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This Market Is "Going Vertical" – And so Are These Stocks

In our Aug. 6 Private Briefing report, "It’s the Biggest and the Fastest Growing – Here’s How to Profit," we updated our bullishness on China‘s e-commerce market and gave you two ways to ride along.

We had a lot of confidence in both recommendations. But I have to be honest with you: Even I didn’t expect the stocks would soar like they have in the two seeks since.

  • Gold Prices

  • Why Gold Is Up Today and What's Ahead for 2014

    Why gold is up today: Gold prices on Tuesday morning staged the biggest advance since mid-October. Gold prices ended Tuesday's session sharply higher, hitting a three-week high. February gold gained $28, or 1.5%, at $1,262.20 an ounce. Spot gold added $22.70 to reach $1,263.50 an ounce.

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  • Why the Fed's 100th Birthday Could Be Its Last On December 23rd, the Federal Reserve will turn 100 years old. We can look back on its few successes... but its many failures far outweigh any positives it may have achieved. What's at stake now is the Fed's future. And it looks bleak. In fact, the Fed won't even exist in 100 years...
  • Gold Prices Down This Week, But Big Money Stays Invested

    It's been another painful week for the precious metal amid what's been one tough year for gold bulls.

    Gold futures ticked up Friday, following a two-day dip that left gold prices at levels not seen since early summer.

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  • Gold's Shocking New "Pick and Shovel" Play Ever since humans realized the intrinsic value of gold, we've constantly searched for - and perfected - ways to find more. From early methods like panning and trenching, to lode prospectors hunting for rock outcrops and veins, to the invention of drill bits... In modern times, we use increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques, such as seismic sensors, magnetometry, and gravimetrics to help locate potential gold deposits. But, after thousands of years of digging for gold, the low-hanging fruit's already been picked. Most remaining deposits are becoming increasingly difficult to find, and increasingly low grade. Now, a surprising, brand-new gold prospecting tool may be in the offing - one that's far less technologically demanding, and much less invasive. It seems nature itself has found a way to extract gold from the ground. Take a look at this picture...
  • Gold News: China Poised to Overtake India as Biggest Gold Consumer Gold Price Drivers 2014 Demand for gold in China is skyrocketing. Thanks to an enriched and growing middle class, China's gold consumption will reach a record 1,000 tons this year - up a whopping 29% year over year. At this pace, China will soon surpass India as the world's biggest buyer of the yellow metal. Imagine what this will do to the price of gold over the next few years...
  • How to Prepare for the 17% "Supertax" “You never let a serious crisis go to waste… It’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before.” –Rahm Emanuel The once unthinkable is quickly becoming probable. At some point in the next few years, your assets could well become the target of a “Supertax” as high as 17%. Last week, we talked about the need to buy “out of print” assets to protect our wealth from brazen government seizures. I explained that quantitative easing (QE) was likely to get bigger, not smaller, and that you needed to become your own central bank. The truth is, the writing’s already on the wall. We’ve seen it happen. Cyprus’s “bail-in” cost numerous bank depositors more than 47% of their capital. Poland’s “pension reform” saw private pensions raided to help lower the government’s debt-to-GDP ratio. And Spain plundered its Social Security Reserve Fund to keep buying its own risky debt, when no one else would. Dangerous precedents are being set, with chilling regularity. More than ever, you need to be prepared… Read More...
  • "Democratize" Gold and Give the Government a Black Eye We all know that, so long as the Fed keeps the printing presses on, the risk of a worldwide currency crisis gets even higher. Gold, of course, is the timeless hedge here - for all the reasons you and I know. But are we truly prepared for a currency crisis? Much of the gold in the United States is owned by big institutions: the Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and bullion banks. So, if a currency crisis hits, their 8,900-ton hoard won't do us a bit of good. But there is one country whose "democratic" approach to gold ownership will allow its people to survive a currency crisis, literally, in fine style. Not only that, but this country's people are giving their government a whopping black eye for its heavy-handed ways in the process. Here's what's going on there...
  • Why Gold Prices Are Down Right Now gold bars 2 Inflation and crisis – of which we’ve had plenty – historically drive gold prices up, and yet the London spot price has fallen 24% since Jan. 2. Like the infamous honey badger, gold prices just don’t care. But the reasons for gold’s continued fall, in spite of the apparent decay of the world, just might surprise you. Here’s what’s been dragging gold down...
  • Time to Buy These "Out of Print" Assets From the Editor: We've been tracking this threat for years, ever since Keith Fitz-Gerald brought it to your attention back in January 2010. Today, Resources Specialist Peter Krauth weighs in on some recent developments in this story, because three of the commodities he covers can protect you. The Fed can't print these things... Here's Peter:
    Central banks may have foolish policies, but central bankers are no dummies.
    They know exactly what they're doing. They even comprehend a few of the implications, too.
    Which is why it's interesting that some American central bankers have suggested doing away with the debt ceiling altogether.
    Famed investor Marc Faber recently said, "The question is not tapering. The question is at what point will they increase the asset purchases to say $150 [billion], $200 [billion], a trillion dollars a month."
    Faber expects the Fed's current QE4 to become "QE4-ever."
    That could mean years of money printing and ultra-low rates.
    Even bond king Bill Gross recently chimed in his latest monthly outlook that "The United States (and global economy) may have to get used to financially repressive - and therefore low policy rates - for decades to come."
    Either way, don't depend on the Fed to save you. You can save yourself

