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The Cybersecurity Play That Doubled Once – Will Double Again

Not long ago, a relative of mine was the victim of identity theft. And I have to tell you that I really felt for the entire family.

The thief ran up nearly $20,000 in charges, opened new accounts and tried to open others.

And I can tell you that the frustrations over the losses (most of which ended up being covered) were dwarfed by the helplessness that came whenever new charges showed up – and the worry that was spawned by never finding out how the whole mess started.

As we watch the headlines about data breaches and cybercrime – and watch as the violations move closer and closer to home – those worries only escalate.

  • Silver Prices

  • Silver's Rally Could Mean Another 1,000% Run commodities investing with Peter Krauth

    Let's face it, 2013 was rough on silver.

    The precious metal started out the year at $31, and ended at $19.50, continuing an overall slump dating back roughly to mid-2011.

    That, however, obscures a massive run, like gold, that silver embarked on in 2001 when it was near $4, eventually topping out around $49 in April 2011. At its peak it generated a return of 1,091%.

    Heading into 2014, I've pinpointed a number of key drivers - some often missed - that say silver may be poised for another spectacular run...
  • Silver Prices Today Could Slip on Jobs Numbers Investing in SIlver 2014

    Precious Metals News: Silver prices today could slip if the December jobs report comes in higher than expected.

    Silver prices traded in tight range Thursday ending the day a touch higher, up $0.076, or 0.31%, at $19.61 an ounce. But the price of silver fell Wednesday after strong ADP data. The ADP report showed 238,000 jobs were added in December, above the 200,000 expected. The U.S. dollar index edged higher following the ADP report, and metals were clipped.

    After a solid start this year, silver prices have since slipped...
  • Silver Set to Double, According to… Apple? Silver Spot Prices per Ounce

    We all have our reasons for following Apple. I track it because this tech behemoth is a massive global consumer of metals - base, rare earth, and precious.

    And right now, Apple is giving us some surprising indications that the demand for silver is much higher than its current price would have us believe.

    Here's how the rumors flew...
  • Investing in Silver: Coin Sales Hit Record Due to Bargain Prices Silver Price Forecast

    Despite the year's nearly 30% fall in silver prices, not everyone is sour on investing in silver. The U.S. Mint reported Tuesday that American Silver Eagle bullion coin sales have already set an annual record.

    Authorized purchasers of the popular coins ordered their full weekly allocation of 500,000 coins, according to the Mint. That took total sales year-to-date to a record 40.175 million ounces, surpassing the previous annual record of 39,868,500 million ounces hit in 2011.

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  • Investing in Silver Today: Six Bullish Price Indicators silver-prices

    In this time of economic uncertainty, investing in silver and other precious metals instruments is a must.

    By devoting even a small portion of a portfolio to precious metals, investors gain valuable protection against inflation, stock market drops, and any other repercussions from Washington's debt-ceiling drama.

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  • Silver Prices in 2014 Will Ride Higher Thanks to India silver

    While silver demand among U.S. traders at the moment is muted, silver demand in India - the world's biggest buyer of the white metal - is insatiable.

    It will be one of the biggest factors supporting higher silver prices in 2014.

    And it all stems from a move the government made to limit gold buying...

    And it's created a rare opportunity for silver investors right now...
  • Investing in Gold and Silver: Interview with an Industry Insider silver prices

    It's been a volatile year for those investing in gold and silver.

    Gold is down some 20% year to date, and silver has lost more than 30%. The yellow metal tumbled more than 30% in the three quarters to June as fears mounted of an early end to the U.S. Federal Reserve's bond-buying program.

    But the stars are aligning for better times ahead...
  • Silver Prices Today: CFTC Closes Manipulation Case After Five Years

    It was a rather quiet week in the silver market. Silver prices dropped about 50 cents an ounce to trade in the $22 an ounce range.

    The only real news - major news, that is - in the marketplace was the decision by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to announce that its probe into silver price manipulation by the large Wall Street banks is closed without any action taken. This is after a five-year probe into the workings of the silver market.


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  • Industry Insiders Discuss Where Gold Prices Are Headed and How to Profit Gold bars small Gold mining's most prestigious event, the Denver Gold Forum, is one of the most accurate barometers of where gold prices are headed. This year's forum just ended, and you may be surprised at what this group thinks gold is going to do next... Read more...
  • Silver Prices Today Have Ben Bernanke to Thank Silver Spot Prices per Ounce

    Thanks to that "party animal" Ben Bernanke, silver prices today are enjoying a nice bounce.

    That's because the U.S. Federal Reserve chairman, along with the other members at the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting yesterday, decided to keep the quantitative easing (QE3) flowing steady with $85 billion of bond buying per month.

    After the Fed announcement, silver prices rallied by 5.5% to more than $23 an ounce. That's the precious metal's biggest one-day gain since June 28.

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  • Silver Price News Today Silver ingot

    Our silver price news today looks ahead at another volatile week for the white metal as global precious metal sentiment remains guarded.

    In early-morning trading Monday, spot silver was trading down 1.5% at $21.88.

    Silver traders are closely watching the Wednesday outcome of the Federal Open Market Committee's (FOMC) two-day meeting to see if the U.S. Federal Reserve finally follows through on plans to start weaning the U.S. economy off five years of quantitative easing (QE).

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  • Investing in Silver Now Is Outshining Gold While investors were pulling millions of dollars out of gold funds last month, another commodity was attracting money like a magnet. And despite a gain of 20% since June, many see it as undervalued. Find out what Money Morning Global Resources Specialist Peter Krauth calls "gold on steroids"... Read more... To continue reading, please click here...
  • Investing in Silver: Why the White Metal Will Continue to Outperform Silver Spot Prices per Ounce Back in June when silver hit a 34-month low, nay-sayers thought the metal would be dead as an investment for many months - if not years. They couldn't have been more wrong. Since then silver is up 34%, and there are three huge reasons why this surge still has a long way to go... Read more... To continue reading, please click here...
  • Silver Price News Today

    Topping silver price news today is how the flight-to-safety trade is back on, as evidenced by recent moves in commodities.

    Despite some profit taking Friday, silver prices rose roughly 5% this week and 1% last week. That helped the white metal log a sterling 21.3% gain for August and nearly 30% over the last nine weeks.  

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  • What You Need to Know About Silver Prices and the Fed QE Taper Silver ingot

    Silver prices have rebounded about 28% since the lows of late June, and are currently trading at around $23 an ounce.

    This move was key for silver prices - it means the metal broke out above its 50-day moving average.

    Barclays' technical analysts pointed out that last week was silver's best week since 2011, with a gain of 14.3%.

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