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  • How to Profit on Our Favorite Defense Play of 2016

    Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley went on record in Defense News to say the U.S. Army is in a state of "high risk" when it comes to its capability of fighting one or more large conflicts or defending the country.

    Gen. Milley wasn't saying our military isn't up to the job, far from it. Rather, he meant that this critical capability is a tall order considering the threats we face right now and into the future.

    North Korea, for instance, has announced its development of a miniaturized nuclear warhead. It already has a ballistic missile capable of flight to the U.S.' west coast.

    Saudi Arabia is fighting a two-front war… Iraq, Syria, and Libya are now failed states and fertile ground for terror groups like Al-Qaeda and Daesh… The European Union and Turkey are reeling from homegrown Islamic State-sponsored terror and a crushing refugee crisis.

    Worldwide, conflict and disaster have uprooted more than 60 million people – the highest number of displaced persons ever, even including World War II – in a humanitarian, logistical, and security nightmare.

    Meanwhile, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers just released a report saying that we likely couldn't stop a cyberattack that happened simultaneously with a natural disaster, like a Category 5 hurricane, with our current cybersecurity capability.

    So clearly, the world is not a safe place right now. And governments here and indeed all around the world have their work cut out for them when it comes to providing a defense that can match and defeat the threat.

    Here's where our government is turning to help them do all that - and more...
  • Why the U.S. Dollar Is Getting Stronger – and How to Play It

    The year-long rally in the U.S. dollar has slowed, but it's far from over.

    From July 2014 to March of this year, the U.S. dollar index (DXY) has soared by 25%. Since then, it has pulled back slightly. But the forces that drove the U.S dollar higher remain in place and will intensify in the months ahead.

    Here's why the U.S. dollar will keep rising - and how to profit from it...
  • How a Fed Rate Hike Will Play Out After the Yuan Devaluation

    Until this week, a Fed rate hike at the September FOMC meeting seemed more probable by the day.

    U.S. Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen had hinted for months that the U.S. central bank finally was ready to raise interest rates above zero for the first time since late 2008.

    Then the Chinese central bank devalued the yuan.

    Here's how that bombshell will affect the Fed rate hike...
  • How to Play Apple Stock After AAPL Q3 Earnings Chop Share Price 5%

    Less than blockbuster Q3 earnings sent Apple stock down more than 8% in after-hours trading yesterday (Tuesday), lopping about $60 billion from the company's market cap.

    But a closer look at the AAPL Q3 earnings shows the sharply negative reaction wasn't justified. If anything, it shows that Apple has spoiled investors with spectacular earnings beats.

    This sell-off ignored several key points in the Apple Q3 earnings...
  • Strong Debut: (NYSE: HUBS) and (Nasdaq: PLAY)

    It wasn't bad news for every company on the market yesterday, especially one making public debuts. Shares of market software company Hubspot (NYSE: HUBS) jumped more than 20% yesterday after the firm listed on the New York Stock Exchange. HUBS raised $125 million during its IPO, selling shares at $25, above its expected range. We will see if […]

  • Four Ways to Play the "New Gold Rush" in Materials

    Who would have thought that the new gold rush would be in material sciences?

    We're talking about everything from rare earths that drive precision lasers to the cobalt needed for rechargeable batteries

    Not to mention the advanced materials that make computer chips run faster. Or the "smart" materials that are driving the nanotech revolution.

    Of course the big news in what I call the Golden Age of Materials Science came less than nine years ago when two scientists discovered graphene.

    It's a revolutionary material that will yield flat-screen TVs as thin as Saran Wrap, nanotech supercomputers, and neural implants that combat brain disease. No wonder the two scientists who discovered it won the Nobel Prize.

    Now hundreds of scientists have hit the lab to look for new ways to tweak existing molecules — or create whole new synthetic substances. They've already produced a steady stream of breakthroughs.

    Today, I want to show you four ways you can profit from all of this radical change.

    For most investors, that will mean focusing on the specialty chemicals sector, which is up about 22% in the past six months. That's more than double the market's overall move over the same the period.

    Here are four material sciences stocks that have caught my eye thanks to their strong fundamentals and solid charts:

    To continue reading, please click here…

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Dave & Buster's Ente (NASDAQ: PLAY) Profile

Prior Close$37.84
Market Cap$1.61 B
PE Ratio21.2
Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc. is an owner and operator of venues in North America that combine dining and entertainment. The Company offers its customers the opportunity to Eat Drink Play and Watch in one location. Eat and Drink is offered through a full menu of Fun American New Gourmet entrees and appetizers and a selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. The Company's Play and Watch offerings provide an assortment of entertainment attractions centered on playing games and watching live sports and other televised events. Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc. is headquartered in Dallas Texas.
SymbolCompanyMarket cap
MCDMcDonald's Corp$99.74 B
SBUXStarbucks Corp$79.48 B
YUMYum! Brands$35.04 B
CMGChipotle Mexican Grill$12.2 B
QSRRestaurant Brands International$10.47 B
DRIDarden Restaurants$7.76 B
DPZDomino's Pizza Inc$7.41 B
DNKNDunkin' Brands Group$4.62 B
PNRAPanera Bread A$4.58 B
CBRLCracker Barrel$3.25 B

PLAY Earnings

1st Quarter Earnings$0.5 (2016-09-06)
2nd Quarter Earnings$0.72 (2016-06-07)
3rd Quarter Earnings$0.53 (2016-03-29)
4th Quarter Earnings$0.12 (2015-12-08)
PE Ratio20.36
EPS Growth26.97%
Recent Earnings$0.5
Annual EPS$1.87
Market Capitalization$1.61 B
Insider Shareholder %0.056%
Annual Revenue$0.93 B
Number of Shares Outstanding41,760 Shares
Institutional Shareholder %0%
Annual Net Income$0.08B
TTM Net Profit Margin$8.59
One Year Return-2.97%
Three Year Return52.72%
Five Year Return118.98%
Five Year Revenue Growth0%
Five Year Earnings Growth0%
Five Year Dividend Growth0%
Last Quarter EPS$0.5
Annual EPS$1.87
Annual Dividend$0
Annual Dividend Yield0%
Change in EPS YTD26.969999%
PE Ratio21.2
Recent Earnings$0.5
Dividends per Share$
Stock Split Ratio

PLAY Key Stats

Last Price$38.52
Net Change$0.68 (1.8%)
Ask Price$38.53
Open Price$37.89
Previous Close Price$37.84
High Price$39.25
Low Price$37.89
Number of Trades1,181
Fifty Two Week High$49.9 (2016-07-12)
Fifty Two Week Low$29.54 (2016-02-08)
Average Daily Volume819,666
Share Outstanding41,760 Shares
Total Dividend Payout$0/yr
Dividend Yield0%