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Wednesday's "Earnings Beat" Makes This The Perfect "Bad-Market" Tech Stock

In last week’s Private Briefing report Our Experts Show You the Stocks to Pick in a ‘Stock-Picker’s Market’,” Money Map Press Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald identified SanDisk Corp.(NasdaqGS: SNDK) as one of three stocks to buy in the face of the stock market sell-off.

And now we see why…

  • Obamacare

  • 5 New Obamacare Facts You Need to Know Medical stethescope Now that Obamacare is officially up and running (well, sort of), a lot of Americans are anxious to know how well - or how badly - things are going. Here's the latest word on five key aspects of the new health care law...
  • 10 Obamacare Insights from Money Morning Readers Living Overseas Medical doctor female

    With the Oct. 1 deadline for open enrollment in Obamacare just days away, the pro- and anti-Obamacare chatter has elevated to a roar.

    Just two days ago, the Obama administration released data addressing the cost of premiums in the 36 states that have opted to launch new healthcare exchanges.

    On one hand, Obamacare proponents are proud that the data shows that most individuals will be able to pay around $100 per month for a policy, and some even less, depending on qualification for tax subsidies.

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  • Obamacare Info: Your Questions Answered Medical doctor female Love it or hate it, Obamacare is almost here. So we weren't surprised when our e-mail inbox started to overflow with concerns from readers about how the new health care law will affect them. That meant it was time to bring in Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani for some answers...
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  • An Obamacare Bailout: A Struggling City's Best New Budget Tool Obamacare popularity is about to soar – among some cities, that is. We're talking about broke cities, which will save billions with the “Obamacare Bailout.”
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  • How Obamacare Will Affect Medicare We know how Obamacare will (or could) affect a lot of our current healthcare options, but what about how Obamacare will affect Medicare?
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  • Is Obamacare Creating a Part-Time America? Time Sheet Q

    America has become a part-time nation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that in June part-time employees in the labor force reached an all-time high of 28 million, 3 million more than when the recession began in 2007.

    The economy lost 240,000 full-time jobs in June and added 360,000 part-time jobs, the BLS noted. Of the 753,000 jobs created this year, 589,000 were part time.

    The real unemployment rate in June, the U6, stood at 14.3%, up from 13.8%, a figure that includes part-time workers seeking full-time jobs and those who have become discouraged and are no longer looking for work.

    Now many economists and many in the financial press with sympathies to the administration have attributed the rise in part-time America to uncertainty among employers about future profitability and growth and not to the looming Obamacare mandate.

    It's ironic that in trying to play down Obamacare's influence on the job market, they end up dissing the president's stewardship of the economy.

    However, Obamacare has likely played a significant role in the part-time job wave. Under the Affordable Care Act, companies with 50 or more full-time workers must provide health insurance to all full-time employees, those working 30 or more hours per week.

    So if your workers don't work 30 hours per week you don't have to provide health insurance. It makes economic sense to have a part-time work force in many cases. Even with the administration's recent one-year extension of implementing the employer mandate until 2015, most small companies are still preparing to it.

    A reported 74% of small businesses are positioning themselves to slash hours, layoff workers or both.

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  • These Obamacare Facts Have Our Readers Rattled – Where Do You Stand? Want to sound off about the most frustrating, upsetting Obamacare facts you’ve heard? Want to know how others are preparing? Here you go… Read more... Read More...
  • Nearly Half of Americans Say Obamacare is a Bad Idea Pout Q

    Obamacare critics have maintained from day one the president's signature healthcare bill is disastrous and doomed to fail.

    Now with just months until the bill takes full effect, more and more Americans are beginning to think the same thing.

    According to recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, support for the Affordable Care Act is slipping.

    The fresh poll shows 49% of Americans say President Barack Obama's health care reform bill is a bad idea. That's the highest percentage since the poll began measuring backing and opposition for the reform in 2009. Only 37% say the plan is a good idea.

    The numbers reflect a sharp increase in disapproval since July 2012 following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold President Obama's healthcare overhaul. At that time, 44% of survey respondents called it a bad idea vs. 40% who called it a good one.

    The latest poll also revealed 38% of participants said they and their families will be in worse shape under the new health care law, the highest negative outlook percentage toward Obamacare since it was signed into law in 2010.

    Now just 19% say they will be better off while 39% say the law won't make much difference.

