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We'll Tell You When It's Time to Tap Tesla

A week ago today, in a strategy story aimed at helping you survive and thrive in today’s whipsaw markets, Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald told us to put Tesla Motors Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) on our “watch lists” for a likely future purchase.

“BP, Tesla is a definite ‘shopping list’ stock,” Keith told me back then. “We’ve been nibbling at it here, and have played it successfully several times. But it’s not yet at the point where I’m ready to jump all the way in. I think my rationale behind Tesla remains upbeat. I mean, you’ve got a real winning combination here – a disruptive sales model, a CEO who’s the most innovative guy on the planet, all the capital in the world that can be brought to bear. I don’t give a rat’s [tail] that New Jersey won’t let the company sell its cars there. There are much bigger opportunities. Wait ’til you see what the company does with China.”

Sometimes I think Keith has a “crystal ball” in his hip pocket…

  • Dividend Stocks

  • Dividend Stocks: 25 New and Noteworthy Increases for Yield Seekers payout

    Dividend stocks are off to a strong start in 2014. And with S&P 500 companies sitting on huge cash piles - $1.25 trillion for non-financial firms - companies can afford to sweeten payouts.

    This follows 2013's generous year in which cumulative dividend hikes amounted to a hefty $56.7 billion.

    This is great news for income-starved investors who continue to gravitate toward dividend-paying stocks, as money market funds yield a paltry 0.01%.

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  • General Electric's (NYSE: GE) Earnings Report: Here's the Most Important Number for Investors GE plane engine

    General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) will report earnings Friday morning, and analysts are projecting earnings per share of $0.53 on revenue of $40.2 billion.

    The $0.53 EPS estimate is a 20% increase from General Electric's 2012 Q4 earnings. Likewise, the revenue estimate is 2% higher than the $39.3 billion revenue GE reported in the previous year.

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  • Dividend Stocks: 15 Notable Increases in 2014

    Investors had a banner year in 2013 - especially those holding dividend stocks.

    For all of 2013, dividend increases totaled a hefty $56.7 billion. That's up from $50.2 billion in 2011.

    Among the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks, 14 dividend-paying stocks boosted their payouts in 2013: AT&T Inc. (NTSE: T), The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS), General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE), Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS), McDonald's Corp. (NYSE: MCD), Merck & Co. Inc. (NYSE: MRK), Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT), 3M Co. (NYSE: MMM), Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE), Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE), United Tech. Corp. (NYSE: UTX), Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ), and Visa Inc. (NYSE: V).

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  • Dividend Stocks: Two Dozen Dividend Increases to Close Out 2013 payout

    Dividend stocks news: The U.S. stock market had its strongest performance last year since 1997, up just shy of 30% in 2013, as measured by the broad-based Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average, up 26.5% and hitting 52 all-time highs, logged its best annual gain since 1995. And the Nasdaq soared some 38% and marked its best year since 2009.

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  • Dividend Stocks: These 20 Companies Just Boosted Their Payouts payout

    Dividend stocks update: Perhaps MasterCard Inc. (NYSE: MA) was feeling optimistic about holiday shopping last Tuesday when it raised its quarterly dividend 83%, or $0.50 a share, to $1.10.

    The world's No. 2 credit and debit card company also announced a 10-for-1 stock split and implemented a fresh $3.5 billion stock buyback program.

    The stock split will make MasterCard shares more affordable for the average investor, while the dividend increase and share repurchase make shares more attractive to yield- and value-hungry investors.

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  • Dividend Stocks: These 25 Companies Just Increased Their Payouts payout

    Dividend stocks update: For The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) shareholders, it was the happiest place on earth last week when the 90-year-old company announced its 58th consecutive dividend payment increase.

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  • Dividend Stocks: 25 Companies That Just Increased Their Payouts payout

    It's been a good year to own stocks, with markets hitting record highs. But investors holding dividend stocks have profited the most.

    Even better, if the market pulls back from those record highs, dividend stocks typically perform better during a correction than non-dividend paying stocks.

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  • These 25 Dividend Stocks Just Boosted Their Payouts payout

    More and more companies today seek to attract investors by offering dividend payouts - and yield-hungry investors love their dividend stocks.

    The Wall Street Journal noted on Nov. 18 that 51 of the top 100 Nasdaq stocks currently pay dividends. That's in stark contrast to December 1999, when a mere nine of the top 100 Nasdaq companies paid dividends.

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  • These Dividend-Paying Stocks Just Hiked Their Payouts Pocket money-001

    The top dividend-paying stocks offer more than high yield. They also steadily raise their dividends.

    Companies that continue to grow dividends are the "best compounders," Don Kilbride, portfolio manager of the Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund, told Barron's.

    With that in mind, check out the following list of high-yield dividend stocks that increased their payouts so far in November.

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  • Dividend Stocks That Raised Payouts in October 2013 Dollars.

    With so many factors triggering market uncertainty, like the timing of the Fed taper and a lackluster earnings season, investors continue to love their dividend stocks - especially with so many raising payouts in October.

    It's an interesting time for dividend seekers. According to Fidelity Investments, corporate cash balances sit at some $1.8 trillion - the highest in history. Yet, payout ratios are still at 50-year lows. That suggests there's plenty of room for dividends to rise.

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  • How to Find the Best Tech Dividend Stocks symbol Turmoil in the markets makes investors nervous, and unfortunately it looks like we're going to be getting more of it in the months ahead. The best investments for times like these are the ones that can weather the bad times and deliver profits regardless. These tech dividend stocks happen to fit the bill perfectly.. To continue reading, please click here...
  • Dividend Stocks to Watch: These Telecoms Are Part of a Trap Financial Mouse trap (with hand) It's called the herd mentality - lots of people adopting the same investing strategy at the same time. People who do it usually get burned, but it seems like such a great idea they can't resist. Here's a bandwagon many investors are jumping on right now that you'd be wise to steer clear of... Read more...
  • 5 Dividend Stocks to Buy Now Young man is hungry The strong stock market this year has made many popular dividend-paying stocks expensive - but that such stocks are vital to your portfolio hasn't changed. The key now is to find those that also give you capital appreciation -- and we have five right here... Read more...
  • These Dividend-Paying Stocks Deliver Yield and Growth number two

    When you think of growth profit plays you do not ordinarily think they could also make for solid dividend-paying stocks as well.

    Growth stocks are high-flying market darlings with some exciting new product or service that is driving spectacular earnings growth.

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