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How "Minuteman" Warren Buffett is Leading America's New "War of Independence"

In our Aug. 11 Private Briefing report What Does This “Mysterious Signal” Tell Us About CB&I? we said we suspected that super-investor Warren Buffett would use the sell-off in Chicago Bridge & Iron NV (NYSE: CBI) to boost his stake in the this Netherlands-based infrastructure specialist.

And that’s just what happened…

  • Oil Prices

  • How to Invest in the Companies That Keep the Oil Boom Humming drop of a black liquid

    Don't look now, but the rig market for oil and gas projects is heating up again.

    After suffering through a period when rigs were being "retired" from the field, the pendulum is swinging back again. Rigs are suddenly in high demand -- and hold the secret to how to invest in the growing U.S. shale oil boom.

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  • How to Invest in Oil as Pipelines Release Trapped Profits oilfaucet

    The story of how to invest in oil in the U.S. is changing thanks to a new development...

    Before now, much of the increased oil production (U.S. output at a 17-year high) from the Bakken in North Dakota and the Eagle Ford and Permian Basin in Texas never reached the marketplace. It simply piled up in storage facilities at the main U.S. oil hub in Cushing, OK.

    The huge inventory of oil at Cushing was the main culprit behind domestic WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil selling at a discount to the global benchmark, Brent crude oil.

    But, as pointed out by Money Morning Global Energy Specialist Dr. Kent Moors, that is all beginning to change.

    Already the spread between WTI and Brent has narrowed dramatically from about $20 a barrel in February to less than $3 a barrel today.

    The reason for the change is the amount of pipeline infrastructure being added to move oil from the Cushing choke point to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

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  • The Shale Oil Boom is Going Global (Starting With This Huge Deal in Argentina) The U.S. and Canada dominate the shale oil boom, but that’s about to change. Dr. Kent Moors details where these other big shale oil reserves reside.
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  • Is the U.S. Oil Boom Out of Balance? The U.S. oil boom illustrates how energy costs can actually rise as the volume of crude surges. Money Morning's Dr. Kent Moors explains.
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  • What's Behind July's 9% Rise in Crude Oil Prices Energy oil pumping small

    U.S. crude oil prices finished the month of July on a very positive note. Front-month futures ended July at just above $105 a barrel.

    That put those futures up about 9% for July, the largest one-month gain for crude oil in 11 months.

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  • Another Shoe Has Dropped… and It's a Big One

    I wasn't more than 30 minutes outside of D.C. the other night before my cell phone started ringing.

    The calls involved breaking new developments overseas that promise to have a big impact on the global energy markets. They concerned a major global energy situation that is likely to create a domino effect that will have consequences for U.S. domestic policy.

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  • The Next Best Investments in Oil Come From This Texas Sweet Spot drop of a black liquid

    As I wrote up this analysis of the best investments in oil, a familiar saying came to mind: "Everything old is new again."

    A truer statement could not be said about the Permian Basin, which is a geological formation roughly 300 miles long and 250 miles across that stretches across west Texas and eastern New Mexico.

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  • It's Time to Climb Aboard the Oil-by-Rail Boom Rail transit is about to make you some big oil.

    That's why I'll be headed to Dallas in late August and Calgary mid-September for extensive meetings with all of the key players.

    I can promise you, that in a hurry this is going to get a lot bigger.

    As it happens, I'll be providing all of the details for average investors to profit from this monumental change.

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  • DON’T BE SO ARROGANT, MR. PRESIDENT Empires have come and gone. Some lasted a blink of an eye and some millennia.
    The question is, after 9/11, the rise of China and a great financial crisis, where does the U.S. empire stack up to its predecessors?
    Well, it seems the one commonality they all have is the point when their might was undermined by sloth and greed. And entitlements: free bread and circuses. For some it took years, others centuries.
    Here, in a compelling and unique address, is what Romulus Augustus, the last emperor of the Roman Empire, might say to President Obama now about how to keep America great.
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  • Are Higher Oil Prices in 2013 About to Set Off an Inflationary Spiral? With higher oil prices now, does that mean looming inflation? Here’s how this situation is different than before, and how it will affect your money. Read More... Read More...
  • A Big Time Squeeze for Refineries is About to Begin Energy oil barrel

    After banking some very hefty profits for Energy Advantage and Energy Inner Circle subscribers on refining stocks earlier this year, the entire sector now is about to land "between a rock and a hard place."

    Once a high-flying place for investors to earn substantial profits, refiners have been under pressure for the last two months. But that's actually just the beginning of what's to come.

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  • Why "Deleveraging Markets" Will Drive Up Oil Prices

    I’m set to appear on Fox Business Network this afternoon (at about 2:50 Eastern) to deliver this revelation, but you heard it here first.

    Recently, I have been suggesting a narrow trading band for both West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent crude in London. They’re trading today at about $96.00 and $103.00, respectively.

    But two developments are threatening to heat things up yet again – and fast.

  • Is Egypt Affecting Oil Prices? Is Egypt Affecting Oil Prices

    With 'black gold on the rise, is it solely Egypt affecting oil prices, or is there another factor at play?

    Oil prices hit a nine-month high this week as the "next Arab Spring" erupted in Egypt. Money Morning Global Energy Strategist joined FOX Business to answer: "Why does this have an impact on oil prices? Is it because Egypt's near oil transport regions?"

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  • The Latest Obama Outrage: the Family's $100 Million Vacation Flip flops Q

    How much do you spend on your summer vacation? American households usually spend about $1,200 per person on summer vacations, according to a recent American Express survey.

    Presidents spend more on their vacations than you or I. They have to. Air Force One and security does cost more than loading the Honda and heading to the beach.

    Here's how much some recent presidents spent our tax dollars on vacation.

    Ronald Reagan spent most of his free time at his California ranch. Taxpayers covered the cost of approximately $8 million for presidential travel during Reagan's first six years in office, according to the Los Angeles Times. That amounts to $1.3 million a year.

    For George Bush the cost of flying Air Force One to his Texas ranch was approximately $56,800 per trip, for each of the 180 trips according to Media Matters. President Bush spent Christmas during his two terms at the White House so his staff and secret service could spend the holiday with their family, according to Conservative Byte.

    Now Obama plans to blow away all previous presidents' leisure travel costs on our dime with a better than Disney World extravaganza trip to Africa.

    However Obama had to cancel the safari because of the need to fill the surrounding jungle with snipers to guard the president from wild animals!

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  • Why the Fed's QE Policy is Bullish for Oil Prices

    Most investors have followed what the Fed's QE policy has done to gold, but few realize its impact on oil prices.

    Recently, I talked about how crude was beginning to occupy a position as a store of market value ("Why Oil Is Becoming the New 'Gold Standard," May 20, 2013). The development has been a direct consequence of the flight from holding gold.

    That flight may be tapering and a new floor established for the next major spike by the metal.

    The problem is there is no agreement on which direction that move will be...

    These days, a sudden improvement in gold prices may only extend as far as hedge funds and institutional investors covering shorts.

    Nonetheless, there is an interesting parallel developing between the plight of gold and crude oil prices.

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