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  • Meet the Controversial "Bad Actor" Who Will be in Charge of Your Health Care Medical stethescope

    Amid a wash of government scandals, America is vulnerable right now. Actions taken by the IRS have left us feeling utterly degraded by the Obama administration.   

    And another Washington scandal we see brewing won't make Americans feel any more comfortable about the power granted in our nation's capital.

    You see, there's an unelected official who is known as a bad actor, and she's about to be granted broad, undefined power over the people of this country.

    The source of her power: Obamacare.

    I'm talking about the U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, who come 2014 could be in charge of your health care.

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  • The Scariest Obamacare Facts Yet The real Obamacare facts keep emerging as we get closer to the implementation of this law. Check out the seven scariest facts yet. Read more... Read More...
  • California Just Gave Us a Glimpse of How Obamacare Will Fail Games Dominoes Q

    Turns out no one knows how Obamacare will work - not even the big-name insurers.

    And now, we're starting to see the effects of uncertainty.

    Today (Thursday), the Los Angeles Times reported that United Health, Aetna, and Cigna have opted out of the California insurance exchange.

    UnitedHealth has adopted a wait-and-see policy: "We are simply taking the time to carefully evaluate and better understand how the exchanges will work to ensure we are best prepared to participate meaningfully in their development," explains a spokesman to the LA Times.

    Cigna resolved to participate in exchanges in only half of the 10 states where it sells individual health policies, and California didn't make the cut.

    Aetna referred LA Times' questions to Covered California, the state agency in charge of implementing Obamacare.

    That means millions of Californians who will have to choose health insurance from exchanges or face a penalty will not be able to pick plans from those three big insurers - signaling limited options ahead thanks to Obamacare.

    UnitedHealth, Aetna, and Cigna's response to the California exchange is just the beginning.

    These three companies are but the first dominoes to fall to Obamacare's less-than-clear implementation.

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  • How the Sequester is Killing Healthcare Jobs Medical healthcare costs small

    Sequester-driven budget cuts to Medicare are threatening to spur massive job cuts in the healthcare industry.

    And the pain doesn't stop there - the sequester cuts are already making healthcare harder to obtain for some Medicare patients.

    Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. The longer Congress allows sequestration to continue, the deeper the cuts will go and the more widespread their impact.

    When President Barack Obama and Congress failed to reach agreement on $1.2 trillion in cuts to federal spending before March 30 -- as mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011 -- the sequester kicked in.

    Medicare providers faced mandatory 2% across-the-board reductions in their reimbursements.

    After the cuts went into effect on April 1, hospitals, doctors, insurers, prescription drug plans, and other healthcare providers immediately felt the impact.

    In short, the sequester is delivering precisely the kind of broad, damaging and indiscriminate cuts that politicians warned would happen.

    And as each day passes, the drastic consequences grow worse.

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  • Healthcare Costs: Same Procedure is $7,000 Here and $100,000 There Roulette Wheel Close Top

    When it comes to healthcare costs, Americans have been left in the dark.

    Unlike when booking a hotel or buying a new flat-screen TV, Americans haven't had easy access to cost-comparison measures when deciding where to have their medical procedures done.

    Turns out, if we had, some of us could have saved tens of thousands of dollars...

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  • Obamacare Facts: Check Out How High Your Premium Rate Will Soar Chart up exponential

    Here's something from our list of Obamacare facts we've been examining: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was supposed to make healthcare cheaper for all Americans, even free for some.

    Facing constant criticism for his landmark healthcare bill, U.S. President Barack Obama continues to preach that new healthcare will indeed lower costs. Just two weeks ago he went so far as to claim that "for the 85% to 90% of Americans who already have health insurance, they're already experiencing most of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act even if they don't know it."

    Unfortunately, it's looking increasingly unlikely that's the case.

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  • 15 Obamacare Facts the President Doesn't Want You to Know Stock Market News Today - 2014

    From the first rumblings of a new healthcare law, critics have preached that the real Obamacare facts are far worse than the promises.

    The real Obamacare facts include higher healthcare costs, diminished treatment quality, hidden taxes and an inflated deficit.  

    "Obamacare was a political nightmare for Democrats in the 2010 election. In 2014, it's shaping up to be a political tsunami," Brad Dayspring, a communications strategist for the National Republican Senatorial Committee wrote in a recent email to supporters.

    Indeed, President Obama's own party is even having second thoughts.

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