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  • New Gold Price Chart, Plus the Latest Gold News

    Gold shifted higher today (Monday) following recent record lows – our up-to-date gold price chart shows that in late May, gold tumbled to its lowest level in four months, to $1,243.00.

    Gold for August delivery was up 0.1% at $1,253.90 a troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. London gold was up 0.1% at $1,253.77 an ounce.

    Here’s the top news affecting the yellow metal right now…
  • Why Gold Mutual Funds Are Attractive Investments gold mutual funds

    Gold mutual funds are gaining attention as a safe-haven investment to hedge against the market volatility 2014 has brought so far.

    These types of investments are managed by professionals who analyze and monitor the movement of gold and invest accordingly in bullions and equities.

    Here we examine one method for how to invest in gold, using gold mutual funds.

    Plus we’ve highlighted a few to get you started today…
  • Why the Gold Spot Price Is Hovering So Low gold-prices-in-2014

    Last week, the gold spot price tumbled to its lowest level in four months, to $1,243.00.

    Tuesday, the gold spot price hit another four-month low early on, but ended the day hovering around last week's low levels, at $1,245.80. August Comex gold was up $0.90 at $1,245.00 an ounce.

    Here’s what’s weighing on the yellow metal – and what to watch that could affect gold prices this week.
  • New Gold ETF OUNZ Offers Something Different to Investors new gold ETF

    A new gold ETF, Merk Gold Trust ETV (NYSE ARCA: OUNZ), was launched on May 16, 2014. It seeks to corner an often-neglected part of the investment market: goldbugs who like to hold onto tangible gold.

    Here’s how this new gold ETF works...
  • Why Today's Gold Price Is Going Down gold prices are going down

    Today's gold price was modestly lower Wednesday after Tuesday's rout left the yellow metal at its lowest level in 15 weeks.

    In morning trading, the most active contract, August Comex gold, slipped $8.40, or 0.67%, at $1257.10. Spot gold was lower by $6.90, or 0.55%, at $1,256.40.

    So why are gold prices going down today?
  • A Gold Investing "Cheat Sheet" for 2014 gold-prices-in-2014

    With gold prices at roughly $1,300 an ounce, many investors are asking themselves if now is the time to invest in gold.

    I think that's the wrong question.

    What they should be asking themselves is if they can afford not to buy it right now.

    The case for gold investing has never been more clear - just take a look...
  • Not All Gold Is Created Equal: What to Know Before You Buy gold

    If you own gold, or are thinking of buying some, here's something you need to consider...

    It's not all the same.

    Some, like fake gold-painted lead ingots, has no value whatsoever.

    Some gold said to be in storage or in the ground may not even be there at all.

    There are a number of aspects of gold's quality, whether it's real or even exists, that every investor needs to know...

    Full Story
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    The gold price rose over the key $1,300 level Friday as tensions in Ukraine once again neared a boiling point.

    At Friday's close on the Comex, gold for June delivery settled at $1,302.90, up $19.50 for the day, its best close in a month. Spot gold, which traded as high as $1,306 in Friday's session, was last up or $16.70, or 1.3% to $1,302.60, putting the yellow metal on pace for its biggest gain since April 4.

    Here’s what pushed the price higher after four losing sessions for the yellow metal.
  • China Holds the Keys to the Gold Market golden key

    Last year China's private-sector demand for gold reached a record level of 1,132 tonnes, and according to the World Gold Council (WGC), the Asian nation could easily dominate the gold market once again, as they predict demand growing 20% by 2017.

    This updated projection from the WGC confirms that China's love for the precious metal remains robust.

    Here's what's driving China’s ever-growing hunger for gold...
  • Profit from These Two Gold Mining Stocks as Prices Rise Gold mining stocks

    With gold prices crossing $1,300 an ounce last week, Money Morning's Resource Specialist Peter Krauth has pinpointed gold mining stocks that are set to cash in on the rising price of gold.

    Gold prices suffered in 2013, down 28%. But these gold mining companies strengthened their operations during a down gold market, and are poised to capitalize with gold prices recovering.

    As gold prices climb, these companies offer great profit opportunities...
  • Why Gold Prices Are Down Today WHy Gold Prices are Down Today

    Gold prices took a beating Tuesday, plunging nearly 2% and marking the yellow metal's worst day of the year.

    Spot gold prices fell to a low of $1,228 an ounce intraday, but managed to claw back some gains in the afternoon. Still, even fresh Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures showing a slightly higher than expected read on inflation in March failed to goose gold prices much.

    Here's why gold prices are down today.
  • Gold Prices 2014: Do What Goldman Does, Not What It Says gold prices 2014

    That Goldman Sachs keeps calling for gold prices to fall in 2014 is looking more and more suspicious. It's not just that the investment bank has been spectacularly wrong about gold over the years.

    While publicly advocating others to sell, Goldman is usually buying -- and vice versa.

    Just take a look at how Goldman has been exploiting the market to its advantage…
  • Cash In on Gold's Rise with 3 Gold Stocks to Buy Now Investing in Gold Stocks Today

    As the price of gold has rebounded in 2014 after a disappointing 2013, gold stocks have been gaining momentum.

    Money Morning's experts have been following every development surrounding the precious metal and have found several gold stocks that all have bullish indicators behind them. These stocks are up in 2014, and still have room to grow.

    See which three gold stocks our experts have recommended as strong profit plays in 2014.
  • Gold Prices 2014: What's Next After Tuesday's 2-Week High gold-prices-in-2014

    Gold Prices 2014: Gold prices per ounce broke through $1,300 on Tuesday, ending the session at their highest level in two weeks.

    June gold finished the day up $10.60 at $1,308.90 an ounce. Spot gold ended the session on a favorable note as well, up $12 at $1,309.50. The yellow metal is up 1.1% in April, and up 8% year to date.

    The yellow metal's gains this year are tiring out bearish sentiment.

    Here's why this is a good thing...
  • Gold Prices in 2014 Heading Toward Record High After Pullback gold price trends 2014

    Gold Prices in 2014: After two days of declines, gold prices were up today (Wednesday).

    Spot gold was last quoted up $12.40, or nearly 1%, at $1,293.20 on bargain hunting and short covering. Precious metal traders, however, remain guarded ahead of Thursday's European Central Bank meeting and Friday's closely watched jobs report.

    Gold prices slipped Tuesday after encouraging U.S. economic data sent Wall Street stocks higher. Spot gold ended Tuesday's session down $5.40 at $1,280.00 an ounce, a seven-week low.

    So, what's next? Click here to find out...