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Apple and Google Declare War – Here's the Secret Winner

Resident tech guru Michael Robinson and I are both big science-fiction fans. Michael likes traditional sci-fi stories, like those of Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov. My sci-fi interests are more focused on “Golden Age” radio dramas, “pre-code” comics, and old movies and TV shows… like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

And when Associate Editor Cris Skokna joined our team a few months back, Michael and I were so pleased to discover that he was a sci-fi guy as well that I jokingly dubbed the three of us as “The Trilogy.”

And the other day, Cris told me a story that I absolutely had to share with you…

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  • Stocks to Buy: 95% Return Is Just the Start For This Biotech Play Lab worker

    Investors looking for stocks to buy in 2014 have had an abundance of new options as 94 companies have gone public this year, according to Renaissance Capital.

    The average return for those 94 companies since their IPO date is 9%. But some stocks have far outpaced the average, and are still at great buy-in points even after huge gains.

    Money Morning's Defense and Tech Specialist Michael Robinson has found a stock that still provides investors a great profit opportunity, even after posting a 95% return from its IPO date...
  • These Long-Term Profit Machines Just Went On Sale

    Market volatility has suddenly created some great opportunities, including those in the biotech sector.

    Supporting the inevitable ascent of the industry is the release of a steady stream of compounds that have helped them rack up billions in new revenue.

    Grab these long-term profit machines at a discount now.
  • Three Orphan Drug Stocks to Buy When the Biotech Market Is Down best biotech investments 2014

    There's no sugarcoating it: Biotech stocks have had a rough run in the past month.

    But when other investors are running for the hills, Money Morning experts are finding profit plays. With biotech stocks trading lower, there are excellent buy-in opportunities on valuable biotech companies.

    Orphan drugs offer some of the best profit plays in biotech as the have extremely lucrative markets cornered.

    And these three stocks to buy are the best orphan drug plays now...
  • There Is No Biotech Bubble; Here's the Real Story 20140331_IPO-bubble

    Some analysts feel that the biotech sector's recent tumble is evidence of the biotech bubble bursting.

    But they're wrong; the market is simply in a period of adjustment.

    The premise behind the bubble idea is that biotech companies as a group are overvalued, that their market caps aren't supported by performance. In other words, that their perceived value is all smoke and mirrors.

    The problem with that argument is, these analysts are using a mass of technical indicators to support it. Anyone who's followed start-up biotechs knows that's a fool's errand.
  • Finding the Blockbuster That Will Make You Rich In the pharmaceutical industry, a "blockbuster" is any drug that brings in $1 billion or more in revenue per year. It's the prize that every biotech hopes to win - and every biotech investor hopes to cash in on. So how do you spot one in the making? If the market suspects a drug candidate has blockbuster potential, catalysts (events like positive clinical study results and regulatory milestones) will give its manufacturer's share price a big, big boost. There is no crystal ball that's 100% accurate when experimental drugs are concerned, but here are some telling questions that can narrow your search... Full story...
  • The Secret Behind This Controversial Industry's Leader

    As a long-time tech-investing analyst, I have one of the best vantage points in the country for tracking profitable marijuana industry trends.

    Here's the thing: I live 10 minutes from the epicenter of the medical marijuana movement in northern California, and the rest of the nation for that matter.

    Downtown Oakland contains a small cannabis-friendly district known as "Oaksterdam." In fact, there's a patient co-op across the street from a store where I buy my fedoras.

    I bring all this up so you know I've followed what's been happening with the marijuana legalization movement for years.

    In these parts, it's difficult to avoid - you see lots of folks walking around wearing their official Oaksterdam t-shirts.

    Since California legalized medical marijuana in 1996, another 19 states have joined the movement.

    The San Francisco-based market research firm ArcView Group estimates the national legal marijuana market at $1.53 billion in 2013. ArcView expects sales to nearly double to $2.57 billion by the end of this year.

  • One Stock, 18 Ways to Make Big Money To be worth an investor's money, any promising pre-profit biotech needs to offer high scores on three fundamental benchmarks: pipeline depth, lead product quality, and cash-reserve to burn ratio.
    Very few young pharma firms meet these qualifications, of course.
    That's what makes a company like this so exciting... Full Story
  • Double Your Money with Our "High-Tech GPS"

    Early last year, I saw a research study that said nearly 60% of all U.S. workers have a net worth of less than $25,000.

    And that means they have no retirement.

    From the moment that I saw that research, I knew I had a mission - to help folks reclaim their financial futures by breaking free of Wall Street's self-serving shackles... and creating wealth all on their own.

    And I knew there was one avenue to travel - the high-tech highway.

