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With Grocery Prices Soaring, This High-Tech Food Play Belongs on Your Shopping List

Aside from the continued sell-off in U.S. tech stocks, one of yesterday’s top financial news stories was the fact that U.S. inflation is accelerating – and at a pace that’s exceeding forecasts.

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    The Eurozone Hangs On By a Whisker

    Four days after the Italian elections, only one thing is really clear: A majority of Italian voters have rejected austerity.

    The problem is, their victory came up short by the slimmest of margins.


    That's the difference between a firm new government that could move Italy out of the Eurozone and the constitutional logjam Italian voters woke up to the next day.

    Here’s why that's likely bad news for us all... Read More...
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  • Berlusconi is Back, and So Is the Eurozone Debt Crisis Since the beginning of the year, the markets have been behaving as if the Eurozone debt crisis has been magically solved.

    Yields on Spanish and Italian debt are trading more than 1% lower than at their peak, while world stock markets have soared close to all-time highs.

    Unfortunately, you can expect that all of this euphoria will fade when the Italian elections take place on February 23 and 24.

    The reason is summed up in two words: Silvio Berlusconi. Read More...