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Cash In as This Rural Telephone Company Outsmarts the Sector Giants

As the longtime subscribers among you folks know, we love spin-offs here at Private Briefing.

These corporate breakups are a way to make market-beating returns – and at below-market risk.

It’s that penchant for spin-offs that prompted our pre-breakup recommendation of Abbott Laboratories Inc. (NYSE: ABT) back in June 2012.

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  • Has the Great Gold Crash Divorced Bullion from Futures Prices? The Great Gold Crash in April has likely set in motion one of the biggest shifts in precious metals markets in a lifetime.
    While some big players likely stepped in to crush the markets for personal gain, they may have accidentally also made a move that will divorce gold and silver bullion pricing from gold and silver futures.
    Forget about gold miners vs gold stocks, we're talking a whole other level of magnitude if this trend takes hold.
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  • Jim Rogers on Investing in Gold 2013 Gold bar isolated with clipping path

    Money Morning Executive Editor William Patalon III recently had a chance to catch up with famed investor Jim Rogers on investing in gold, U.S. stocks, and the best commodities for 2013.

    Renowned commodities investor Rogers is concerned about the worldwide economy, but he's not worried about the recent sell off in gold.

    In fact, he stands poised to pounce on the yellow metal should it fall further.

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  • Why Gold Prices Are Up This Week gold

    It's been a good few days for investors holding on to gold, and we've been getting lots of questions as to why gold prices are up this week.

    Gold futures had their biggest one-day gain of the year Thursday, up nearly $40 an ounce, and ended the week up 4.2% at $1,453.60.

    At one point this week, gold had retraced half the loss it incurred during its April nosedive. In a two-day period, the yellow metal fell $225 an ounce, hitting a two-year low on April 15.

    It is natural for any financial asset to enjoy some sort of a rebound after such a steep plunge. But there are some sound fundamental reasons as to why gold is up.

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  • Jim Rogers on Gold Prices 2013

    With the yellow metal down about 14% this year, wouldn't it be great to get the scoop from famed investor Jim Rogers on gold prices in 2013- specifically, why they're down, and if investors should still bet on a long-term gold bull market?

    We had a chance to ask Rogers those very questions last weekend.

    Sunday evening, Money Morning Executive Editor William Patalon III spoke on the phone with Rogers - who was at his home in Singapore - in a wide-ranging discussion about gold, U.S. stocks, commodities and global central banks' "race to the bottom" - or, as Rogers calls it, "race to insanity."

    In this exclusive interview, the legendary investment guru took us on a tour of the gold market, taking a close look at what's driven the past 12 years of gold price gains - and what will move the yellow metal going forward.

    He also pointed out the one fundamental reason why gold prices fell recently...

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  • Gold Buyers Get Physical As Coin and Jewelry Sales Surge We all have the same question: What's going on with gold? As Frank Holmes explains, investors are now moving out of paper gold and into the physical. Read more... Read More...
  • Jim Rogers Exclusive: Once Gold Bottoms, We're Looking at "A Multi-Year Bull Market" jimrogers_headshot Gold soared 650% from August 1999 to August 2011.
    But it's down 24% from the $1,885 peak and in recent days has whipsawed gold investors in a way they haven't experienced in 30 years.
    The bear market has gold bugs reaching for the Dramamine. But we reached for the telephone instead and dialed Singapore - and legendary investment guru Jim Rogers.
    In his usual contrarian manner, Rogers said he sees the current correction as a buying opportunity.
    Here's his take on where gold goes from here...
  • Gold Prices Rise as Traders Cut Short Bets Squeeze

    Gold regained some of its luster Monday with June Comex gold ending up $30.50 at $1,425.80, and spot gold prices finishing up $19.80 at $1,426.75.

    The gains came from short covering, bargain hunting, and strong demand for physical gold.

    According to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's Commitments of Traders report released April 19, managed money traders (i.e. hedge funds and commodity trading advisors) boosted bullish positions on gold by 21,675 contacts to 68,662 contracts, while paring bearish bets to 54,025.

