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  • Oil Prices

  • Gasoline Prices Are Headed to $4 Per Gallon… and Here's Why

    Futures prices for both crude and gasoline were down yesterday. Unfortunately, that barely tells the real story.

    Thanks to the growing Sunni insurrection and the rapid unraveling of the Shiite government in Baghdad, you can bet that prices for both crude and gasoline will be making the headlines over the next two months.

    As the next-month rates (August 2014) fell in yesterday's trade, oil prices as far out as December 2018 began to spike.

    Here's why yesterday's drop in prices is just the pause before the storm...
  • Dow Jones Today Moving on These Top Stories BNPQY, SBUX, AAP, Dow Jones Today, stock market today, Dow, Dow Jones Industrial Average, DJIA, Dow Today, Dow Jones, DJIA Today, Dow Jones futures

    Dow Jones today, June 23, 2014: The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 both hit record highs on Friday, finishing the week on a positive note. U.S. crude-oil benchmark closed at its highest level in nine months as geopolitical tension continues to shake Iraq. Brent futures ended a seven-day streak, finishing below $115 a barrel.

    This morning, crude oil prices were again on the rise as battles between Sunni militants and Iraqi government troops continued, and the fight is fast approaching the nation's capital of Baghdad.

    Here's the news that will be moving the Dow Jones today:
  • Oil Prices Will Continue to Rocket

    Everyone wants to know why the price at the pump just keeps going higher.

    The last time I discussed this issue was in late April. Since then, pump prices in the United States have jumped more than 12%.

    Five years ago, the global oil market hit "panic" prices that ultimately exceeded $147 a barrel,

    There were two reasons for this...
  • Today's Stock Market News: Fresh Highs for Dow Jones, S&P 500, U.S. Oil Stock market news

    Stock market news, June 20: The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 both hit record highs today (Friday), finishing out the week on a positive note. U.S. crude-oil benchmark closed at the highest level in nine months as geopolitical tension continues to shake Iraq. Brent futures ended a seven-day streak, finishing below $115 a barrel.

    Here's the scorecard from today's trading session:

    DOW: 16,951.51 (+0.18%)
    S&P 500: 1,962.91 (+0.18%)
    NASDAQ: 4,368.04 (+0.2%)

    And here are the top stories that affected the stock market today...
  • The Oil "Crisis Spike" Is Just Getting Started

    First there was the crisis in Ukraine. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Iraq exploded into chaos again.

    Both testify to one simple truth about today's energy sector: Geopolitical factors are the quintessential wild cards when it comes to estimating energy prices.

    As for crude, prices have been subdued both yesterday and this morning following a crisis-related spike. But with two full-blown crises now looming, you can bet that's not going to last.

    Oil prices are now likely headed higher.

    In this case, supply and demand only works in the textbooks. These days, geopolitical events can quickly outdistance the "market-only" factors.

    That's especially true in Iraq, where insurgents of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are still on the move...

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  • Crude Oil Prices Soaring on New Attacks in Iraq; Here's Where They're Headed 20140611_crude-oil-prices

    Crude oil prices are hovering near 52-week highs this morning (Wednesday), following news that Sunni militant fighters have attacked Iraq's main oil refinery in the city of Baiji.

    Importantly, today's attack does not impact export production or export routes, but that doesn't mean that the mounting crisis won't have a major impact on crude oil prices today.

    Here’s where oil prices are headed as this crisis continues to unfold...
  • Today's Surge in Oil Prices Is Creating a One-of-a-Kind Opportunity oil

    Yesterday Iraq descended into full-blown civil war.

    At the same time, Russian oil interests - specifically those of the Russian parastatal Gazprom - are hitting Western-placed hurdles to their coveted South Stream natural gas pipeline project to the West. That's right when Putin and the Kremlin need it most.

    These two events are hundreds - in some cases thousands - of miles apart, but they will have major, immediate impacts on energy prices. And understandably, investors are worried.

    Yesterday, we caught up with Dr. Kent Moors for his unique insight, just as he finished speaking to the country in a Fox News interview. Kent had a very different take on events, saying, "We're in an unusually advantageous situation for American investors."

    Here's what Dr. Moors sees that no one else does...
  • Crude Oil Prices Today Soar on Iraq and OPEC Oil Rig land

    Crude oil prices spiked $2.13 to $106.53 Thursday morning, putting the commodity at levels not seen since September 2013.

    Brent crude, meanwhile, rose as much as 2.2% to $112.34

    Here's the major news moving these prices higher today – and for continuing weeks...
  • Iran's "Oil Show" Just Revealed a Huge Opportunity

    Let's face it: Iran isn't at the top of anyone's list when considering all the profit opportunities out there in the world. At least, not yet...

    You see, Iran is changing - and quickly.

    Its new political regime at least appears to be increasingly open to the West.

    Its old-style buyback contracts with international oil companies have long been considered high-risk with little or no flexibility; they essentially allowed Iran to own the oil company assets and allow the company a stream of profit.

    But the isolated nation recently announced the introduction of a new generation of oil contract, one that promises to be considerably friendlier to foreign partners.

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  • We Struck Oil… Lots of Oil oil

    In December 2013, I let our readers in on a way to invest directly in a new oil and gas drilling venture.

    In the time since, I've been spending a great deal of time at the drilling site in South Texas, keeping an eye on the progress.

    Now, there's news to report. Great news... It's a gusher!
  • How to Profit When Oil and Gas Stocks Hit the Bargain Rack oil

    Over the past week, oil and gas stocks have been quite volatile. But that's not bad news - not by a long shot.

    In fact, this is always the time when energy investors should be on the hunt for bargains.

    And there's one approach that works especially well in this situation...
  • Why the Oil Price "Spread" Is Getting Tighter

    The oil price spread between West Texas Intermediate and Brent is tightening again.

    As of this morning, this spread stood at 7.2% of the WTI rate (the more accurate way to register its impact in the U.S. market).

    And as this oil price spread continues to narrow, it promises to create some direct consequences for energy investors.

    Here's what's behind it, and what investors need to know moving forward...
  • Gas Prices Are Heading Up (and the Sector That Will Benefit) Rising Gas Prices

    The price of gasoline in the U.S. is on the rise again.

    Futures prices for RBOB ("Reformulated Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending"), the NYMEX futures contract for gasoline, are up over 11% for the year, and a full 6.6% of that increase has come in the past month.

    In fact, gas is up 2.4% over the past week alone. Today, the average retail price is 4 cents higher per gallon than a year ago.

    And you can bet that as we move into the "official" start of the summer driving season, the worst is yet to come. Prices will be headed even higher.

    So with all the hoopla surrounding our newfound oil wealth and our legitimate move to become energy self-sufficient in as little as a decade, why are gas prices still climbing?

    Let me explain...
  • Pump Prices Are Rising Quickly: Counterattack Now

    Since the early 1970s, most major oil deals have been transacted in "petrodollars."

    But that system has become increasingly challenged in recent years.

    The conflict in Ukraine right now has only served to exacerbate things.

    As America leads the charge to impose Western sanctions on Russia, it's a plan that's not only backfiring, but leading to opportunities for those who understand the consequences...

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  • The Eagle Ford Shale Will Boost These Oil Stock Prices in 2014 oil stock prices in 2014

    The Eagle Ford shale formation in Southern Texas is experiencing an unprecedented oil boom. With a daily output of more than 1.36 million barrels, it's the largest oil formation in the U.S.

    It's helping make the U.S. the world's top oil producer and making oil companies even richer in the process.

    For investors, that production will have a profound impact on these three oil stock prices in 2014...