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  • Apple stock

  • Five Reasons Apple Stock is a Buy apple with a heart

    With Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) bears feeling vindicated by the company's fall from grace and shares hovering in the $400 range, it might sound like a stretch to say Apple stock is a buy.

    But given all that's happened, AAPL at $400 is a better deal than it may appear.

    "It's obviously been hit, but it's bounced. It's held up," said Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani. Pointing to the recent volatility in the markets, Gilani said, "The markets have been hit really hard and Apple has held up beautifully."

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  • Shah Gilani: Why Apple Stock Is Still a Winner shah-apple Despite Apple stock recently taking a hit, Money Morning's Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani appeared on FOX Business' "Varney & Co." to explain why Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL ) is still a winner. He emphasizes the positive impact of Apple's cash flow on Apple stock.

    Also, hear Shah's simple explanation of how Apple's bond offering is actually going to be a positive for Apple stock, as he breaks down complicated financial metrics and accounting rules for viewers.

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  • Apple: Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game Hauling Apple's CEO Tim Cook to Washington last week to get berated in front of a Congressional committee was sadly nothing more than typical DC kabuki theater. Corporations have been using similar tax dodges for decades and Congress has always harrumphed and looked the other way. Perhaps because real tax reform would have real consequences? If Congress actually has the nerve to grab some sketchy offshore corporate revenue, you need to know what it means for your stocks. Read on and I'll tell you... Read More...
  • Is Apple's "Next Big Thing" Vaporware? Mind-control technology, vision-enabled devices, robotic cars and motion-controlled gadgets. These are where some of the tech titans have set their sights.
    So where is Apple in all of this buzz?...
    Its big promises beyond Apple TV and a new iPhone are beginning to sound a lot like vaporware.
    Here's who is starting to eat Apple's lunch and maybe its future...
  • Apple Bond Offering is Proof It'll Do Anything to Avoid Taxes Company Apple logo

    The record $17 billion Apple bond offering this week will do more than just placate shareholders eager to get some benefit from the company's $144.7 billion in cash.

    It will help Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) avoid paying taxes, a feat that the Cupertino, CA tech giant has elevated to a high art.

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  • Apple Stock May Not Climb, But Will Still Reward Investors Company Apple logo

    There was really only one good thing for Apple stock investors in yesterday's (Tuesday's) earnings report.

    Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) announced an unprecedented share buyback program and boosted its dividend in attempts to pacify edgy investors who have watched the company's stock tumble about 34% over the past six months.

    The iPhone maker will return $100 billion of cash to shareholders by 2015, through an increased dividend and $60 billion share buyback program. Apple's quarterly dividend was sweetened 15% to $3.05 a share. The stock now carries a juicy 3% yield. The new dividend is payable on May 16 to shareholders of record May 13.

    With an annual payment of some $11 billion, Apple becomes the biggest dividend payer in corporate America, taking the crown from Exxon Mobil Corp (NYSE: XOM).

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  • Apple Stock is Up After Earnings – But Are Gains Here to Stay?

    Apple stock was up 5% in after-hours trading Tuesday when its earnings report turned out to be better than expected - but, not great.

    Everyone was bracing for the worst when Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) released second-quarter earnings Tuesday after the close. The big question was just how bad things were going to be.

    The answer turned out to be... not so awful. The iPhone maker surprised Wall Street with better than expected numbers, mostly because expectations were so low.

    However, as expected, forward guidance was glum.

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  • Apple Stock Rises Before Earnings, but No One's Expecting Good Numbers

    Apple stock was up nearly 2% by noon today (Tuesday) - but this could be the end of gains for a while depending on what happens this afternoon.

    Undeniably the most anticipated earnings report of the season is the Apple earnings report, due out after the close Tuesday. Expectations are for a downright dismal quarter.

    Among the issues Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) is expected to address include:

    • iPhones: Apple generated some $22.7 billion from the sale of 35 million iPhones in the same quarter a year ago. Investors will want to hear how much competition from other smartphone markers, like Samsung, has chipped away at those numbers.
    • iPads: Apple sold 11.8 million iPads that generated $6.6 billion in sales over the same period a year earlier. With the bevy of new and cheaper tablets now on the market, it is unlikely Apple has been able to maintain those robust sales.
    • Gross Margins: Gross margins peaked at an astounding 47.4% during this quarter last year. Apple's warning last October that margins could drop as low as 38% was the catalyst behind the stock's steep plunge. In January, Apple said profits should come in around 37.5% to 38.5%. These numbers are crucial.
    • Revenue and Profit: Last year, Apple earned $12.30 a share on revenue of $39.2 billion. Estimates are for $10.12 a share on revenue of $42.6 billion. Even the slightest miss could wallop shares.
    • Guidance: Most importantly will be what the company says about future quarters. Analysts expect Apple to guide lower, at least for the next couple of quarters.

