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    EPA Official Resigns over Crucifixion Comments

    On Friday, we discussed the regulatory philosophy of certain Environmental Protection Agency officials in how they regulate the U.S. oil and gas sector.

    Dr. Alfredo Armendariz, the EPA regional administrator for Region 6, was overly candid in a 2010 policy discussion in which he said that the agency's stance is to "crucify" a few oil and gas companies in order to set an example and force the rest of the industry to submit to new rules.

    "You make examples out of people who are not complying with the law," he stated.

    Now, it looks like those comments have cost him his job.

    Morgan Little at the LA Times explains.

    "Alfredo Armendariz, a regional administrator for theEnvironmental Protection Agency, has resigned in the wake of criticism for comments made in Texas two years ago comparing the methods of the EPA to those of Romans using crucifixions to conquer foreign lands."

    The resignation is certainly a starting point in order to limit the political damage.

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