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Silver Prices

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The Price of Silver Will Head Lower Before Rising Again in 2016

Silver bars (2)

The precious metals sector has experienced a broad sell-off over the last month.

Unfortunately, the price of silver may see more losses in the short term.

But our long-term forecast tells a much more bullish story...

Where Are Silver Prices Headed?

silver prices

Where are silver prices headed in 2016?

There are a few factors that will make them move.

Here's what they are, how they will affect silver, and how you can monetize the move.

Today's Silver Prices Hit One-Month Low – Here's What's Next

silver prices

Today's silver prices have fallen to their lowest level since April 18.

While prices have rallied this year, several indicators point to both short-term losses and long-term gains.

Here's an in-depth look at the sentimental, fundamental, and technical factors that will move prices in 2016...

What Is the Silver Prices Forecast for 2016?

silver prices forecast

The silver prices forecast for 2016 is bright, don't worry. But what exactly will get the silver price to new highs?

Take a look at the biggest factors moving the price of silver now and the rest of the year.

You'll also get some silver price profit tips...

Silver Prices Rising in 2016 – and Will Continue

silver prices rising

Silver prices rising in 2016 has been great for those who own silver. But will the climb continue?

Check out this full story on why silver prices will continue to rise this year...

Should I Buy Silver Before the June FOMC Meeting?

silver prices

Should I buy silver? That's what investors are asking us after a rate hike from the Federal Reserve seems imminent.

And silver investors are worried that prices could retreat even further...

But no matter what happens with the June Federal Reserve meeting, silver is still a powerful investment that could net you gains as high as 33% in 2016. Here's why...

Why Silver Prices Fluctuate

silver prices

Silver prices are up 20% this year. They will continue to fluctuate - so what makes them move up and down so frequently?

Here we take a look at the factors affecting the price of silver. You'll get an idea of where silver is headed, and why, and the best ways to profit.

Continue here to get started on this silver prices guide.

What's Driving Silver Prices Today?

silver prices today

Silver prices today are on a tear! So it's a great time to examine why, and what to do about it.

Look here at this silver price analysis, and you'll also get the better moves investors are able to make now to take advantage of this move in silver...

Silver Prices per Ounce Will Be Determined by These Three Factors in 2016

silver prices per ounce

Silver prices per ounce have seen big gains this year despite their ongoing battle with the dollar.

But there are a number of factors that will determine the path of silver prices in 2016.

And here are three of the most important ones to look out for this year...

With Silver Prices Up in 2016, Here's What's Ahead – and How to Buy

silver prices up

With silver prices up this year, investors holding this metal have enjoyed gains!

So what does a silver price rise mean for current and future silver investors?

We take a look at if this silver price gain can continue in 2016, and how investors can play it...

How to Invest for Silver Prices 2016


Silver prices 2016 - a year to climb, even if it's volatile...

This is a great year to buy silver, if you haven't already. Any price slowdown is a buying opportunity.

Here's why the silver price is going higher and how to profit...

Will Silver Prices Rise in 2016?


Will silver prices rise? Yes - although it might not happen without bumps in the road...

Silver is one of the most volatile metals when it comes to price. Silver investors need to be able to handle the price movement.

But a good understanding of what affects the silver price will help you determine - like we have for you here - if it'll rise or not.

So take a look at what we expect from silver this year...