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Welcome to the "Wolf Creek Pass" School of Monetary Policy

I don’t know if you folks remember that hit ditty: a humorous tune about two truckers attempting to manhandle an out-of-control 1948 Peterbilt down the “other side” of Wolf Creek Pass – a death-taunting section of U.S. Highway 160 where the elevation drops a hefty 5,000 feet in a relatively short distance.

The song’s two characters – a truck driver named Earl and his brother, who’s his partner as well as the song’s narrator – are taking a flatbed load of chickens on a speedy trip down this winding, two-lane Colorado highway. After the narrator gives Earl the above-mentioned warning, the ancient semi’s brakes fail.

From there on down, the narrator tells us that the brothers’ trip “just wasn’t real pretty.” The truck careened around hairpins and switchbacks, and then raced at an uncontrolled 110 mph toward a tunnel with “clearance to the 12-foot line” – with chicken crates sadly “stacked to 13-9.”

The drivers and the runaway Peterbilt “went down and around and around and down ’til we run outta ground at the edge of town… and bashed into the side of the feed store – in downtown Pagosa Springs.”

Believe it or not, I started thinking about this funny old country tune the other night – right after I’d read a piece about QE3 and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

As zany as it first sounds, the parallels are striking.

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    I Just Got Another "Strong Buy" Signal…

    If you've been joining our twice-a-week get-togethers over at Strategic Tech Investor, you know that I'm a focused and disciplined investor - and that I ignore fads and refuse to chase "hot tips."

    I'm also very price-sensitive: Although I'm hunting for stocks capable of delivering "moonshot" price gains, I won't pay a penny more than my charts or "black box" system tells me they're worth.

    To enforce that discipline - and to help pass along to you all that I've learned through the years - I developed the set of five rules that we talk about here each week.

    But one of my best tools is also one of my simplest. It's a roster of companies whose stocks I'd someday like to own, but that don't currently meet my stringent criteria.

    I call it my "Watch List."

    And through the years, this simple shopping list for stocks has ended up delivering some of my all-time biggest winners...
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  • Five Miraculous New Brain Secrets You Need to Know About It's the most complex organ on earth - the human brain.

    And our understanding of the brain is about to reach critical mass.

    Our knowledge of the human brain grows by leaps and bounds almost every week. In just the last two weeks, researchers have made several new breakthroughs crucial to learning more about diseases that can cause mental illness or kill us outright.

    I predict that in the near future our knowledge of the brain will become so complete we will find cures for such deadly diseases as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The same holds for depression and schizophrenia.

    And that's one of the key benefits of living in the Era of Radical Change. What was a deep mystery about the brain (and other areas) just a few months ago is now much better understood.

    Of course, the pace of change is nothing short of amazing. Consider that as I was preparing this report on five new brain secrets, I came across two more brand-new advances in brain science. Each one holds great promise in our drive to live, longer, healthier, and smarter lives.

    Take a look...

    Brain Secret No. 1: SuperAgers Have the Right Kind of "Senior Moments"

    For decades, researchers have studied the brains of diseased older patients to see what went "wrong." They focus on the origin of diseases, like Alzheimer's, that cause memory loss or dementia.

    But a team at Northwestern University took just the opposite approach - they've been studying the brains of highly alert seniors. And the results give hope to millions of aging Baby Boomers.

    Turns out there's an elite group of older folks called "SuperAgers" whose brains seem to defy the effects of aging. In fact, their brains match those of people 30 years younger.

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  • These Five Biotech Firms Will Literally Change the World The biotech industry is getting ready to transform the human race as we know it.

    It will help us cure cancer, rid us of the scourge of Alzheimer's, and make 100-year life spans routine. Not only that, but we will lead much healthier and more intelligent lives as a result.

    I've followed this field for more than 20 years and have never seen so many advances coming so quickly.

    Of course, a big part of that stems from the fact that we have passed the tipping point in other forms of cutting-edge tech the biosciences have adopted -- faster computers, better sensors and tiny digital circuits.

    And now that we have a complete map of the human genome, biotech has reached critical mass. Add it all up and you have an unending series of advances that will redefine life in the Era of Radical Change.

    To help make sense of the profound impact this will have on our lives, I have compiled a list of five firms that are pushing biotech into new realms.

    Each has accomplished a major breakthrough. Take a look...

    Biotech Firm No. 1: Spinal Cord Therapy

    Talk about a brilliant breakthrough. InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. (OTC:NVIV) has a radical new way of treating spinal cord injuries (SCIs).

    And it's moving fast. The firm expects to get FDA clearance to begin human trials later this year.

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  • "Bionic Eyes" Could Make Blindness a Thing of the Past Just last week I told you the day of bionic humans is at hand.

    Some of you were excited by the possibilities. Take Matt:

    "As someone who has bounced back from a severe head injury 25 years ago to do things the brain injury rehab team told me would simply not be possible - complete my bachelor's degree as well as a master's, get married, and subsequently raise a son on my own as a single parent, etc. - I am especially excited about the possibilities at the juncture of neurological research, computing technology, and prosthetics. I will be overjoyed when the day comes that I can once again use both my hands to type 100 words/minute with few to no mistakes, like I could when I first learned to type on an electric typewriter, nearly 40 years ago."

    On the other hand, several of you thought it sounded like a nightmare. Here's what Claire had to say:

    "Transhumanism is a dark future that is presented as wonderful, but which will alienate those who embrace it from their humanity... Not for me, I would rather remain human."

    Either way, it seems bionic tech is actually moving faster than I thought...

    Restoring Sight to the Blind

    You may recall that I cited two examples of future devices to enhance your eyes. One is a pair of contact lenses, and the other is an implant that would go in your retina. Both could access the wireless Web to keep you connected to the world's vast database of knowledge, wherever you are.

    Well, it's come out that at least two companies hope to start selling bionic eyes in the U.S. within the next 16 months.

    Neither of these designs is made to surf the Web. Instead, these cutting-edge breakthroughs could help millions of blind or visually impaired people to see again.

    Take a look...

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