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What Investors Need to Know About the South China Sea Showdown

South China Sea

The South China Sea showdown took a turn toward even more tension this month, with Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric and Taiwan's missile jitters making a bad situation worse.

Every investor needs to know their risk here.

Why the Chinese Yuan Was Lowered Today – and What That Means for Your Money

Chinese yuan

The Chinese yuan tumbled to a three-week low against the U.S. dollar today (Monday), and that's having a ripple effect throughout global markets.

China's central bank cut reserve requirements for most major banks today in a move aimed at boosting growth in the world's second-largest economy.

Here's what that means for you and your money...

China Warns U.S. After Trump Wins Nevada


China issued a warning to the U.S. about electing GOP front-runner Donald Trump just one day after "The Donald" won by a landslide in Nevada...

Sounds a bit like China's not much of a Trump fan, though we suspect the feeling's mutual.

Here's more on what Red Dragon authorities had to say...

Kyle Bass: Beware China's $34 Trillion Meltdown

Kyle Bass

Yesterday, Kyle Bass - the hedge fund manager who predicted the 2008 mortgage crisis - released a letter cautioning investors about China's impending implosion.

He revealed how his warnings are largely being ignored by China market experts and Wall Street aficionados alike.

But he's got proof - a very specific wealth product, in fact - he claims is the "ticking time bomb" about to go off in China...

Protect Yourself from China's Currency Contagion

dow jones industrial average

Mainstream economists and media pundits have been telling people that problems in China are unlikely to cause serious problems in the United States. They point to the fact that China only accounts for a small percentage of U.S. trade, for example, and that the falling Chinese stock market has very little to do with our stock market.

And at the very heart of that instability lies the yuan.

The Generational Investments to Stay Safe in This Market

Prisoner shackle with word "debt" on the iron ball, concept of escaping debt and dependency on credit. Isolated on white background.

Stocks actually rose last week, although you'd be hard-pressed to find an investor or hedge fund manager who is feeling good about things right now.

But the Dow Jones Industrial Average did in fact gain 105 points or 0.7% to close at 16,093.53 while the S&P 500 rose by 1.4% or 27 points to 1906.90. The Nasdaq Composite Index, home of the FANGS, added 2.3% to close at 4591.18. But as the title of the novel goes, it's "been down so long it looks like up to me."

All three markets are still down sharply on the year and many hedge funds are nursing double digit losses just three weeks into the year.

George Soros: We Are Repeating 2008

George Soros

George Soros offered a grim prediction for the markets yesterday, likening this environment to 2008.

This time, however, he blames China's over-indebtedness as the primary factor responsible for global market woes.

Here's the Hungarian-born hedge fund manager's full warning...

[VIDEO] China Broadcasts "Coerced" Confession by Detained Swedish Man

dow jones industrial average

Despite China's efforts to increase transparency on the economic front, the Red Dragon government still has a knack for secretly detaining "subversives."

Last night, China's state-run television CCTV broadcasted an on-air confession by a Swedish man accused of "endangering national security."

Observers of the confession think it seemed coerced. Have a look at what the detainee had to say for himself...

The Truth About China and the First Trades of 2016


Markets have opened the new year with a resounding thud! Pundits are attributing this to trouble coming out of China, whose currency is again being devalued by the authorities. That's not quite true.

The truth is, China is just a symptom of a larger problem, one I've been talking about nonstop, and we're starting to feel the full-blown disease.

Sooner or later markets get religion and sins get punished. That time is now. That means investors should get religion before they end up meeting the devil in person.

Will Book Cooking in China Cause Another Market Meltdown?

dow jones industrial average

Provincial government officials in northeastern China admitted yesterday that they have been falsifying economic data over the past few years.

Some folks are wondering if we should brace for another market meltdown.

But one seasoned analyst has a very different take on the Red Dragon's news...

4 Ways the U.S. Burned China on the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal


China was left out of the Trans-Pacific trade deal, which could cut an estimated $266 billion from its economy.

It could also mean manufacturing businesses will start looking to relocate from Asia's largest country in order to save money.

Here are four other ways the U.S. burned China with the TPP...

China Is Investing Record Amounts in This U.S. Industry – and You Can Profit

china fdi

Chinese corporations and investors have been hunting overseas for bigger profits, and they're finding them in the United States.

In just the first six months of 2015, Chinese companies poured a massive $6.4 billion into U.S. investments - a record half-year high.

Today I'll show you why this cash flow will continue, and the best way you can make money from it now...

China Just Made the GUTSIEST Move of the Entire Financial Crisis

11 2 15 china kfg mm

China's grave dancers have taken great pleasure in convincing millions of investors that the nation will never succeed based on any number of erroneous arguments...

...not democratic

...not capitalist

...not worthy of world leadership

Underneath it all, this was little more than thinly veiled contempt for Beijing's 35-year-old "one child" policy. Called yousheng, the law has averted an estimated 400 million births over the years in the name of modernization and efficient resource consumption.

Now that law's been scrapped, and couples will be allowed to have two children.

The White House and much of the mainstream media wasted no time posturing after the announcement. Press Secretary Josh Earnest, for example, noted that the policy is a "positive step," but that "we also look forward to the day when birth limits are abandoned altogether." Amnesty International said bluntly that the policy change was "not enough."

They're missing the point.

China's policy reversal is the gutsiest move yet in the ongoing global financial crisis. It's a game changer of the highest magnitude. Moreover, it's great news for savvy investors.

Today we're going to talk about why and, of course, how to align your money for maximum profits...

Here's how to align your money for maximum profits.

AAPL, VRX, and China Top This Week's 10 Most Shocking Numbers

AAPL stock

Here are this week's need-to-know facts about the stock market, economy, Wall Street, and life-changing global events...

It's the numbers that count in this crazy world. They can tell stories that words sometimes can't.

AAPL, VRX, and China contributed three out of the 10 numbers that shocked investors most this week. Here's a look at some of the fascinating, infuriating, amusing, depressing, and altogether important figures that the world has put up on the board recently - and why you need to know them...

America Is About to Import a Global Debt Crisis

keyword: global debt crisis

A global debt crisis is coming. The warning signs have been emerging for months.

"This market instability is not going away. It's been building for six years. It can only end one way - with a 'Super Crash,'" Money Morning Global Credit Strategist Michael E. Lewitt told readers back on Sept. 8. "It's not just China that's creating this next (much worse) sell-off. It's also the massive, $200 trillion global debt bubble that's driving the world economy to its knees."

Now, it seems, major media outlets are finally catching on...

This week, an award-winning investigative journalist for Salon wrote a well-researched piece that concluded "trillions of dollars of investment in emerging markets has been fueled by cheap credit - and the bill's coming due"...