    The CFTC's summary of trading positions showed bullish investors returned to the gold market last Tuesday, when the data was compiled. The increased long positions came on the heels of gold's largest one-day sell off in 30 years.

    The report showed managed money traders covered 12,411 shorts, as gold prices finally bounced last Tuesday.

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  • Is Now the Time to Buy Gold and Silver? Gold protect

    Wondering if now's the time to buy gold and silver? Wonder no more. Let me explain.

    As a collector of both precious metals, like many, I planned on loading up in the wake of recent price declines. But guess what? My usual dealers were out of gold and silver.

    Thanks to the selloff, a buying frenzy for bullion has crashed websites, jammed phone lines and depleted inventory.

    "Our website was overloaded for the first time ever Friday and Monday. Every phone line was lit up. We did seven times our normal volume," Jake Haugen, VP of sales for Texas-based  Provident Metals, told Money Morning.

    You see, with gold on track to log its fourth weekly decline and silver headed for the worst week in about 19 months, bargain hunting abounded.

    Declines in gold and silver prices began last Thursday and accelerated Monday when gold plunged $140.40, or 9.4%, to $1,360.90 an ounce, marking its biggest one-day decline in 30 years. Since its 2011 high of nearly $1,900 an ounce, gold has tumbled 28%.

    Silver slumped $2.97, or 11.3%, Monday to $23.36 an ounce, well off its 1980 record high of $49.45.

    As recently as last year, investors like me were paying more than $1,700 per ounce for gold and $35 per ounce for silver.

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  • Central Banks to Keep Investing in Gold – as Should You The world's central bank gold buying has been a huge reason for investing in gold. Here's where they stand now, after the price plunge. Read more... Read More...
  • This Gold Slam is a Massive Wealth Transfer from Our Pockets to the Banks The gold bear raid is happening at the expense of you - and anyone else trying to protect their wealth from the printing presses. Chris Martenson explains. Read more... Read More...
  • If You're Worried About Gold Prices, You Need to Read This

    When stocks fall by 20% or more from their peak, it's labeled as a "bear market."

    With gold prices down 26% from their record close back in August 2011, the "yellow metal" has entered a bear market of its own.

    It took an especially ugly day on Monday to get us to that point.

    Two days ago, gold prices plunged as much as 9.7% - the biggest decline since 1980 - and continued a sell-off that saw the yellow metal fall by 4.7% last week, including a 4.1% drop on Friday.

    The metal has now fallen 26% from its Aug. 22, 2011 settlement record of $1,888.70.

    To get some expert insights on this sell-off, I telephoned Peter Krauth, our resident natural resources expert and editor of our Real Asset Returns research service. Peter based himself in Canada to be closer to the miners and natural-resources companies he covers for his subscribers.

    I asked Peter for insights on the following three questions:

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  • Why the "Smart Money" in Japan is Investing in Gold Country Japan flag

    Some Japanese investors were thrilled as gold prices swooned this week, because they got a chance at investing in gold at a bargain price. 

    Tokuriki Honten Co., the country's second-largest gold retailer, reported Tuesday that Japanese investors doubled their gold purchases this week from the week before.

    And Reuters reported how 63-year-old Yujiro Yamashita traveled to Tokyo's Ginza district to buy gold for the first time in 20 years.


    It's thanks to fears stemming from Japan's new monetary easing, known as "Abenomics."

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  • If You're Worried About Gold Prices, You Need to Read This After an especially ugly day for gold investors on Monday, the "yellow metal" has now entered a "bear market". As of yesterday, gold is down 26% from its record close back in August 2011.

    To get some expert insights on this sell-off, I telephoned Peter Krauth, our resident natural resources expert and editor of our Real Asset Returns research service.

    I asked Peter for his insights on the following three questions:

    • Why gold is selling off.
    • What you can expect from here.
    • And what investors should do now.
    Here's what he had to say...