    And now you'll need to...
  • Why Gold Prices Are Up Today 20130816_gold-chart

    Gold moved sharply higher Tuesday thanks to a weaker-than-expected September jobs report - and our country's employment situation is yet another reason why gold prices are up today and will resume their climb...

    Perhaps anticipating a weak number, gold prices began moving higher shortly before the jobs report. Gold moved up $5 to $1,320.80 two minutes before the release.

    Following the report, gold surged.

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  • Higher Gold Prices and Coin Sales Point to Growing Gold Rush Newspaper Gold soared 3.5% last week after Congress finally reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling -- assuring that the U.S. debt will continue to balloon. But the respite to Washington's budget woes is only temporary, and that has the gold bugs licking their chops. Here's why the next round of budget battles will be good for gold...
  • Investing in Gold and Silver: Interview with an Industry Insider silver prices

    It's been a volatile year for those investing in gold and silver.

    Gold is down some 20% year to date, and silver has lost more than 30%. The yellow metal tumbled more than 30% in the three quarters to June as fears mounted of an early end to the U.S. Federal Reserve's bond-buying program.

    But the stars are aligning for better times ahead...
  • Why Gold Prices Fell Yesterday Gold bar isolated with clipping path

    Gold prices seem to have stabilized today, trading once again above the $1,300 an ounce mark.

    This follows a tumble yesterday of more than $40 an ounce to as low as $1,284 an ounce. That price was nearly a two-month low and put the precious metal down 23% in 2013.

    At that level, gold was trading more than $50 below its 50-day moving average. To technical analysts, this confirmed the downtrend in the precious metal, bringing about a wave of selling by those who strictly follow the charts.

    However, there were factors at play in gold's selloff other than technical selling.

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  • Industry Insiders Discuss Where Gold Prices Are Headed and How to Profit Gold bars small Gold mining's most prestigious event, the Denver Gold Forum, is one of the most accurate barometers of where gold prices are headed. This year's forum just ended, and you may be surprised at what this group thinks gold is going to do next... Read more...
  • The QE Helps, But Expect Higher Gold Prices Regardless Gold bar isolated with clipping path

    The U.S. Federal Reserve pixie dust resulted in higher gold prices this week, much as it lifted silver prices and stocks.

    Gold buyers reacted enthusiastically to the Fed's announcement on Wednesday that it would not reduce its $85 billion a month bond purchases, known as quantitative easing, or QE for short.

    Gold prices leaped the most in 15 months, after the Fed's "no taper" move, to about $1,365 an ounce.

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