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    Mobile Wallet Technology Will Make You Rich

    Your future is calling on your mobile phone, and the ringtone sounds like a cash register.

    The proliferation of affordable mobile phones has created a global paradigm shift that will give investors with vision innumerable investment opportunities.

    As I discussed in an earlier article, you don't realize it but there's a fortune in your wallet right now. Mobile wallet technology will make you rich.

    Let me explain.

    Traditional wallets and purses are being replaced with smartphone "mobile wallets" that incorporate cameras, Internet connectivity, thousands of "apps" and increasingly, banking, credit and payment transaction technologies.

    Knowing who the winners and losers will be in this world of tomorrow is the stuff investors' dreams are made of.

    This report is the first in a series of four articles. Consider it your first reality check. Or better yet, your wake-up call.

    From it you'll learn why the world is moving to mobile wallets, how we'll all get there, and when.

    More importantly, you'll be primed for making investment decisions on hardware device makers, on network providers, and on what software solutions will be most in demand.

    You'll be able to weigh the future of banks and banking, credit and debit card issuers, and their love-hate relationship with powerful non-bank commerce facilitators.

    You'll be able to picture how some merchants will profit more than others, and what impact social media will have on commerce and payment schemes.

    You'll understand what the singularly most important question is that hangs over our digital future: who will own, control and profit from the data that drives everything.

    You will be able to glimpse what the big security issues will be and how to profit from them as well.

    You will recognize who the giants are now, who are the up-and-coming giants, and who will be the likely giant killers.

    You'll understand the importance of interoperability and what that means to creating economies of scale.

    And you will be able to see how an evolving regulatory environment will change fortunes.

    Above all, you will be tuned in and abreast of the changing dynamics and investment opportunities in this brave new world.

    At its core, it is about change.
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