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How a Foreign Telemarketer Turned Us Onto These Hot Tech Plays

My wife Robin and I were just getting Joey ready for dinner and then bed a week ago Sunday evening when the phone rang. Robin made a face, but answered it anyway, and handed the handset to me saying: “It’s long-distance from Manchester.”

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  • Best Investments 2014: How to Profit from the Budget Deal Hidden path The first real Washington budget deal in years won't make that much of a difference to most Americans, but for investors it could be a trove of profits. That's because buried in the details of this deal is an extraordinary investment opportunity almost no one else has noticed.
    Here's a clue: It's energy-related...
  • Best Oil Stocks to Buy as U.S. Jumps to World's Top Oil Producer Oil Rig land

    It's time to look at oil stocks to buy as the United States gets ready to surpass the world's biggest oil producers.

    Earlier this month, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reported that the United States will jump past both Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world's top oil producer by 2015.

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  • Why Shale Gas Spells Trouble for the Russians gas pipe line When it comes to natural gas, Russia has had it too good for too long. For years Russian gas companies have forced customers to overpay for product, or in some cases pay for product they didn't even use. But the rapid rise of shale gas production in North America has changed everything. Dr. Kent Moors explains what all this means - and how it could be an opportunity to profit...
  • Stock Market Today: Heading Higher into Stocks' Biggest Month

    Stock Market News Today, Nov. 27: U.S. stock futures today are headed for yet another record-breaking session as stocks are up across the board ahead of tomorrow's holiday.

    The Standard & Poor's 500 is up about 0.3% at 1,807 points and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 0.2% to 16,101 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index is up 0.5%, marking a high of 4,039 today.

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  • Finding the Best Energy Investments: Intel from Rio de Janeiro aerial view; of Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro,

    If this is Thursday, it must be...Brazil.

    I returned home late last night from Baltimore where we were putting the final touches on one of the best energy investments yet, a huge new precedent-setting play we'll be releasing very shortly.

    But my wife Marina and I are now into a very hectic travel schedule.

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  • Why Oil Prices Are Down Oil Barrel

    Oil prices slipped below $93 a barrel Tuesday, continuing a downward trend that started early last month.

    Last week, oil prices fell 0.76%, logging a sixth weekly decline, the longest string of losses since 1998. Volume also slid, with futures roughly 41% below the 100-day average.

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  • Oil Stocks: This Disconnect Spells Even Bigger Profits Oil tanker Hardly anybody is talking about this. The world's two oil benchmarks are moving in opposite directions. The price of crude in New York is going south, while the price in London is heading north. It's a rare disconnect that can lead directly to profits - You need to make your move before everyone else realizes what's happening...
  • How to Invest in the World's Biggest Shale Oil Field Industrial pipelines

    The shale oil and gas boom is going global, as we explored Tuesday in Money Morning.

    And this means huge profit opportunities for those who know how to invest in this global shale revolution.

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  • Make This Oil Move Immediately From the Editor: In yesterday's members-only message, you got a rare look at Kent's track record and why he averages 55% on every recommendation. Today, Kent recommends a short-term move, based on the latest developments in Syria...

    Damascus may have dodged a bullet (or a cruise missile), but nothing else has changed very much. Not in terms of risk.

    That explains why the "Syrian Premium" remains. It may be slightly reduced, as you'll see. But it is likely to stay with us even after the threat of a military solution has been averted.

    At least for now...
  • How Gold, Oil, and Syria Really Mix… Plus "3 Strikes Against Apple" The markets are very complicated at the moment, which is why now's an ideal time to reach into the Money Morning Mailbag and address your concerns.

    The goal here is simple: To provide understandable, actionable, and, of course, profitable answers to your thoughtful and extremely insightful questions.

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  • Oil Forecast: The "Syrian Premium" Is Not Temporary By an apparent agreement to place its chemical weapons under international control, Syria seems to have dodged an imminent American military attack.

    Yet even as the world takes a step back from the brink, three critical questions still remain:

    1. Will Syrian President Bashar Assad hand over all of his chemical weapons?

    2. Will the proposed international control mechanisms satisfy Washington?

    3. Will the final result contained in the U.N. report on the chemical weapons use outside of Damascus alter the outcome?

    Of course, until the latest news hit, one result had seemed certain: The global oil market was bracing for higher prices. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) closed at a 28-month high on Friday, while Brent crossed the $116 a barrel level.

    Following the agreement, that trend has reversed, sending oil prices in both New York and London lower.

    But has this crisis really been defused?

    Just look at oil prices, and where they're undoubtedly headed...... Read More...
  • How to Play Oil Prices Today 09092013KM

    Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors appeared on FOX Business this week to discuss the effects of the Syrian crisis on oil prices today.

    The first question is whether oil prices will continue to go up, and if they do, for how long? Moors defines the forces involved and predicts the path of future movements in oil prices.

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  • How to Play the 'Syrian Premium' in Oil Prices Energy oil barrel small

    There's an uneasy lull in the Syrian crisis.

    Now that the Obama administration has decided to seek Congressional approval for a Syrian strike, we are in a hazy period before some major decisions are made.

    And while a Senate committee has approved a military move against Syria, further action will be slow to come. Congress is officially on recess until Monday.

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  • How to Find the Best Investments in Shale Oil It's raining money Some of the best investment opportunities today are in the energy sector. And there's one area in particular that's becoming so lucrative companies are tripping over each other to take part in it. But which are the best investments? We can tell you exactly where to start looking...
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  • How Syria Affects Oil Prices Today Gasoline pump left Q

    As U.S. military personnel prepare for possible action against Syria, Brent oil prices are hovering near an 18-month high.

    On Thursday, Brent oil prices retreated slightly, but remained elevated, after starting the day above $116 a barrel. Prices for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) also retreated by a little more than 1%, closing the day at $108.80.

    Brent prices have climbed steadily following escalations across Egypt and the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi.

    Meanwhile, in the United States, improved infrastructure and greater network access have fueled WTI prices to near par with Brent this month.

    But Brent prices have spiked this week following news that the West may intervene in Syria, where a chemical attack was allegedly launched against civilians.

    Despite warnings from Russia and China, it remains unclear whether the United States will intervene. However, any action is likely to set off a chain reaction across the Middle East and could affect trade within the region, especially on oil shipments.

    Here are the details on how Syria affects oil prices, what that means for you - and how to profit.

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