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Our New Alibaba Stock Price Prediction Shows Shares Quadrupling

p>The Alibaba stock price has outperformed the markets this year, with an impressive 19.14% gain in 2016.

We see more gains ahead.

In fact, our newest Alibaba stock price prediction shows shares quadrupling from here. And that's just the start...


Why We're Still Avoiding WMT Stock Despite Today's Major Acquisition News

The WMT stock price has gained nearly 1% today on some big acquisition news.

Reports say that Wal-Mart plans to acquire online retailer

Despite the news, there's one reason we're avoiding Wal-Mart stock in 2016...


Should I Buy Wal-Mart Stock After Q1 Earnings?

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT), the world's largest retailer, is on tap to post results tomorrow before the open.

Investors want to know if they should buy Wal-Mart stock after Q1 earnings.

Here's what you need to know...


WMT Stock Price Just Received This Major Bearish Warning for 2016

The WMT stock price is down 18.11% in the last year, and we just found another major bearish warning for the stock.

You see, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) is falling behind rivals in the explosive e-commerce marketplace despite heavy spending.

And that will have a major impact on the WMT stock price for the rest of the year...


Should I Buy Wal-Mart Stock After Earnings

Wal-Mart stock is outperforming the Dow Jones Industrial Average this year, having climbed 8% compared to a loss of 6% for the Dow.

That's left investors wondering if they should buy Wal-Mart stock after earnings.

But before we get into whether Wal-Mart stock is a good investment in 2016, here's what to look for in tomorrow's (Thursday) Wal-Mart earnings report...


The Real Message in Wal-Mart Stock's $18 Billion Plunge (NYSE:WMT)

Wal-Mart stock lost $18 billion in value this Wednesday after management revealed the company may take up to a 12% earnings hit in 2017.

But the real story here has nothing to do with Wal-Mart itself.

It's the change in the market's flow that's important for investors.


Why the Wal-Mart Stock Drop Will Continue (NYSE: WMT)

The Wal-Mart stock drop continued this morning (Thursday) as shares dipped another 1% to a 52-week low of $59.30.

That followed a punishing 10% Wal-Mart stock drop Wednesday amid growth and profit warnings for the next several years.

And those aren't the only reasons for the Wal-Mart stock drop...


Wal-Mart Stock Price Slips After Soft Q2 Earnings and Guidance (NYSE: WMT)

The Wal-Mart stock price slipped 3% to $69.55 Tuesday morning after Q2 earnings missed forecasts.

Shares have underperformed year to date, down a gloomy 18.39%.

But there is an even bigger reason why WMT stock is down so much today...

Conspiracy Theories

What Is Jade Helm, and Why Are People Worried About It?

It's a question on the minds of many Americans, especially Texans: What is Jade Helm? Is it a military exercise? Or is it something much more sinister than that?

Well, the government and the military say one thing, the people of Bastrop, Texas say something else entirely.

Here are the Jade Helm conspiracy theories everybody's talking about...