    Of particular interest will be what Apple plans to do with its hefty $157 billion cash stash. A special or increased dividend and a bigger share buyback could provide a temporary boost to the stock. But any gains are likely to be short lived.

    "People have to be patient. The next quarter will be disastrous and the quarter after that stock will only go in one direction and that is down," Trip Chowdhry, co-founder of Global Equities Research told CNBC.

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  • Is Apple Stock a "Buy"? Frank apple

    Shares of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) are down 25% this year, which means hungry investors want to know - is Apple stock a "Buy," or is it a "falling knife" to avoid?

    While some analysts are screaming "Buy," there's some discouraging news to consider. For example, Apple supplier Cirrus Logic Inc. (Nasdaq: CRUS) reported an inventory glut of audio chips that signals Apple iPhone sales could fall drastically short of expectations.

    Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald explains what's going on with Apple stock, whether or not investors should scoop up shares, and what to expect next from this iconic company.

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  • Apple: Cash or Trash? The market's North Star of growth is going to report earnings tomorrow. Good news or bad news isn't the real question.
    The question is: With Apple off nearly 50% from its $705.07 a share high set last September, is the famed tech giant a "buy" again?
    Here's my unequivocal answer...
  • An Apple Stock Dividend Hike Could Help Set Cash Hoards Free Company Apple logo

    If Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) actually does what many now expect - raise the Apple stock dividend as much as 56% - it could help inspire a trend of givebacks by other cash-rich companies.

    Looking at the company's cash hoard of $137 billion - which could reach $170 billion by year's end - a survey of analysts conducted by Bloomberg News this week concluded that an Apple stock dividend hike of $4.14 a share is a likely possibility.

    That would raise the stock's yield from about 2.40% now to a much more attractive 3.6% -
    higher than 84% of the other dividend-paying companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

    An increase in the Apple stock dividend would almost certainly boost the stock price, which is down about 35% from its Sept. 19 high of $702.10.

    "The accumulation of cash has become excessive," Brian White, an analyst at New York-based Topeka Capital Markets Inc., told Bloomberg. "It doesn't matter which bearish scenario you forecast, they're never going to need this much cash."

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  • Dumping Apple Stock for Google: How Investors Could Get Burned GOOG

    Talk about two stocks going in the opposite direction: Apple stock (Nasdaq: AAPL) is trading near its 52-week lows, while Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) recently hit an all-time high.

    The trend has some wondering if investors are consciously moving their money from one tech giant to the other.

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  • What Should Apple Do with its $137 Billion Stockpile of Cash? safe

    Apple Inc.'s (Nasdaq: AAPL) been in the news a lot of late as its stock plunged. Meanwhile, the company sits on a cash pile of $137 billion.

    When Apple stock was soaring, investors were happy. But since its stock value plunged some 35% since September, many investors have suggested Apple should share some of itsaccumulated wealth. Fund manager and investor David Einhorn went so far as to sue the company to try to force it to share more of its cash with shareholders.

    Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald was asked on FOX Business what Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) should do with its stockpile of money: Should the company pay dividends to shareholders, pursue major acquisitions or just keep its large cash position for future investments or other costs?

    Check out what Fitz-Gerald and other panelists said on the FOX Business report in this accompanying video.

  • Apple iWatch, Google Glass First Shots in New Clash of Tech Giants appleiwatch

    Coming less than a year after Google unveiled its Google Glass Web-connected eyeglasses, reports that an Apple "iWatch" is in the works emphatically confirm that the battle is now joined for dominance over the next wave of tech - wearable computing.

    According to the reports, Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) has 100 people working on an iWatch users would wear on their wrists, but that would have many of the same capabilities as an iPhone.

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  • Why David Einhorn Needed to Sue Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) Court gavel small

    Outspoken fund manager David Einhorn feels so strongly about the need for Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) to share more of its cash with its stockholders that he has sued the company.

    Shareholders like Einhorn - whose Greenlight Capital fund owns between 1.3 million and 1.5 million shares of AAPL - think the Cupertino, CA-based company should use its monstrous cash pile of more than $137 billion to boost its return.

    Einhorn's lawsuit came after his request last year that the tech giant create shares of preferred Apple stock that would exist solely to pay a dividend about twice what the common stock currently pays.

    But Apple has included a proposal on its Feb. 27 shareholder ballot that would amend the company's corporate charter to eliminate its ability to create preferred stock. It also has combined that issue with two other unrelated issues in the same proposal.

    Einhorn is suing Apple because he says Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules prohibit such bundling, and because he wants to ensure the company will be able to create the type of preferred shares he has proposed.

    To further hammer home his point, Einhorn wrote a letter to all Apple shareholders, which was released today, in which he explained his position and urged them to vote against Proposal 2 in the shareholder ballot.

    "Proposal 2 is value destructive, impedes the Board's flexibility, and does not merit shareholder support," Einhorn wrote.

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