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Price of Silver to Move Higher in 2016 on These Factors

silver price

The price of silver is up today. Now silver's up on the year - faring better than broader markets.

Silver prices have been especially strong lately.

Here's why silver prices in 2016 will do well...

Silver Price History Chart: Where the Current Crash Ranks

silver price history

Silver prices on the New York Commodity Exchange have fallen 72.6% from a peak of $51.38 in April 2011.

That makes the current slump one of the worst crashes in silver price history.

This silver price history chart tracks the metal's movement from 1976 to present...

Why We're Bullish on the Price of Silver Despite Today's Dip

silver stock

Despite the dip over the last several days, we're still bullish on the price of silver in 2016.

Spot silver prices slipped $0.04, or 0.25%, to $13.82 in morning trading Tuesday because of a stronger U.S. dollar and stabilization in Chinese markets.

While silver prices are down today, this is an excellent time for investors to add silver to their portfolios...

Why Silver Prices Are Down Today

silver prices

Silver prices today moved lower in the wake of a better than expected December jobs report.

Despite today's decline, there are two reasons to remain bullish on silver in 2016.

In fact, one is an important announcement that indicates silver prices will soon begin their long-term rebound...

Silver Prices Today Fall, but We're Still Bullish in 2016

Silver prices today moved lower as the precious metal continues to suffer from a slowdown in China.

Despite today's decline, there are two reasons to remain bullish on silver in 2016.

In fact, one is an important announcement that indicates silver prices will soon begin their long-term rebound...

Silver Prices Today and the Near-Term Forecast


Silver prices today are hovering around $14.28 an ounce, down nearly 10% for the year. Silver linings have been hard to come by lately in this precious metal market.

On Nov. 11, the silver price had declined for 10 trading sessions, a rare event in the markets. The $4.5 billion iShares Silver Trust (NYSE: SLV) has followed silver, also down for 10 straight days.

But we've seen some encouraging signs lately that point to higher silver prices in 2016...

Silver Prices Today Down on Federal Reserve Speeches

silver prices today

Silver prices today fell 0.2% as investors listen to speeches from U.S. Federal Reserve officials on monetary policy.

Investors are listening for clues on whether the Fed will raise interest rates at next month's meeting on Dec. 15-16.

Here's everything you need to know about today's movement...

Silver Prices Today Fall After Janet Yellen's Rate Hike Comments

silver prices today

Silver prices today (Thursday) tumbled 0.8% as the metal continues its five-day losing streak.

Today's loss came after U.S. Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen's hawkish interest rate comment during a speech to Congress yesterday.

But there's still one way you can safely profit from today's price movement...

Silver Prices Today Drop 3.5% After Fed Teases December Rate Hike


Silver prices today fell after the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) made a hawkish statement regarding interest rates.

The decline came after the Fed said it would consider hiking interest rates at its next meeting in December.

But there's one reason why the Fed wouldn't dare hike rates in 2015...

Silver Prices Today Fall Despite Prospect of ECB Quantitative Easing

silver prices today

Silver prices today fell despite the European Central Bank's potential plans to expand its $68 billion bond-buying program.

Metal prices typically benefit from stimulus measures because investors usually buy them as "safe haven" investments.

Here's how silver can save your portfolio from potential ECB woes...

Price of Silver Today Falls 2.6% Ahead of FOMC Minutes


The price of silver today sank lower as investors brace for the release of minutes from the U.S. Federal Reserve.

The minutes could provide insight into the Fed's global economic growth concerns and future plans for raising rates.

Here's how you can profit from silver investing despite today's downturn...

Silver Prices Today Down Following ADP Jobs Data


Silver prices today fell lower after payroll processor ADP released a better than expected jobs report.

The decline in silver prices today comes after ADP reported U.S. companies added 200,000 private sector jobs in September.

But there are still a few ways you can safely invest in the precious metal...

Silver Price Forecast Sees Gains on This Overlooked Headwind

silver price forecast chart 4

Today we're looking at how behavior leading up to and right after the Sept. 17 Fed decision has shaped our new silver price forecast.

Silver tends to mirror gold's price movements, both up and down - but with leverage. However, there's another factor most are underestimating in relation to silver prices.

It's like "rocket fuel" for precious metals - and especially silver. Take a look...

Why the Silver Price per Ounce Is Down Today


The silver price per ounce today tumbled into the red as concerns mount over China's economic slowdown.

Today, China reported that manufacturing activity fell to its lowest level since the Great Recession.

While China's economy has been bearish for silver, there's still a way to safely play the volatility...

Silver Prices Today Up Ahead of FOMC Meeting Announcement

silver prices today

Silver prices today saw modest gains as precious metals investors await an interest rate announcement from the FOMC meeting.

Janet Yellen is slated to announce whether the committee will lift interest rates for the first time in nine years.

Here's what to expect if the Fed implements a rate hike...