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Silver Prices

Why Silver Is Going Down, and When to Expect a Price Reversal

why silver is going down

Silver prices are having a tough session, and traders who saw August as a month to rebound from a bearish July are wondering why silver is going down.

With many investments down close to 5% on the month, and the white metal trading below its level at the start of the year, it's easy to get discouraged.

Here's why prices are falling, and why we're still bullish...

How the Fed Has Moved Silver Prices in 2014


For all the discussions of inflation and labor market conditions going on at the U.S. Federal Reserve's policy meetings this year, it would be expected that the Fed's words would be felt in silver prices in 2014.

But this year, that hasn't been the case...

Silver Price Forecast This Week: Downside Speculation Mounting

silver prices

Silver Price Forecast this Week: Silver speculators are mounting their short positions, meaning that silver prices are likely to continue to struggle in the near term.

Silver is currently in a cycle of growing short positions, and the more they build, the longer the rally will be to follow once those positions go through a period of liquidation.

Investors who haven't panicked at silver's lackluster performance over the last month are soon to be rewarded for their patience...

Silver Prices This Week Trade Sideways on Speculator Shorts

silver coins plant

Silver prices this week have been slow and steady, continuing an uneventful August during which the white metal has traded in a narrow range.

However, while silver is likely to recoup from its recently slow trading in July, it most likely won't see a prolonged rally anytime soon because the big drivers simply aren't there.

Here's why for silver, things are going to get worse before they get better...

Here's What the New Silver Price Fix Means for Prices

silver price fix

The much-maligned London silver price fix is out after 117 years, and the new London Bullion Market Association silver price is in.

And market observers are hoping that this new procedure for setting the silver price global benchmark will bring some much needed transparency to the process.

Silver pricing could definitely stand to gain from more transparency, following a century-old mechanism that involved three banks negotiating prices in secret.

Here’s how the new procedure will operate…

3 Reasons Why Now Is a Good Time to Buy Silver

silver prices today

Silver had a slow July and is sliding further moving into August.

But that doesn't mean the white metal is a bad investment. It just means it's cheap to buy and there's a high ceiling for gains as summer trading comes to an end and it prepares to take off in the fall.

Here's why now is the right time to buy silver...

Silver Prices This Week Flounder While Gold Flourishes


While silver and gold tend to move in similar directions, this week is different.

As gold reclaims the important $1,300-an-ounce price tag that it lost in recent period of sell-offs, silver prices have moved in the opposite direction falling below $20.

Here's why this week, silver is bucking an historical trend...

Why Silver Prices Are Rising Today

silver prices

Silver prices today (Wednesday) picked back up above the $20 an ounce level, after languishing on speculator activity and coming out of a steady downward slump in July.

See why today the white metal is beginning to reverse course and head upwards…

Silver Price Forecast: Metal to Gain Ground in August on These Factors

silver 3

Silver's 3% drop in July was to be expected, given it was coming off an unsustainable and unprecedented June rally.

But now that the traders have taken their profits and the white metal is moving into a month that has in recent history produced impressive gains for silver, we could be on the cusp of a bull run to $24.

Here’s our new silver price forecast...

Silver Prices Down in July After June Rally

silver prices

Silver prices are likely to end down today, rounding out a month where the white metal has tallied 3% in losses.

This is after silver rode a June rally to three-month highs and sustained six weeks of gains. See what caused June's bull run to fizzle out, and why silver began to slide this month.

Silver Prices Down Early This Week and Won't Budge in Morning Trading

silver prices

Silver prices are down slightly to open the week, but have barely budged this morning (Tuesday) as foreign policy tensions heighten over Russian sanctions and clashes in the Gaza Strip.

Here’s an overview of what’s moving the silver price now and the events investors want to watch for…

Silver Prices Today End Up, but Down for Second Straight Week

silver prices today

Silver prices today are up, but this is the second straight week of declines.

In the last two weeks, silver and gold have both begun to slide.

This slump is easily explained though, and here's how...

Why Silver Prices Are Dropping Today

why silver prices are dropping today

Silver prices are taking a dive today (Thursday) on the heels of encouraging economic news, profit-taking, and anemic summer trading.

Here's a closer look at how low the white metal will go.

Silver Price Today Moves on New Inflation Numbers and Overseas Tensions

silver price today

Though it has only very briefly brushed against the $21-an-ounce mark, the silver price today reversed course from last week when the white metal was down for the first time in six weeks.

Here's what's moving the silver price today.

The Six-Week Silver Price Rally Ends on Summer Trading and Renewed Confidence

Barring a big surge later in the day, silver prices are likely to finish down on the week for the first time since the last week of May.

Here's why silver has traded higher during these typically slow summer weeks..

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