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Oil Prices

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A Barrel of WTI Crude Oil Now Costs Less Than the Actual Barrel

Big oil

WTI crude oil prices sank below $28.20 a barrel today - making the oil in the barrel cheaper than the barrel holding it.

That's just one of many surprising items more expensive than the price of oil today.

Here's a non-comprehensive list of items selling at a premium to a barrel of oil right now...

WTI Crude Oil Falls Today Following Lifted Sanctions

wti crude

WTI crude oil continued its month-long spiral today in response to the lifting of Iran's economic sanctions over the weekend.

Despite the ongoing oil "crunch," investors shouldn't run away from the energy sector just yet.

Here are some ways you can make money from today's oil price movement...

Why Energy Supply Is the New Geopolitical Weapon of Choice

energy parity

It used to be that a geopolitical crisis would spike energy prices - primarily crude oil - merely by showing up.

The idea was that any uncertainty in global cross-border affairs would adversely impact the availability of energy. In turn, that reduced energy supply would usually prompt a spike in oil prices.

These days, unless an event has an almost direct danger of bringing actual overall aggregate supply into question, it has no effect. But there's a new geopolitical "weapon of choice"...

Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is Up Today

wti crude oil price

The WTI crude oil price today broke above $31 for the first time in two days thanks to a rally in Chinese markets.

China’s performance today gave investors hope that demand will keep growing for the largest oil buyer in the world.

Here’s what you need to know about today’s significant price movement…

These Are the Best Oil Stocks to Buy When Prices Are Near $30

oil stocks

With oil prices currently at 12-year lows, it's tough to find good companies to invest in.

But the best oil stocks to buy right now come from one special subsector of the energy industry.

That's because this subsector is in the prime position to profit as oil prices bottom out and rebound in 2016...

WTI Crude Oil Price Today Drops 5.6% to 12-Year Low

wti crude oil price

The WTI crude oil price fell to 12-year lows after China’s stock market saw another miserable trading session.

Oil continues to suffer from China’s volatility, which includes another 5.3% drop in the Shanghai Composite.

But there’s another international event also shaking up the oil market…

The Five Bright Spots in the Energy Sector "Crunch" – and How to Profit

oil sector

The energy sector has hardly escaped the new year's volatility. Good thing there are a number of ways to profit regardless of where oil goes.

You see, the "crunch" portrayed by some pundits as representing what oil is doing to the energy sector as a whole is not only overdone, it is also quite misleading.

There are in fact five bright spots in the energy sector, even in the current "crunch." Here they are...

The Best Oil Stocks to Buy in 2016

1 11 16 best oil stocks to buy in 2016

Thanks to the crash in oil prices this year, many investors think there are no best oil stocks to buy in 2016.

That gives us the perfect opportunity to buy cheap oil stocks before their inevitable rally.

The best way to profit is by targeting companies specializing in this type of drilling...

The "Ghost Ship" Leading the Markets Now

china's productivity

China finally hit the fan last week, resulting in the worst opening week of trading in history. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dumped 1,079 points (6.2%) to close at 16,346.45. The S&P 500 collapsed by 122 points (6%) to end the week down at 1922.03, and the Nasdaq Composite Index plummeted by 363.78 points (7.3%) to 4643.63.

The MSCI World Index lost 6% as markets around the world joined in the disaster - led by China, where stocks fell so quickly that regulators shut them down on Thursday after a mere 29 minutes of trading. Then they realized that doing so only made matters worse.

While the major U.S. market averages are flirting with a 10% correction, the reality is that most of the market is already trading in bear market territory. The average S&P 500 stock is down 22.6% according to Bespoke Investment Group.

Here it is...

Start Preparing for a Saudi Aramco IPO in 2016

saudi aramco ipo

The most valuable - and secretive - company in the world is considering going public.

According to The Economist, a Saudi Aramco IPO is being considered by the Saudi Arabian government.

And there's one important reason why Saudi Arabia is racing to launch the IPO in 2016...

Crude Oil Prices Drop Another 3% Today as Panic Continues

crude oil prices

Crude oil prices fell below $33 for the first time since 2003 as China's stock market crash continues to drive investors out of the energy sector.

Both U.S. and international prices cratered after China suffered its shortest trading day ever.

Here's everything you need to know about today's movement...

Current Crude Oil Prices Fall to Lowest Level Since 2004

current crude oil prices

Current crude oil prices fell today thanks to weak data from China's services sector.

But the biggest news affecting oil prices has been escalating tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

In fact, the conflict could lead to chaos that changes the entire Middle Eastern oil market...

How the Saudi-Iran Conflict Will Affect Oil in 2016

oil prices

As tensions in the Middle East escalate, investors fear how the Saudi-Iran conflict will affect oil in 2016.

While the conflict will influence short-term prices, Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors appeared on CNBC to warn investors of one "flashpoint" that will affect them in 2016...

Why the Dow Jones Industrial Average Is Falling Today

dow jones industrial average

Good morning! Dow Jones Industrial Average futures today (Tuesday, Jan. 5) were down 34 points ahead of the opening bell.

A massive sell off in the Asian markets triggered circuit breakers that suspend trading during times of massive volatility yesterday, and the U.S. markets are still reacting to the news.

Here's what else investors need to know about the Dow Jones Industrial Average today...

The Second Arab Spring Just Began Unraveling – Here's What It Means for Oil Prices

oil prices

With major events unfolding in the Persian Gulf, 2016 is starting out as a dangerous year.

The next phase in the region's conflict is now underway and is already impacting crude oil prices.

And even before the events of this past weekend, opposing forces now require more than bread and circuses paid for with oil revenue.

That's because the current conflict involves more incendiary ingredients - led by the one factor certain to intensify ill will and heighten the conflict...