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Silver Prices

Gold and Silver Prices in 2015

gold and silver prices

Precious metals haven't grabbed dramatic headlines like oil and gas have.

But the story is no less exiting. And the metals remain a fundamentally critical part of the global economic and strategic landscape.

Indeed, gold and silver took roller coaster-like rides throughout the year, both screeching towards their respective price lows before bouncing, albeit cautiously, ahead.

With the benefit of hindsight and the value of foresight, it's time to look at how gold and silver acted in 2014, and what we can do to profit in 2015.

Let's start with the yellow metal...

Why Silver Prices in December Have Been Up-and-Down

silver prices in December

Silver prices in December are particularly volatile.

They looked to be gaining slightly from the punishing five-month slide they were experiencing for most of the last six months.

But a couple of factors, particularly this one, ensured another violent movement in the price of silver this week.

Why the Price of Silver Is Up This Week

why the price of silver is up this week

Three factors can explain why the price of silver is up this week.

The spot price of silver is up 5% this week. It was trading at $17.095 an ounce at yesterday's close (Thursday).

This is one of the biggest weekly gains for silver on the year. Here are the three factors helping silver...

Silver Coin Sales Break Record for Second Straight Year

silver coin sales

For the second consecutive year, the U.S. Mint has logged record silver coin sales for the American Silver Eagles.

Sales of the popular .999 one-ounce silver coins totaled 495,000 on Monday, taking the 2014 sales tally to a record 42,854,000. That whopping figure handily beat the 2013 record of 42,675,000 silver coins.

Here's what's behind the robust silver coin sales, plus a look ahead at 2015...

Why Silver Prices Are Down This Week

why silver prices are down

A strong dollar explains why silver prices are down.

Buoyed by inflation expectations abroad, and short-side traders anticipating yen and euro devaluations, the dollar is up.

But that's at the expense of silver.

Here's what to expect from silver in these times of large scale global money printing.

Silver Prices This Month to Be Determined by These 3 Factors

silver prices this month

Silver prices this month will be bound by a few headwinds.

This is despite an optimistic November for the white metal, which has been beat up for this second half of 2014.

Here's what to expect for the next month, and when silver will begin to reverse its fortunes.

Silver Prices in 2014 Driven by These Two Factors

silver prices in 2014

Silver prices in 2014 are disappointing, at least in this second half of the year.

There are two very easily identifiable factors holding back price gains. Watching these factors will tell us when silver will turn around.

Here's what you'll need to look out for to know when the bulls are jumping back in on the white metal...

How to Buy Silver Without the 35% Dealer Premium

how to buy silver

Silver coin sales are at near-record highs, but premiums are soaring. American Silver Eagles are selling at $22 on eBay - a 35% premium over the spot silver price.

Many investors have taken refuge from higher premiums in silver ETFs - but not all silver ETFs are created equal.

Here's how to buy silver - and skip the hefty dealer premium - with an ETF that offers many advantages over other silver ETFs...

The Price of Silver Hits New Lows – Get It While It's Cheap

the price of silver

With the price of silver constantly testing new four-year lows, the time to buy is now.

The dollar's strength is not going to persist forever when the world's central banks realize their money printing efforts won't stoke inflation like they think it will.

But until then, enjoy the cheap silver.

Should I Buy Physical Silver?

should I buy physical silver

If you're looking to buy silver, the first question to answer is, should I buy physical silver or paper silver?

Both investments let you profit from silver's price moves. To decide which one is best for you, you need to answer some questions about your investment goals.

To help, here's a closer look at each way to play the white metal.

Why Silver Prices Are Falling and What's in Store for November

why silver prices are falling

Silver was making strides this month, which is why people are wondering why silver prices are falling this week.

Dollar strength and soaring equities kept a lid on silver prices.

But there is room for optimism. Here's what to expect in the next month.

Gold/Silver Ratio Points to Higher Silver Prices Ahead

gold/silver ratio

Last week I introduced the gold/silver ratio, which is a tool used to identify the relative values of these metals to each other. And I said I expect it to trend downward over time.

In fact, I expect this ratio to head much lower, which means big opportunities for silver.

Let's take a look at the reasons why the gold/silver ratio will drop - and what it means for silver prices in particular.

The Price of Silver This Week and a Look Ahead

price of silver this week

The price of silver this week has been difficult to pinpoint.

It's responded to a large sell-off in the last month, though it hasn't quite established a rally or continued its three-month decline.

While it's future remains uncertain, here's what we do know about the factors affecting silver...

Why Silver Prices This Week Are Flat

silver prices this week

Silver prices this week have fallen slightly, but there are encouraging signs for the white metal moving forward.

After almost three months of freefall, during which time silver prices fell 21.4% and touched off four-year lows, prices finally reversed direction and traded up last week. It had fallen 11 of the 12 weeks prior and had been down for five consecutive weeks.

So what's fueling this reversal? And why is it flat this week?

What the Gold/Silver Ratio Says About Precious Metals Prices Today

gold/silver ratio

The gold/silver ratio is more than a price comparison of two precious metals.

This calculation helps identify the relative values of these metals to each other. It tells you if gold and silver are cheap or expensive.

And it just might help you get a better deal…