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    Cash in on the "Takeover Mania" in the Gold-Mining Sector With These Two Stocks

    A "takeover mania" is about to hit gold-mining stocks.

    And we're going to show you how to profit.

    As many of you are already aware, The Wall Street Journal has just reported that stocks of gold-mining companies are dirt cheap.

    Of course, Money Morning readers already knew that.

    Since our experts told readers to buy gold back in late 2007 (when the "yellow metal" was trading at $770 an ounce), we've continued to ferret out the best gold-related investments.

    If you heeded our advice, you were well-positioned to profit from this year's run-up in gold prices - and probably have a fatter portfolio to show for it.

    If you didn't, however, don't fret. The stock market is offering investors a rare second chance.

    And we're going to show you how to best benefit.

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