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Apple Buying Netflix Would Give Investors What They Crave

netflix iphone

Apple buying Netflix would give the tech giant something it's been lacking lately - but absolutely must have to keep investors happy.

While an Apple-Netflix deal would not be cheap, it would pay off for Apple in the long run.

An Apple acquisition of Netflix would address the root cause of why investors have dropped Apple stock more than 20% since November.

This is what Apple has to gain from buying Netflix...

How Apple Stock Will Gain from a New, Smaller iPhone

AAPL stock

While not officially announced, it is widely expected that Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) will on March 15 introduce a new 4-inch model of the iPhone - the so-called iPhone 5SE. It sounds like a step backwards.

But here's why this is just the thing Apple needs to recharge iPhone sales growth -- and breathe life back into the AAPL stock price...

Should I Buy Apple Stock After the Q1 Earnings?

buy apple stock

Is it time to buy Apple stock?

With shares of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) down about 28% from last summer's highs, the company is looking more and more like a bargain.

Persistent concerns about slowing iPhone sales and lowered guidance for the current quarter has soured Wall Street on Apple stock.

But this is why it may be time to buy AAPL stock anyway...

This New Apple Stock Price Target Foresees a 35% Gain

Apple Stock

Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson has lowered his Apple stock price target in the wake of less than stellar earnings yesterday (Tuesday), but nevertheless sees significant gains ahead.

Robinson remains bullish on the stock with an AAPL price target of $130 - about 35% higher than where it currently trades.

Here's why Robinson says Apple "is still a stock to own"...

Q1 Apple Earnings 2016

apple earnings

Wall Street is awaiting the Q1 Apple earnings not to find out about another record-breaking quarter, but to see if their fears about slumping iPhone sales in 2016 will be realized.

Instead of focusing on Apple's numbers for its December quarter (Q1 of Apple's fiscal year), Wall Street will be looking mostly at the company's guidance for Q2.

Here's what they've been saying - and why they're getting it wrong...

Apple Q1 Earnings Will Defy Gloomy Forecasts

Apple q1 earnings

The Apple Q1 earnings, expected after the market close tomorrow (Tuesday), won't blow estimates out of the water, but will be better than Wall Street has predicted.

Concerns over slowing iPhone sales growth has prompted more than a dozen analysts to lower their 12-month price targets over the past two months, dropping Apple stock 18%.

But here's why the analysts are overreacting...

15 Apple Inc. Stock Facts That Will Surprise You


A lot of Apple Inc. stock facts are relatively obscure, despite heavy media coverage of the company.</p.

But Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) has been around a relatively long time now - nearly 40 years - and so has had plenty of time to accumulate a storied history.

To help investors better understand the unique nature of this remarkable company, Money Morning has compiled these 15 amazing Apple Inc. stock facts...

Why Is the AAPL Stock Price Falling Today?

aaple stock price

A rocky market and anxiety over iPhone sales have lopped 5% off the AAPL stock price this week, pushing shares below $100.

The Apple stock price has been falling since early November, when worries about iPhone sales started. Investors won't get any clarity on the issue until Jan. 25, when Apple reports earnings.

Until then, here's what you can expect from AAPL stock...

Why the Apple Stock Price Dipped to $100 Today

Apple stock price

Pummeled by yet another negative report about iPhone sales, the Apple stock price has shed nearly 4% in the past two days.

The latest bad news came from Japanese daily Nikkei, which reported late yesterday (Tuesday) that iPhone production in Chinese factories would be cut by 30% in the first quarter of 2016 to compensate for slack demand.

Here's why investors shouldn't be judging AAPL stock based on what they've been hearing about the iPhone lately...

Apple Stock Forecast 2016: New Highs on the Horizon

Apple stock forecast

The Money Morning Apple stock forecast for 2016 projects shares going sideways in the early part of the year, but new highs by the summer or fall.

But investors shouldn't get too distracted by all the predictions of a decline in iPhone sales in Q1. In the longer view, Apple has plenty of catalysts.

Here's why we'll see the AAPL stock price hit all-time highs before 2016 is over...

Apple Stock Price Will Climb Following This New Patent Deal

Apple stock price

The Apple stock price got a small bump from the patent deal with Ericsson (Nasdaq ADR: ERIC) Monday.

The deal is global and settles issues with the earlier technologies, as well as setting terms for the use of the current 4G-LTE standard. But it also includes some provisions that will boost the AAPL stock price over the long term.

Here's what Apple gets out of the Ericsson patent deal...

Why You Still Shouldn't Buy GoPro Stock

GoPro stock prediction

Last Thursday, GoPro stock jumped 11.49% in a single session on rumors that Apple may buy the beleaguered tech darling, leading millions of investors to wonder if they should jump on the bandwagon, too.

In a word - nope. GoPro stock remains a risk you don't want or need in your portfolio ahead of a rate hike.

Here's what you want to buy instead...

Apple Stock Price Will Get a Boost from This Genius Move

The Apple stock price stands to get a nice push from Black Friday - probably AAPL's biggest ever - thanks to a brilliant strategy. Here's what Apple did.

The Apple stock price stands to get a nice push from the company's deviously brilliant Black Friday strategy.

Defying convention, Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) opted to shun discounts on its products for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any holiday shopping day in between.

And yet this probably was Apple's biggest Thanksgiving weekend ever.

Here's how Apple pulled off this retailing magic...

The Apple Stock Secret to Success in One Chart

apple stock

No statistic better illustrates how the iPhone keeps driving Apple stock higher than its ability to suck up nearly all the global smartphone profit.

The iPhone is the main reason Apple stock has soared 556% since the smartphone's debut in June 2007.

This chart shows why the iPhone has had such an outsized impact on AAPL stock...

More Proof Goldman's Conviction Buy List Is a Lagging Indicator

Goldman's conviction buy list

Pardon us for not sharing Wall Street's excitement that Goldman's Conviction Buy List now includes Apple stock...

Now, we love AAPL stock. It's Goldman's Conviction Buy List we don't trust - and neither should you.

You see, Apple has been on the Goldman conviction buy list before, and it didn't go so well.

Here's what happened...