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A Tale of Two Revolutions

More than two decades have passed, but folks who were there for the story I’m about to share with you still remember it as “The Revolution That Wasn’t.”

Let me share the tale with you and explain the lesson that it teaches.

Then we’ll show you a specific way to apply that lesson for a hefty profit.

First the story…

  • FOMC Meeting

  • Fed Meeting Today: Five Big Questions Answered American Currency Today we find out whether the Federal Reserve's policy-setting group, the Federal Market Open Committee (FOMC), plans to start tapering its monthly bond-buying program of QE, or keep the printing presses running well into next year. Both options have their drawbacks, and the implications for the markets are huge. Here's what you need to know...
  • FOMC Meeting This Week Will Benefit This Currency Trade

    There is nothing more volatile on the currency calendar right now (or on any financial calendar for that matter) than the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting this week.

    This is going to be followed by what is expected to be Ben Bernanke's last press conference as the Fed Chairman before his anticipated retirement in January 2014.

    And let me tell you: Someone is going to be surprised this week. The good news is, surprises create volatility. Volatility creates price action. Price action creates profits.

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  • The Chart the Federal Reserve Doesn't Want You to See Sign Yield While the Federal Reserve is going full steam ahead with its money printing, a rule that applies to all central banks says it should be doing the exact opposite. Apparently the Fed plans to keep its collective head buried deep in the sand until everything blows up. Here's the chart the Fed wishes didn't exist...
  • Stock Market News Today Focuses on FOMC Meeting Outcome

    Stock market news today, Oct. 30: Stocks are fairly steady today as investors await the Federal Reserve's next decision on whether to taper its massive bond-buying program, with general expectations being that tapering will be delayed until 2014 amid the recent onslaught of more negative economic indicators.

    For several months, investors have had difficulty deciphering how the Fed will pare back this stimulus program, and confusion persists today. Some say tapering may begin at the next Fed meeting in December, while others are predicting next January or March.

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  • Currency Trading Today: Follow the FOMC to Profits Currency drawing small Another FOMC meeting is in the books, and to no one's surprise they decided to stay the course. That will weaken the U.S. dollar, which definitely has its risks, but can deliver profits for currency traders who know how to play it. This window of opportunity won't stay open for long, however...
  • FOMC Members "Badly Out of Touch," says Keith Fitz-Gerald 09232013KFG

    In the wake of the Federal Reserve meeting last week, FOMC members have many public appearances planned in which they're expected to clarify the central bank's recent policy decisions.

    Count Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald as one investing expert who will not be hanging on every speech.

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  • Silver Prices Today Have Ben Bernanke to Thank Silver Spot Prices per Ounce

    Thanks to that "party animal" Ben Bernanke, silver prices today are enjoying a nice bounce.

    That's because the U.S. Federal Reserve chairman, along with the other members at the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting yesterday, decided to keep the quantitative easing (QE3) flowing steady with $85 billion of bond buying per month.

    After the Fed announcement, silver prices rallied by 5.5% to more than $23 an ounce. That's the precious metal's biggest one-day gain since June 28.

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  • Keith Fitz-Gerald Nails It on Today's FOMC Meeting KFG mug tight Money Morning’s Chief Investment Strategist went on record with his prediction months ago, stating that there’s not a central banker in the world who has the guts to step away from QE. Few – if any – investors agreed. But they didn’t lock in a 100% gain, either… Read more...
  • BREAKING: Bernanke to Continue Controversial Bond Buying Program

    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced in a press conference this afternoon that the U.S. Federal Reserve will continue quantitative easing, the controversial bond buying program, for now. Chairman Bernanke expressed concern over rising borrowing costs and their effect on the economy, saying that the situation calls for continued quantitative easing.

    Analysts on and off Wall Street were surprised, to put it mildly. Markets responded very well to news of continued easy-money policy. The mainstream consensus was that the Fed would begin to taper off its $85 billion monthly bond purchases by around $10 or $15 billion each month. Current pricing just didn't take continued bond buying into account, and the bullish reaction was immediate, intense, and widespread.

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  • All Things Fed: Keith Fitz-Gerald on Janet Yellen and Today's FOMC Meeting 09172013KFG1

    Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald appeared on FOX Business' "Varney & Co." today to discuss this week's FOMC meeting and Janet Yellen.

    On Monday, Larry Summers announced he is dropping out of the candidate list to replace Ben Bernanke and become the next Fed chief. Next in line for new Fed chief role is Janet Yellen.

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  • Today's FOMC Meeting Cheat Sheet Boardroom Federal Reserve policy meetings invariably move the markets. Yet, surprisingly, many retail investors don't pay that much attention to them. Here's what the members of the Fed have been talking about this week - and why it matters... Read more... Read More...
  • Check Out What the FOMC Meeting Minutes Did to the Stock Market Today

    In one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting minutes from July 30-31 were released today (Wednesday).

    They will be picked apart for days - but here's what you need to know.

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  • FOMC Meeting: Fed Just Backtracked on QE Taper Talk After the two-day FOMC meeting, the committee just backtracked on all the previous taper talk - here's why the Fed might be "winging it." Read more... Read More...
  • Exclusive: Obama Tells Money Morning Why He Just Loves Larry Summers… Says Obama:
    Larry Summers for Fed Chief... He's got my vote. Absolutely!
    Why? You just have to get to know the guy and you'll see he's perfectly qualified to head the Federal Reserve.
    Here's just part of his resume.
    From 1982-1983, Larry Summers was on staff at Ronald Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers. That's where Lawrence of Enablers earned his "Deregulate Everything" T-shirt.
    After his brief stint on the Gipper's Council, where he was taught how real pros corral free markets for personal profit, the Enabler headed back to Harvard to teach kids (and himself) how to squeeze personal wealth out of mere economic theory.
    He got his next shot at stardom as Chief Economist of the World Bank in 1991. He was there until 1993.
    While there he wasted no time shining a light on himself.
    In a 1991 interview he famously said:
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  • FOMC Meeting: Look to Statement for QE Clues Binoculars black Q

    Don't expect a definitive answer from this week's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting on when the Fed will begin tapering its massive quantitative easing program.

    Instead, the focus will be on the FOMC's statement, which will be scoured for clues about when scaling back QE3 could begin.

    "We do not expect any modifications to the asset purchase pace or forward guidance at this meeting, so markets are likely to hang on every word change in the statement," Michael Hanson, an economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research, said in a research report.

    This month's FOMC meeting is the last before September, the month the markets have been expecting the Fed to announce "the taper."

    Brian Gardner, senior vice president of Washington Research at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, said the economic outlook will be key to finding taper clues.

    "We do not expect any changes in policy (either for large-scale asset purchases or for Fed funds rates) but the commentary on the state of the economy could be significant," Gardner said in a research note. "As Fed officials have recently reinforced their intent to look at the outlook for the labor market and the economy, any change in the Fed's description of the economy could provide a better idea of when the Fed might taper asset purchases."

    But, Gardner added, "Our guess is that any change in language will be nuanced and keep the markets guessing about when the Fed will taper."

    He said Friday's jobs report may ultimately be as significant as the FOMC statement in terms of gauging when tapering would take place.

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