent monthly returns in the 80 to 100 basis-point range."

That they were looking for a new product wasn't unusual. But the manager's purported returns sure as hell were. Stranger still, they wouldn't name the manager. The guy's identity was treated like a national security secret.

What's more, these gentlemen stressed repeatedly that they could not consider a strategy that might potentially expose them to losses of as much as 2% a month. Of course, we told them it would be impossible to guarantee that there would never be monthly losses.

Needless to say, the talks went nowhere.

In 2008, barely three years after that bizarre, fruitless meeting, the "winningest" manager with the top-secret name was in handcuffs, perp-walked across every television and front page in the Western world.

We'd had a brush, of the faintest kind, with Bernie Madoff.

Because of simple common sense – the certain knowledge that it's not "a point-a-month world," and a grasp of the fact that any investment can lose money – neither we nor our clients were ever in danger from the con man's massive fraud.

But the same can't be said of Madoff's 4,800 victims, of course, who lost close to $65 billion. On top of the financial ruin, at least two people killed themselves as a result of the Ponzi scheme, including Madoff's own son.

Now here's the really horrible thing: You might think the book is closed on Bernie Madoff. But the story didn't end when they slammed the cell door shut on him at the Federal hoosegow at FCC Butner.

Federal Prisoner No. 61727-054, and every single money manager unwittingly "infected" by him, are still costing unsuspecting investors millions of dollars.

Let me show you why that's the case, and what you can do to make sure you're not among the next set of victims...


Valeant Stock Price Rallies Today, but We're Not Buying

The Valeant stock price is up 2% today, one day after a 13% jump on Wednesday. The jump occurred after Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. (Nasdaq: WBA) said it is pleased with its Valeant relationship.

We remain bearish on the Valeant stock price and we're not buying into the rally.

Here's why...


Valeant Pharmaceuticals Stock Crashes 22% Today, but It Won't Stop There

Valeant Pharmaceuticals stock just received another kick in the teeth this morning.

Shares of VRX are down more than 22% after the company reported a dismal Q1 loss.

But we see the stock price going even lower this year...


The Valeant Stock Price Is Soaring Today, but We're Not Buying

The Valeant stock price is soaring more than 5% to $28.49 today after a new report that the embattled Canadian drug giant received and rebuffed takeover overtures this spring.

The news does not change our bearish stance on Valeant.

Here's why...


Valeant Pharmaceuticals Stock Keeps Crashing, and We're Banking Massive Profits

The Valeant Pharmaceuticals stock price has plummeted over the last 12 months, losing nearly 90% of its value.

Our Global Credit Strategist Michael Lewitt warned investors about this in October, and some of our readers have profited as much as 700%.

Now, Lewitt believes investors yet again have another opportunity to make serious profits from VRX. Here's the two plays on VRX stock you need to know...


Why the Valeant Pharmaceuticals Stock Price Fell Another 20% This Week

The Valeant Pharmaceuticals stock price crashed another 20% this week amid newly released records that shed some light on the beleaguered drugmaker's operations.

The embattled drug giant also said it plans to release delayed Q1 2016 results in June, ahead of the July 31 deadline stipulated in the company's amended credit agreement.

Here's why we remain bearish...


VRX Stock Price Soars 7%, but There's One Reason We're Still Bearish

VRX stock has been on a huge rally recently.

After gaining nearly 27% last month, shares of Valeant stock are up another 7% so far this week.

But there's one reason we're still staying away from VRX stock in 2016...