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Oil Prices

What Is the Price of Oil Today?

what is the price of oil today

What is the price of oil today: Oil prices hovered around their lowest levels in six years today (Monday) as investors disregarded OPEC's forecast that U.S. output will halve by the end of 2015.

But there's one factor changing the industry's landscape that will raise oil prices as high as $65 a barrel by late August...

Oil Tanks but Energy Profit Prospects Remain

energy market

WTI futures tanked last week, with the oil benchmark hovering around $45.50 for April delivery on Friday. But Kent Moors has identified important profit opportunities amidst the carnage - and will share them with you.

Kent has now filed three field reports...

Bill Ackman-Herbalife FBI Investigation Leads Stock Market News Today

Stock market news today

Stock market news today, March 13, 2015: Good morning! U.S. stock futures forecasted a 30-point decrease from yesterday's close. The DJIA surged 259 points Thursday, gaining back most of Tuesday's losses. Nine of the S&P 500's 10 indices were on the rise, with the energy sector the lone decliner.

Today will be a quiet day on the earnings front, while investors focus on a fresh consumer sentiment report. On the international front, keep an eye on Greece. The country is supposed to pay back 340 million euros ($360 million) of its International Monetary Fund loan today.

Here's what else you should know in stock market news today - including your "Money Morning Tip of the Day"...

Alibaba-Snapchat Deal Headlines Stock Market News Today

Stock market news today

Stock market news today, March 12, 2015: Good morning! U.S. stock futures forecasted a 27-point decrease from yesterday's close. The DJIA dropped 27 points Wednesday, a day after markets saw their broadest sell-off in two months over concerns of a pending interest-rate hike.

Today, the markets will react to weekly unemployment claims and a monthly update on retail sales. Two events could drive the DJIA up or down: crude oil prices, and the Fed's expectations for when it might raise interest rates.

Here are the top headlines in stock market news today - and your "Money Morning Tip of the Day"...:

Why WTI Crude Oil Prices Fell Today – and Where They're Headed

wti crude oil

The price of WTI crude oil fell below $48 a barrel today (Wednesday) after the Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its weekly supply report.

But there's one consequence of lower oil prices that will inevitably move them up.

Here's everything you need to know about today's drop and the future of oil prices...

Exploit Oil's Current Low

higher oil prices

If you've been eyeing a new gas-guzzling SUV as your next vehicle, you may want to reconsider that Prius once more.

That's because today's low gas prices won't be around forever and oil prices aren't about to "tank" any time soon.

In fact, the oil price crash has created a state of "contango," a market anomaly that savvy investors can exploit. It's presenting a rare market opportunity to profit that only comes around once every few years.

DJIA Futures Pointing to Friday Decline

DJIA futures

Stock market today, February 27, 2015: Good morning! DJIA futures forecasted a 13-point decrease from yesterday's close. As of 9 a.m. EDT, DJIA futures read an 11-point (0.06%) loss.

This morning, investors are reacting to the second revision of the Q4 2014 GDP reading. The U.S. government said it grew a pace of 2.2%, which beat expected growth of 2.1% in fourth quarter. Still, the pace is a large decline from the Q3 2014 final reading of 5%.

Later this morning, the markets will keep an eye on the University of Michigan's final February count on consumer sentiment, and a report on pending January home sales.

DJIA futures and Friday's fresh economic data are just a part of the story in stock market news today. Here are the other top headlines - plus your "Money Morning Tip of the Day"...

The Coming Oil Price "Crunch" Means Profits for Smart Investors

higher oil prices

Oil prices are inching forward again and there's an inevitable consequence building that will help them climb even higher.

It's called the "reserve crunch" In fact, just 300 million barrels of new reserves have been replaced... out of 1.2 billion. Hence the word "crunch."

Here's why this kind of "crunch" promises to have a big impact on both crude oil prices and stock valuations...

