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Shah Shares His Latest Views on Microsoft, Apple and Facebook

During the last nine months, retired hedge-fund manager Shah Gilani – who runs the Capital Wave Forecast and Short Side Fortunes advisory services here at Money Map Press – has gone against the Wall Street “crowd” in recommending Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT), Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Facebook Inc. (NYSE: FB) to Private Briefing subscribers.

As usual, it paid dividends to heed Shah’s advice…

  • Dividend Stocks

  • Dividend Stocks 2013: See if Your Favorite Just Raised Its Payout Roll of bills

    An insatiable hunt for yield amid five-plus years of near-zero interest rates has sent scores of investors to dividend stocks.

    The shift has led many companies to place a greater importance on dividends. Dividends are now a larger portion of companies' total payouts, ahead of share buybacks, than in past market rallies.

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  • Four of the Best Tech Dividend Stocks to Invest In Right Now Magnifying glass focused on the $ button

    From the mid-1980s through 2000, stocks like Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) were growth powerhouses.

    In fact, if you had invested $10,000 in Microsoft in 1986 and the same amount in Cisco in 1990, you could have turned your $20,000 into about $8 million today.

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  • Dividend Stocks 2013: Why 81% of S&P 500 Companies Want to Pay You Dollars in hand

    More and more S&P 500 companies are turning into dividend stocks, as yield-producing investments are becoming the hottest attraction in 2013.

    Collective dividends per share for Standard & Poor's 500 companies increased roughly 16% year-over-year in 2012. Meanwhile, the number of companies paying a dividend over that period reached a new 13-year high of 405, or roughly 81% of the S&P 500, data from Factset shows.

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  • 3 Overseas Choices for Yield-Starved Investors Endless stimulus is ultimately self-defeating. But growth, especially when driven by trillions of dollars in economic need, is not. And this growth will not stop.

    That's why it makes sense to keep your money in motion - albeit very deliberately and very cautiously - with choices that offer cold, hard cash as compensation for the risk you take in owning them.

    Check out this trio of income titans here...
  • These Dividend Stocks Can Deliver a False Sense of Security Not all dividend stocks are created equal – and the sentiment forming in the markets show it’s time to dump these that are no longer cutting it. Read more... Read More...
  • How to Invest in Dividend Stocks to Build True Wealth There's zero interest on savings, volatile markets and no money in bonds. You HAVE to know how to invest in dividend stocks. Here's how. Read more... Read More...
  • How to Find the Best Dividend Stocks

    It's only April, but it appears dividend payouts this year will soar past 2012's tally - meaning all investors need to know how to find the best dividend stocks or risk missing out on record-high yield.

    Barron's reports that in Q1, 944 of approximately 10,000 U.S. companies boosted payouts, either by increases, extras or resumption. That was up a hefty 39.4% from 677 companies a year ago.

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  • Beware These Three Dividend Stocks Ready to Slash Their Payout Currency USD inflation 3

    Investors are in love with dividend stocks this year - and there are even more juicy yields to choose from than before.

    But one thing you need to be careful to avoid is a dividend stock that boasts a huge yield, but can't sustain it.

    For example, look at CenturyLink Inc. (NYSE: CTL). CTL has been a favorite dividend stock for years, but slashed its dividend by 26% in February. The move caught investors off guard. Shares plunged 23% in one day - the biggest one-day decline since at least 1980 - wiping out about $6 billion in market value. 

    The stock still yields nearly 6%, but confidence in the company to maintain its payout has been damaged. 

    Positive dividend actions have far outweighed negative announcements over the past few years. In 2013's first quarter, 732 companies boosted their payouts compared with 552 in the year-earlier period.

    But in March, 73 U.S. companies pruned their payouts - not far off the record of 93 in December 2012.

    Usually companies frame dividend cuts as necessary evils - necessary as in the cut was needed to conserve cash. Read those tea leaves and it's easy to realize that if a company needs to cut its dividend to conserve capital, it probably is not worth investing in in the first place.

    The good news is investors can skirt stocks that are vulnerable to dividend reductions. We rounded up a few names that deliver tempting yields, but look like they could be on the way to cutting their payouts.

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  • The Best New Dividend Stocks of 2013 Dollars in hand

    Thanks to this year's booming market for initial public offerings (IPOs), there are a handful of new dividend stocks for yield-starved investors.

    In the first quarter of 2013, 45% of all new offerings paid a dividend. That compares to just 16% in Q1 of 2012, according to data from Renaissance Capital.

    This is the most dividend stocks to debut in a quarter since Q2 of 2008, when 69% of IPOs paid a dividend.

    The trend is in direct response to investors' hunt for yield, and comes at a time when dividend stocks should be part of everyone's portfolio.

    As Money Morning Global Investing Strategist Martin Hutchinson has explained, "The truly rich don't spend their days watching the financial news and trading stocks. They're too smart for that. They know that investing in steady income-producing dividend stocks is just as rewarding over the long haul."

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  • Dividend Stocks Held by Warren Buffett Annual Allen & Co. Media And Technology Conference

    You know dividend stocks belong in your portfolio, and you know Warren Buffett has made a fortune with this stock picks - so why not marry those ideas when hunting for profits?

