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Silver Prices

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Here's Why Silver Prices Will Surge in the Long Term

price of silver

Silver prices had one of their best monthly gains last week since 2013. But now it's time for a short-term pullback.

In the long term, however, silver prices are going to surge to new highs, according to Money Morning Resource Investing Specialist Peter Krauth. Here's why...

The Price of Silver Will Soar in 2016, According to New Prediction

Price of Silver

Silver prices are expected to trade in a tight range this week ahead of Friday's market-moving unemployment report.

But our latest prediction shows the price of silver soaring in 2016.

Here's where we see the silver price heading this year...

The Price of Silver Has Boosted This ETF 137% Since January

price of silver

It's obvious the price of silver is on a tear. Silver prices have climbed 15% in the past 30 days.

Now the price of silver is over $16 an ounce.

This is also excellent news for this silver ETF - and investors can still profit from all these gains...

Our Shocking Silver Prices Prediction for 2016 Shows Double-Digit Gains


Today silver hit its highest price point in about one year. Now even though this is a volatile metal, we're bullish on what's left for silver prices in 2016.

What's ahead will make the 3.5% silver price jump this week look small.

Take a closer look at our silver prices prediction...

Silver Price Today Hits a One-Year High – Here's What's Next

Price of Silver

Silver has climbed 0.7% in this trading session. The silver price today hit $17.06 - which is the highest silver's seen since May 22 of last year. This price climb comes after the second week for silver price gains.

And why?

It's all thanks to this...

5 Tips on Buying Silver

buying silver

Whether you are new to buying silver, or an old pro, it's always a good idea to make sure the way you're stocking up on silver is the right one.

We've got you covered.

Before buying more silver, read these tips...

Six Facts About American Silver Eagle Coins

silver prices

With silver prices higher than they've been in a while, it's a good time to think about buying more American Silver Eagle Coins before the price of silver climbs again.

Here's a fact sheet on these popular silver coins you can read before you invest.

For example, did you know American Silver Eagles can be used in your IRA?...

Here's Where Silver Prices Are Headed in 2016

Silver Prices

Global stocks fell 10% in early 2016. But silver prices rose nearly 8%.

Now it's April, and we revised our silver price forecast to account for this early-year jump.

And even this new silver-price outlook may be conservative...

Why Silver Coins Are a Good Investment

silver coins

Silver coins can be a great way to store some of your investment money. They're also a great way to capture the silver price gains that will happen over the long term.

So now's a good time to brush up on exactly why silver coins are an option to consider when looking for ways to expose your portfolio to precious metals.

Take a look...

Why the Price of Silver Had Its Best Weekly Gain in a Month

silver price

The price of silver really stood out last week when it comes to performance...

Silver saw a weekly gain of almost 6%. That's it's best weekly gain since the middle of March.

Now the big question is if this silver price gain can keep going.

There's one important metric that will determine that...

My Silver Forecast Shows When It Will Top $22

Price of Silver

Silver is a versatile metal.

But as diverse as it is, it's also in a pretty small global market. As in only $20 billion as of 2014...

That means the silver market's size creates price volatility not seen in other metals.
Plus, there's another huge factor that affects the silver forecast - gold!

These multiple factors make it difficult to pinpoint where the silver price is headed, but we have a pretty good idea of when silver will top $22...

Silver Prices Today Hit a Three-Week High Thanks to This $20.2 Million Trend

silver prices today

Silver prices today are keeping this rally going...

Silver hit its highest point in three weeks. Even better is there's an update on silver's fundamentals that is really bullish for the metal...

It all stems from this $20.2 million trend...

The Silver Price Will Rise in 2016 from This One Buying Trend

silver prices

Silver bulls are getting louder and growing in number. Why all the new love for the silver price and how high it can go?

There many reasons to be bullish on silver, which we'll go over today.

But there's one specific buying trend that will be a key price driver in 2016...

Why the Silver Price Will Climb Higher in 2016 Despite Fed Uncertainty

silver price

The Fed did not help the silver price last week - or so it would seem.

You see, the Fed made comments that showed weakness in the price of silver. But that's just going to be a short-term problem.

Here's how good silver looks long term...

3 Reasons the Price of Silver Will Rebound from Recent Lows

price of silver

The price of silver has been on a tear, but that has halted - temporarily.

To find out what's next for silver, we are looking at some indicators that give clues to where the white metal is headed.

And what these signs show us is silver-price strength ahead...