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DJIA Today Sheds 80 Points on Earnings Jitters

DJIA today

The DJIA today slipped 80 points on investor fear that a stronger U.S dollar will negatively affect earnings. The Nasdaq traded briefly above 5,000 before falling 7 points on the day.

The Obama administration proposed new regulations for offshore oil and natural gas development aimed at preventing another disaster like the oil spill at BP's Deepwater Horizon rig in 2010.

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DJIA Today Adds 56 Points as Oil Prices Rise

DJIA today

The DJIA today gained 56 points as oil prices rebounded and lifted energy stocks. But the dollar's strength limited today's upside and fueled uncertainty over corporate profits as earnings season gets underway.

Rate chatter continued as investors try to pinpoint when the Federal Reserve will tighten monetary policy.

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DJIA Index Gains 27 Points After Fed Minutes Released

djia index

The DJIA Index added 27 points Wednesday. The markets were volatile after the release of the March FOMC meeting minutes.

The minutes revealed a divergence between members of the central bank. Several stated recent economic data warrant a rate hike in June, while others cited recent strength in the U.S. dollar as a reason to delay a hike.

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DJIA Index Falls 200 Points to End Q1 in the Red

DJIA index

The DJIA Index plunged 200 points Tuesday. The cause? Energy stocks drove the market downward as Iranian nuclear deal talks weigh down oil prices.

The markets pared gains from Monday's massive rally. Basic materials stocks including Dow Chemical Co. (NYSE: DOW) were the biggest decliners Tuesday.

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S&P Futures Today Retreat on Regional Fed President Discussions

s&p futures today

S&P futures today (Tuesday) forecasted a 9-point drop from yesterday's S&P close. Dow futures followed a similar path.

S&P futures today are moving in anticipation of January's Case-Shiller housing index numbers as well as chatter about a potential hike to interest rates. Today features three presentations from Federal Reserve presidents.

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Healthcare Deals and Energy Stocks Boost DJIA Today

DJIA today

The DJIA today soared 263 points, bringing 18,000 back into the Dow's line of sight again. The cause for the surge? Several key deals in the healthcare sector plus big gains for energy stocks.

The S&P 500 energy sector jumped more than 1.8% on the day. Today's most active energy stocks were Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM), up 2.45%; and Chevron (NYSE: CVX), up 2.51%.

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3 Candidates for the Next Dow Jones Industrial Average Companies

Dow Jones Industrial Average companies

The recent addition of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) to the roster of Dow Jones Industrial Average companies begs the question of which changes to the DJIA we're likely to see next.

Right now, several big and growing U.S. companies are prime candidates to join the DJIA when the committee makes its next move. And looking at the current list of Dow Jones Industrial Average companies, it's not hard to find those most likely to get the boot.

Three stocks in particular have the best shot to be next to join the Dow Jones...

How Well Do You Know the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Most investors check on the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the end of every trading day, if not more frequently.

Over its 119-year history, the DJIA has become synonymous with the markets. But while investors big and small rely on the Dow Jones to measure how well or how poorly stocks are doing, how much do most people really know about it?

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DJIA Today Suffers Fourth Straight Decline, 39-Point Loss

DJIA today

The DJIA today managed to bounce back from early triple-digit losses but still closed down 39 points. The S&P 500 struggled to its fourth-straight daily decline.

Investors brushed aside concerns about a pending interest-rate hike by the Federal Reserve and jitters over the upcoming earnings season.

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DJIA Today Fell 292 Points – Here's What Happened   

DJIA today

The DJIA today fell 292 points. The Nasdaq suffered its steepest one-day decline in almost a year.

What happened? A wide sell-off in the biotech and technology sectors outpaced gains fueled by news of a merger between Kraft Foods Group (Nasdaq: KRFT) and H.J. Heinz Co. Continued weakness in Europe also remains a central concern to investors.

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DJIA Index Falls Triple Digits on Rate-Hike Chatter

DJIA index

The DJIA index dipped 104 points Tuesday. Why the decline? Expectations for a faster rate increase by the Federal Reserve outweighed improving economic data.

New home sales hit a seven-year high in February, a sign of surging demand in the housing market. Existing home sales were also up 1.2% in February despite bad weather.

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What Happened to the First DJIA Stocks?


The first DJIA stocks bore little resemblance to the Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks of today.

Most of the original DJIA stocks are completely unknown now.

The names paint a gritty picture of the U.S. corporate powers of the day. The very first DJIA stocks included two gas companies, two agricultural companies, and representatives from the chemical, steel, leather and rubber industries.

This is a complete list of the first 12 DJIA stocks. It includes when each company was dropped from the index as well as what became of it...

The Dow Jones Today Soars 169 Points on Biotech News, NKE Earnings

Dow Jones today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average reversed a streak of three consecutive weekly losses and added 201 points on Friday.

Why the gain? Declining dollar raised corporate earnings enthusiasm, while the markets got a boost from Nike Corp. (NYSE: NKE) earnings and exciting news in biotech.

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Falls Triple Digits – Here's Why

BAC dividend

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today shed 117 points. The reason? A slump in oil and commodity prices and a stronger dollar weighed down energy and material stocks.

The markets pulled back after yesterday's announcement that the central bank will not increase interest rates until the nation sees an improvement in its jobs picture and inflation begins to rise.

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