    So I developed a roadmap - a set of five rules - that would serve as a kind of "tech-investing GPS." My goal was to help investors identify "double-your-money" tech stocks - and navigate their way to massive high-tech wealth.

    Today I'm going to walk you through those rules again, and also give you a bonus - a biotech stock with double-your-money potential.

    So let's get started...
  • Three Bioscience Breakthroughs You Can't Afford to Miss You can make huge gains investing in a breakthrough drug, but you can do even better putting your money into a new, cutting-edge technology platform that can fuel a company's entire pipeline. One biotech I recommended to my BioScience Millionaire subscribers last July, Sangamo Biosciences Inc. (Nasdaq: SGMO), has developed a technology from naturally occurring molecules, called zinc finger proteins (ZFPs), that scientists can engineer to edit specific genes in the human genome. It can cut them out, replace them, or add new ones - in other words, it plays with the basic building blocks of life as if they were Lego pieces! Sangamo is currently using ZFP technology to find cures for some of the most intractable - and often un-druggable - diseases we know of, including HIV, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and Down's syndrome to name a few. And Sangamo isn't the only company using ZFPs for research. In fact, it licenses out the technology to scientific institutions and companies all over the world - providing it with a great revenue stream. As a result, SGMO shares have gone up more than 150% since last summer. Actually, if you'd had the foresight to buy the stock at the beginning of 2012, you'd now be realizing profits of 577% on your money. The magic word in that sentence is "foresight." The trick is to spot these technologies early in their development, either before they've had IPOs or soon after. With that in mind, here are a few exciting new technologies to keep an eye on... Full Story Read More...
  • Triple-Digit Gains… With Easy "Insurance" Against Risk Small Cap Penny Stocks to Buy

    How do single-day stock gains of 40%, 50%, 75%, even a 100% or more sound? If you're anything like me they sound pretty darn great.

    Those kinds of gains happen almost every day, but the mainstream financial media would much rather focus on recent stories such as: FB jumps 14% on increased mobile revenue, GOOG rockets ahead 13% on higher top line, or TSLA up 8% on higher than expected sales of the Model S.

    Small-cap biotech stocks can deliver triple-digit gains – or they can crash if clinical trial results disappoint.

    Here's how to limit your losses...
  • Penny Stocks to Watch Top 10 Penny Stocks this year

    The recent spate of uninspiring data, from unemployment to retail sales, has been blamed on the unrelenting cold and snowy winter. But one group that hasn't been affected, and isn't using the convenient "bad weather" excuse, is this list of penny stocks to watch now.

    This week brought huge gains from several low-priced stocks across all sectors:

    Here are four penny stocks to watch now.
  • The One Thing You Must Know to Hit It Big with a Biotech Stock When you're evaluating a biotech, or even a full-fledged pharmaceutical company, you'll want to look at its product pipeline, upcoming catalysts, and financial indicators. But the most important asset it possesses, the heartbeat that drives everything else, is its intellectual property (patent) portfolio... That's what will make it attractive for acquisition, merger, or licensing deals. And it's what protects its products from marauding generic drug manufacturers, who will produce copycat therapies and sell them at cutthroat prices. For a drug development company, that spells disaster. When a drug goes generic, it's not unusual for the original brand manufacturer's market share to drop more than 40%...
  • Biotech Stocks to Watch in 2014: Check Out Today's Biggest Movers

    Biotech stocks have delivered a healthy dose of returns to investors year to date. The iShares Nasdaq Biotech Index ETF (Nasdaq: IBB) is up a whopping 65% so far in 2014.

    That follows a 60%-plus return last year, far outpacing the 30% gain of the broader market. Some 81 biotech companies saw share prices more than double in 2013.

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  • Chelsea Therapeutics International (Nasdaq: CHTP) Stock Climbs 35% on Huge FDA Win pharma (2)

    Good news for micro-cap Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHTP) - and its investors. The company's drug to treat a rare type of low blood pressure has received accelerated U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval.

    The welcome news came Monday after the close. Nearly 14 million shares changed hands during Monday's regular trading session as investors awaited approval news.

    Shares of the Charlotte, N.C.-based company were halted after-hours as the decision loomed. When the stock resumed trading, shares surged 37%, or $1.87, to $6.79.

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  • This Patent Cliff 2014 Chart Shows How Much Revenue Big Pharma Will Lose diver

    More pharmaceutical companies will lose drug patents to the patent cliff in 2014, threatening billions of dollars in revenue for Big Pharma.

    Once a drug is off patent, other pharmaceutical companies are free to replicate the product. That can drastically slash the revenue of pharmaceutical companies that have been making billions of dollars from their patented products.

    Just look at this patent cliff chart illustrating how much the biggest pharmaceutical companies stand to lose: