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Cash in on This "Invisible" $33 Billion Business

U.S. defense contractors don’t make a habit of sending “thank you” letters to America’s enemies.

But if they did, the corporate leaders at The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) might want to look up Vladimir Putin‘s address – before running to the Hallmark store.

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    Silver Prices Look to Rebound

    Silver prices did not fall as much as some expected following Spain's $126 billion (100 billion euro) Eurozone bailout last Sunday. Many investors planned for a spike in the U.S. dollar following the bailout, hurting silver prices.

    With everyone's attention focused on the Greek elections this Sunday, silver prices might be the beneficiary of any more turmoil and bailouts overseas. Money Morning Global Resources Specialist Peter Krauth recently weighed in on the subject of silver prices and the Greek elections.

    "If Greece is allowed to leave, that will shock Europe into ensuring all is done to keep the larger faltering economies of Spain and Italy from leaving," said Krauth. "If Greece stays, it will likely do so under renegotiated, somewhat relaxed austerity conditions versus those that were required in its last bailout."

    "So it's a case of print if you do, or print if you don't," continued Krauth. "There is really little else central bankers know how to do. While nothing's certain in this world, it's a pretty safe bet that raising rates is not something that's happening anytime soon. And that's why the money printing that's likely to come has one antidote: hard assets like gold, silver, oil, and other commodities."

    News that Europe's central bankers will work together to stabilize the markets if needed following the Greek elections left silver up 1% Friday to $28.71.

    With Europe hinging on Greece's vote this weekend, now presents a good opportunity to take a position in silver.

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  • My Confrontation With Ben Bernanke: The One Question He Refused to Answer The Secret Service agents watched me warily as I approached U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

    I didn't waste any time. After introducing myself, I showed him a copy of the talk he gave at the American Economic Association (AEA) meetings in January 2007. I circled all the times he used the words "panic," "crisis," and "stress" in his speech, entitled "Central Banking and Bank Supervision of the United States."

    A total of 36 occasions.

    I asked him point-blank: "Did you know in advance that a financial crisis was headed our way?"

    He looked nervous. I could tell he was uncomfortable with my question. He looked at me stoically and smiled.

    And he refused to answer.

    But there was no doubt in my mind what the correct answer was. I think he was worried about his job if he said, "Yes."

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