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We'll Tell You When It's Time to Tap Tesla

A week ago today, in a strategy story aimed at helping you survive and thrive in today’s whipsaw markets, Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald told us to put Tesla Motors Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) on our “watch lists” for a likely future purchase.

“BP, Tesla is a definite ‘shopping list’ stock,” Keith told me back then. “We’ve been nibbling at it here, and have played it successfully several times. But it’s not yet at the point where I’m ready to jump all the way in. I think my rationale behind Tesla remains upbeat. I mean, you’ve got a real winning combination here – a disruptive sales model, a CEO who’s the most innovative guy on the planet, all the capital in the world that can be brought to bear. I don’t give a rat’s [tail] that New Jersey won’t let the company sell its cars there. There are much bigger opportunities. Wait ’til you see what the company does with China.”

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    Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Headed Toward Liquidation

    bitcoin exchange

    The bankrupt Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange took another step toward oblivion when the Tokyo District Court dismissed its application for civil rehabilitation and steered it on a path to liquidation.

    That news is of concern to the 127,000 Mt. Gox customers who had money stuck in accounts there - liquidation usually reduces any restitution.

    But the Japanese administrator taking over the Mt. Gox assets left open a possibility that at some point could allow the failed exchange to pay back customers.

    Here's how it might work...
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  • Why the Bitcoin Price Is Rising Today Bitcoin price

    After plunging to six-month lows, just last Friday, Bitcoin prices have rebounded 40%. And that's on a day when the Chinese Bitcoin exchanges were supposed to get cut off from their bank accounts.

    It seems that, for better or for worse, events in China are driving the price of Bitcoin.

    isn't going to change any time soon...
  • Check Out Who's Investing in Bitcoin Now Business people

    Some in the mainstream media would have you believe that most of those investing in Bitcoin are naïve and unsophisticated fools who don't recognize a bubble when they see one.

    But that doesn't explain why some big names in venture capital are pouring millions of dollars into the digital currency, or why Wall Street is growing increasingly interested.

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  • Why the Bitcoin Price Is Falling Today Bitcoin broken

    Reports that the People's Bank of China (PBOC) planned to shut down the bank accounts of Chinese Bitcoin exchanges became all too real today (Thursday), as the exchanges began receiving official notices from their respective banks.

    The news sent the Bitcoin price today falling as much as 12.4% to a low of $385.32, adding to the losses that started after the first rumors leaked out several weeks ago. Bitcoin prices have fallen from more than $600 in mid-March and more than $800 at the start of the year.

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  • The Bitcoin Market Continues to Be Rocked by China Uncertainty Bitcoins pile

    The Bitcoin market ended the week as it began - trying to sort out how far the Chinese central bank will go in its crackdown on the Chinese exchanges, and how that might affect Bitcoin prices everywhere else in the world.

    Mainstream Chinese news outlet Caixin Online was the first to report last week that the People's Bank of China (PBOC) was planning to force Chinese banks to close any accounts they have with Bitcoin exchanges by April 15.

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  • Investing in These Bitcoin Stocks Is Not for the Faint-Hearted Bitcoin blue

    As Bitcoin use grows, more and more companies are springing up to exploit the unique capabilities of the digital currency, and that means we're seeing more cheap Bitcoin stocks coming to market.

    In fact, pretty much all the Bitcoin stocks that have appeared so far are penny stocks. Larger start-ups, like Bitcoin ATM companies Robocoin and Lamassu, may go public at some point, but until then we're left with the Bitcoin penny stocks.

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  • Bitcoin Prices Whipsawed by Looming China Crackdown – But Not for Long Bitcoin in red

    As the rumors of a crackdown by the People's Bank of China have solidified over the past few days, Bitcoin prices have been hit hard.

    Last week, we told you that China's central bank was rumored to be planning to force Chinese banks to close any accounts they have with Bitcoin exchanges by April 15.

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  • Bitcoin Prices Tank on Rumors of China Ban

    Bitcoin prices plunged this week on reports that the People's Bank of China (PBOC) was planning to block banks from providing accounts to Bitcoin-based businesses.

    The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index dropped from about $585 on Wednesday to as low as $477 on Thursday, though by Friday Bitcoin prices were hovering around the $500 level.

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  • Where Are the Mt. Gox Bitcoins? where are the mt gox bitcoins

    Several surprising developments this week deepened the mystery of where the Mt. Gox bitcoins are.

    Much of the Mt. Gox-related Bitcoin news this week has contradicted official statements from the bankrupt exchange and Mt. Gox Chief Executive Officer Mark Karpeles about how the bitcoins were stolen.

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  • Why Virtual Currency Is Here to Stay – Bitcoin or No Bitcoin digital tunnel By now you've probably heard of the digital currency Bitcoin, but it's not as new as you might think. Virtual currencies have been around for more than 20 years, and Bitcoin is far from the only example. Today there are more than ever - at least 80. And there's a good reason people keep coming back to the idea of virtual currencies - other forms of money just aren't capable of this...
  • Bitcoins: An Online Currency You Can Trade Like a Stock Chances are, you've never before heard of Bitcoins.

    So here's a quick primer: Imagine a type of money that you can't put in your pocket, that you can trade like a stock, that you can earn with your computer, that enables anonymous transactions, and most importantly, has skyrocketed in value 399,900% in the past year.

    That's precisely what we're talking about with Bitcoins.

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