Student Loan Bubble


Latest Student Loan Scams Charge Borrowers Thousands for Free Information

Student loan scams are on the rise because of the confusion surrounding student loan regulations…

While the Obama administration has pushed for different loan structures to help borrowers manage their debt, scammers are taking advantage of the new programs.

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Higher Education

Subprime Loans Are Just the Start of the Massive Student Debt Scam

If you thought there was only one component to the gargantuan student debt scam, think again. If you're about to become a college student, you're in luck.

Financial services giants Discover Financial Services Inc. (NYSE: DFS), Capital One Financial Corp. (NYSE: COF), and Bank of America Corp. (NYSE: BAC), to name a few players in the student credit game, are bending over backward for you.

They totally get you - so to speak...

Higher Education

Student Loan Debt and the Big Higher Education Scam

Has higher education become another great American scam?

I'm not talking about the rich getting scammed. They don't wind up saddled with student loan debt after they graduate.

I'm talking about the kids who want a higher education because they believe it's their ticket to employment and well-compensated careers. They pay for it themselves, or their parents cosign on loans or take out personal loans on behalf of their kids' college dreams.

For them, higher education is increasingly looking like a scam. Here's why...