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Oil Prices

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The Commodity Prices Nightmare of 2015

commodity prices

Commodity prices have been getting decimated in 2015.

We mostly hear about the decline in energy since oil and natural gas are down 33.4% and 38.5% this year.

But this comprehensive chart shows how energy is just the tip of the commodities iceberg...

Why the OPEC Meeting Matters


With the 168th OPEC meeting on Friday, many people are wondering why the OPEC meeting matters.

After all, the last summit saw no major outcomes as the cartel decided to keep production unchanged.

But there are two reasons why this meeting could have a big impact on the 2016 oil market...

Will OPEC Cut Oil Production?

will opec cut oil production

Will OPEC cut oil production?

That's the biggest question on investors' minds as oil ministers from OPEC's 12 nations congregate in Vienna this week.

Here's the one factor that OPEC's decision hinges on...

The Best Oil Stocks to Buy for 2016

dow jones

Thanks to the crash in oil prices this year, some of the best oil stocks to buy currently trade at a discount.

That gives us the perfect opportunity to buy cheap oil stocks before their inevitable rally.

The best way to profit is by targeting companies specializing in this type of drilling...

Why Oil Is Up Today


Why oil is up today (Monday, Nov. 23): WTI crude oil prices gained 0.7% this morning following a bullish announcement from Saudi Arabia.

The gains came after Saudi Arabia announced it's ready to cooperate with both OPEC and non-OPEC members to stabilize oil prices.

But Saudi Arabia isn't in the power position it thinks it is...

WTI Crude Oil Prices Today Down Following Paris Attacks

WTI prices

WTI crude oil prices today declined as rising production trumped concerns over supply disruptions after the Paris terrorist attacks.

Many investors don't understand why production is rising since U.S. supply is at 80-year highs.

But there are two factors pushing production higher right now...

WTI Crude Oil Price Today Drops Below $41 After IEA Supply Report

oil's week

The WTI crude oil price today fell 2.8% after the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a startling report on global oil supply.

The agency said inventories held by the 34 countries in the OECD stood near 3 billion barrels in September.

Here's how you can play the volatile oil market...

Why Oil Production Is Increasing, Despite the Oil Glut

oil rig sunset

Despite weekly declines in the number of working rigs in the American market (now at the lowest levels in some six years) and rising cuts in capital commitments for new projects, the market surplus in oil is once again rising.

Crude oil prices are languishing in the face of what is projected to be another build in U.S. production stockpiles.

Given all that has been said about an oil glut, why is oil production continuing? Here's what you need to know...

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Struggles to Recover from Oil Price Collapse, Fed-Speak

dow jones industrial average today

Find out what's ahead for the Dow Jones Industrial Average today (Friday, Nov. 13).

Get your update on stock market futures, stocks to watch, the biggest stock market news, and today's best profit plays.

Continue reading here...

The Two Trends Shaking the Oil Industry Today

oil industry

Accelerating changes in the oil industry are leading to two major emerging trends.

Tuesday morning, IEA reported that global investment cuts in forward capital commitments for new projects continue to intensify.

With crude languishing at $45 a barrel, this is the latest signal that the low prices for oil are initiating a pullback in projects.

But it is the range of the cuts this time around that is interesting.

And this development is spurring a second, more extreme effect on the sector...

How the Saudi Oil Production Decision Will Impact 2016 Prices

saudi arabia

Saudi officials just announced the country will not reduce oil output.

The move to maintain Saudi oil production marks the second time the country chose to protect market share rather than stabilize oil prices.

But here's why you shouldn't listen to the doom-and-gloom price forecasts...

Saudi Arabia May Have Just Shot Itself in the Foot

saudi arabia

Another Saudi official is trying to downplay the kingdom's expanding deficit - as their problems get worse...

On Saturday, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir maintained that the current situation was manageable. He was speaking at a conference in Manama, the capital of neighboring Bahrain.

The situation, of course, has been sparked by two Saudi-led decisions within OPEC. The first was to defend global market share by keeping production high (a move made last year while Americans were sitting down to their Thanksgiving turkeys). That started a downward slide in global oil prices.

Today, I'll show you why the wealthiest OPEC nation's situation has gotten worse - and look at the two recent developments that could accelerate the problem...

Why WTI Crude Oil Prices Are Up 1.6% Today

WTI oil prices

WTI crude oil prices today jumped 1.6% as ongoing conflicts in Libya and Brazil caused a spike in global demand.

Despite shortages overseas, investors worry the growing U.S. supply glut will send prices lower over the long term.

But there are three ways you can make money no matter where prices move...

How the New Budget Deal Will Affect the Oil Market

oil market

The House of Representatives just voted to approve a budget deal to raise the U.S. debt ceiling.

And buried in this last-minute accord designed to save us from another government shutdown is a provision to sell oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

Why is the United States going to put this oil up for sale now, when domestic producers are under pressure - and how will this impact the oil market?

If These Commodity Prices Tank… Run for Your Life


Both U.S. and overseas stocks have been rallying since their ugly August sell-off.

But, if these key commodity prices tank, expect stock prices to follow.

Oil and copper hold the keys to the future of stock prices...

Here's why...