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Cash In as This Rural Telephone Company Outsmarts the Sector Giants

As the longtime subscribers among you folks know, we love spin-offs here at Private Briefing.

These corporate breakups are a way to make market-beating returns – and at below-market risk.

It’s that penchant for spin-offs that prompted our pre-breakup recommendation of Abbott Laboratories Inc. (NYSE: ABT) back in June 2012.

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    How the Fiscal Cliff Deal Threatens Grover Norquist's Tax Pledge

    Washington doesn't need any more hurdles than it already has in reaching a fiscal cliff deal.

    But one man, and the power he holds over our elected officials, is trying to prevent a deal.

    I'm talking about Grover Norquist, the founder of Americans for Tax Reform, and his tax pledge.

    Norquist is both hailed and loathed for his "no new taxes pledge." It commits to never raising marginal income tax rates on businesses or individuals, and opposing any net reduction or elimination of deductions andcredits, unless matched dollar-for-dollar by further reducing tax rates.

    Norquist's tax pledge has been signed by almost every Republican in office. Only four current House representatives and six senators have not signed it.

    But lately, those who signed on have started to change their minds concerning the 20-year-old pledge.

    You see, U.S. President Barack Obama has made clear that higher tax rates for the wealthy must be part of a fiscal cliff deal - something 95% of Republicans have pledged to oppose.

    And now the need for a fiscal cliff deal has caused some high-ranking Republicans to reject the pledge, threatening to loosen Norquist's ironclad grip on the party's stance toward taxes.

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