    Just looking at Buffett's 13F filing for Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK.A, BRK.B) will show you which dividend stocks the famous investor is holding. The 2012 fourth-quarter filing shows that of 41 holdings, 29 are dividend stocks.

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  • Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

    Yield-seeking investors know that holding the right dividend stocks means they get paid even if the market pulls back.

    That's an enticing idea now that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is at a record high.

    That's also why Money Morning Global Investing Strategist and editor of the Permanent Wealth Investor service Martin Hutchinson warns that holding only non-dividend payers could hurt investors.

    "I find stocks that don't pay dividends rather alarming because there's no way of getting any return from them at all," explained Hutchinson.

    His favorite dividend stocks are "heirloom stocks," a select group of 82 stocks listed on the NYSE or Nasdaq with a reliable dividend-paying history.

    In the following video Hutchinson explains how to spot heirloom stocks and why they should be an important base of any portfolio. He also shares one of his favorite "heirloom" dividend stocks to buy now.

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  • These Dividend Stocks Will Continue to Shine in 2013 Dollars in hand

    It's been a great year for anyone interested in dividend stocks - and it looks like it'll get even better.

    Corporations in the S&P 500 are expected to pay at least $300 billion in dividends in 2013, up from last year's $282 billion, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices.

    And some of the dividend hikes represent a healthy payout boost.

    For example, one of the latest in a string of companies to boost dividends, QUALCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM), recently announced a 40% increase in its dividend.

    Besides QUALCOMM, Hess Corp. (NYSE: HES) hiked its dividend 150%, HollyFrontier Corp. (NYSE: HFC) 50%, The Home Depot Inc. (NYSE: HD) 34%, The TJX Cos. Inc. (NYSE: TJX) 26% and Applied Materials Inc. (Nasdaq: AMAT) 11%, to name just a handful.

    The good news: If you haven't yet joined the payout party, you can expect even more dividend increases in the weeks ahead.

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  • What Bankrupt Athletes Wish They Knew About Financial Windfalls Game football

    Few among us haven't dreamed of sudden riches - the financial windfall of a big legal settlement, an unexpected inheritance, a winning lottery ticket, or, for the young and athletically gifted, a lucrative contract with a major professional sports franchise.

    But it turns out that few are prepared for a financial windfall when it comes their way.

    Nowhere is this more obvious than with big sports stars.

    Despite the proliferation of multimillion-dollar contracts, an astonishing number of professional athletes are forced to declare bankruptcy within a few years of hanging up their jerseys.

    In the National Football League, for example, where the average salary is $1.9 million, 78% of former players are in bankruptcy within five years of retirement. That figure is 60% for former National Basketball Association players, who earn an average of $5.5 million a year as players.

    How can people so generously compensated go broke so quickly?

    Part of it has to do with youth, but many of the mistakes athletes make with the financial windfall of a professional sports salary also are made by regular people who suddenly come into large sums of money.

    There's a lot we all can learn from their mistakes. When it comes to financial windfalls, it's best to know what to expect ahead of time so you can put the money to work for you instead of squandering it.

    "Every single day, people come into large sums of money, whether it's a thousand dollars or a million, and without proper planning, funds quickly disappear," writes Jim Wang in U.S. News and World Report. "Just look at the horrible stories you often hear of lottery winners, and you'll have enough evidence that everyone needs a little preparation, even if you don't expect to get a windfall."

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  • 7 Dividend Stocks with 50 Years of Increasing Payouts

    As Money Morning Executive Editor Steve Christ told us this week, finding solid dividend stocks in different sectors is a key to finding financial freedom, thanks to compounding.

    "This compounding effect arises when your dividend yield is added to the principal. From that moment on, the interest begins to earn interest on itself," explained Christ. "Over the long haul, that process can add up to a small fortune - even with very modest investments. All it takes is time."

    How do you find theses reliable dividend payers?

    For starters, consider dividend stocks that have a history of raising their payout. recently compiled a list of stocks that have hiked their dividends for at least 25 years.

    To take it a step further, we compared that list to Standard & Poor's "Dividend Aristocrats" - large-cap, blue-chip companies that have increased dividends for at least 20 consecutive years.

    Some of the "Aristocrats" have hiked their payouts for much longer than that, like these seven, which have done so for at least 50 years:

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  • This Time-Tested Strategy Could Be Your Winning Lottery Ticket Every time I talk to my nephew Sam, I realize youth really is wasted on the young. Especially when it comes to money.

    Like most novice investors, 22-year-old Sam would much rather chase the latest big momentum names than actually work to build true wealth. So - of course - he ends up buying all the wrong stocks. Even after he got absolutely roasted last year buying Groupon (Nasdaq: GRPN) shares, he still couldn't wait to load up on Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) when it IPOed.

    What Sam doesn’t understand yet is the power of time. If he did, he would know he has the most valuable investing asset of all right at his fingertips. Fact is, anyone can become a millionaire this way.

    It's all thanks to the Rule of 72....