Stock Market Today Set for More Record Highs

stock market today

Stock market today, February 23, 2015: Good morning! U.S. stock futures were soft Monday morning. However, major European markets jumped in early trading, and Germany's DAX hit a new record high. They are still gaining from Friday's news of a conditional deal that will allow Greece to remain in the Eurozone for at least the next four months. The deal sent U.S. markets up Friday - the Dow saw a 154-point rise, and S&P 500 Index notched a new record high.

Today, investors will continue to keep a close eye on the ongoing drama between Greece and its creditors in the European Union. Greece must present a list of economic reforms by the end of the day for the deal to continue.

make it a profitable Monday...

Current Crude Oil Prices at $50.78 – Here's What's Next

current crude oil prices

Current crude oil prices remain below $52 a barrel. Today's slight drop comes at the end of a week that has seen a 3.8% drop so far.

But despite recent pullbacks, WTI and Brent are up 6% and 19% in the last month.

Here's where prices are headed to next - and how they'll get there...

Stock Market Today Tuned into Greece-Eurozone Drama

stock market today

Good morning! Stock market futures for Friday, Feb. 20, forecasted a 26-point decrease from yesterday's close.

What to Watch Today: This morning, investors focus on Greece and the nation's ongoing pursuit of a deal to extend its debt obligations to European Union partners. Talks have already broken down twice and yesterday, Germany rejected a new plan from the Greek government, calling it a "Trojan horse."

Negotiations are expected to continue into the weekend. If the country cannot strike a deal, it may default and fall out of the Eurozone.

Here's what else you should know about the stock market today - including your "Money Morning Tip of the Day" - to make it a profitable Friday...

U.S. Stock Futures Take a Small Step Back on Greece, Oil Price Concerns

U.S. stock futures

Good morning! U.S. stock futures for Thursday, Feb. 19, forecasted a 20-point decrease from yesterday's close. Oil futures are down roughly 4%, and Greece-EU negotiations rage on.

On Wednesday, the Dow Jones slipped 17 points after the U.S. Federal Reserve released minutes from its January Federal Open Market Committee meeting. It seems the central bank is unlikely to raise interest rates in the near future.

Today, investors shifted focus back to Europe, and kept an eye on global crude oil prices. Greece's leftist government announced plans to submit a request to extend its loan agreement for another six months. The news raises hopes for a last-minute deal to keep the country's finances in order.

Here's what else you should know about the stock market today - including your "Money Morning Tip of the Day" - to make it a profitable Thursday...

What This "Ice Level" Means to Future Oil Prices

oil prices chart2

You'd have to be living under a rock (and one without Internet access at that) to have missed the oil price swoon that has taken place since June.

Even after a recent bounce back from an under-$50 per barrel low, and a trough-to-peak rebound of 24% since the end of January, the technical picture does not indicate smooth sailing upward from here. 

In fact, if there's only one metric we need to look at to determine where oil prices are going, it would be this one, and it's not showing the type of move we're hoping for any time soon.

In fact, it shows oil will have trouble "breaking the ice"...

Crude Oil Prices Will Recover – Here's How to Play the Rebound

crude oil prices

Crude oil prices continue to be volatile, with both Brent and WTI falling about 3% Wednesday.

But near-term volatility aside, oil prices are recovering from their recent lows. Brent has gained more than 30% since late January and is now over $60 a barrel. WTI is over $52.

While oil isn't going to surge in the short term, there are definite opportunities here. Oil won't have to hit triple digits for them to pay off, either.

Here's how to the play the rebound in energy...

Price of Oil per Barrel Hits $52 as Analysts Continue to Misread Market

price of oil per barrel

The current price of oil per barrel rallied hard today (Friday) at the end of an extremely volatile week.

Oil prices have been U-shaped this week, hitting highs of $54 midday Monday and lows of $48 midday Wednesday before soaring back up today.

But analysts keep calling for lower prices.

Here's what they're failing to understand…