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Sharpen Your Pencil – And Put These Three Stocks on Your "Shopping List"

Ask any of our gurus for advice on how to survive a stock-market sell-off – or even a whipsaw period like the one we’re navigating now – and you’ll get a surprising answer.

Keep a shopping list ready, they’ll tell you…

  • Stock Market Today

  • Stock Market News Today Focuses on FOMC Meeting Outcome

    Stock market news today, Oct. 30: Stocks are fairly steady today as investors await the Federal Reserve's next decision on whether to taper its massive bond-buying program, with general expectations being that tapering will be delayed until 2014 amid the recent onslaught of more negative economic indicators.

    For several months, investors have had difficulty deciphering how the Fed will pare back this stimulus program, and confusion persists today. Some say tapering may begin at the next Fed meeting in December, while others are predicting next January or March.

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  • Stock Market News Today: Big Day for Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), Merck (NYSE: MRK)

    Stock Market News Today, Oct. 28: Stocks are weighed in morning trade, reversing out of earlier gains as investors are hit with a disappointing report on pending home sales despite a more positive report on industrial production.

    Pending home sales slid 5.6% in September to the lowest level in nine months, likely weighed by higher housing prices and higher interest rates.

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  • Frank Holmes: Trying to Stop a Bull Market Has Risks Bull

    U.S. stocks have been on a tear. The S&P 500 Index has climbed a surprising 23% so far this year, as a global synchronized recovery takes shape and funds flow back to equities.

    As I often say, investors take risks when they try to stop a bull run, and plenty of data suggest you might regret taking that action this year.

    Consider the optimistic views from Joshua Brown, i.e. The Reformed Broker, as we have "all the rocket fuel we need for an explosion." There's no election, no war in Syria, and no taper talk. Banks are highly capitalized, stocks around the world are cheap and hedge funds' short positions are the highest since January, says Brown.

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  • This 3.5% Payout Is "High Yield" in Disguise If I offered you an investment that pays 3.5% a year, and one that pays 12% a year, which one would you choose?

    All else being equal, we'd be fools not to take the 12% offer.

    Of course, "all else" is rarely equal... especially in a rising interest-rate environment. "Growth," as you'll recall, is the new "income."

    That's why we need to look well beyond yield to evaluate a dividend payer, and focus on total return.

    The first company we'll look at today, for example, will pay you $12 a year for every $100 you invest in its stock. That certainly seems appealing.

    But this second company - despite its lower payout - is a far better investment, for three reasons...
  • Stock Market News Today: Corelogic (NYSE: CLGX) Soars, NQ Mobile (NYSE: NQ) Gets Slashed

    In the stock market today, equities are up modestly in the wake of positive data on manufacturing in China, which reached a seven-month high in October, pointing to a stronger economy there and globally.

    The S&P 500 is down about 0.2% at 1,749 points, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up to 15,485 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index is up 0.5% at 3,926.

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  • The Only Number You Need to Time – and Beat – the Market It certainly seems as though the political gamesmanship that rules Washington, D.C., also rules the markets. But this isn't really the case.

    In fact, there's one single "magic" number that far outweighs everything else when it comes to long-term influence.

    This number's predictive power has saved me from some of the steepest market drops of the century, and it's given me everything I need to position myself for maximum gains in bull markets.

    And the best part is, it's widely available - access to it costs nothing.

    It's how you use this simple number that counts...
  • Today's Stock Market News: JPM, NFLX, FSLR, AAPL

    Today's stock market news focuses on earnings and the release of a backlog of economic data that was delayed due to the federal government shutdown.

    The S&P 500 is down about 0.03% at 1,744 points, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 0.07% at 15,389 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index is up 0.17% at 3,920.

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  • The Nobel Prize for Market Timing Goes to… Cliff? According to the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH), the best - and perhaps only - way to outperform the market over time is simple:

    First, claim that beating the market over time is virtually impossible. Then, take home $1.2 million for "proving" it.

    That was Professor Eugene Fama's approach, anyway, after co-winning the Nobel Prize in economics.

    Don't get me wrong. As a professional investor and portfolio manager, I believe Professor Fama's EMH has many valid ideas. But fundamentally, people like us (and Buffett, and Soros, and Rogers, and Lynch, and Einhorn, and Paulson, and Icahn, and Ackman) never swallow EMH whole.

    Ironically, neither does Clifford Asness.

    Why would one of Fama's brightest students decide to ditch EMH, and pick stocks and time the market instead?

    Proving EMH "right" may be worth millions (to Fama). But proving it "wrong" is worth billions..
  • Stock Market News Today: Stocks Slumping After Huge Week

    Stock market news today, Oct. 14, 2013: The government shutdown and unresolved debt ceiling crisis continue to weigh on stocks today as lawmakers show few signs of reaching an agreement.

    Nearly 800,000 government employees are still furloughed and about 1 million asked to work without pay as the shutdown enters a third week with no resolution on the federal budget nor an agreement on the debt ceiling.

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  • Stock Market News Today: Why the Dow Soared 322 Points Business Graph, 3d rendered conceptual arrow chart.

    The biggest stock market news today stemmed from the surging Dow Jones Industrial Average, wh ich climbed more than 300 points today.

    All sectors were up today. The S&P 500 closed up about 2.18%, or 36.12 points, at 1,692.52, and the Do w ended up 2.18%, or 322.64 points, at 15,125.62.

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  • Stock Market News Today: What Week 2 of a Government Shutdown Looks Like

    Stock market news today focuses on market reactions to the second week of the government shutdown, with markets down 80 points with just a couple hours of trading left in the day.

    Investors are increasingly concerned that the conflict will not be resolved soon and fear the political stalemate will extend to the debt ceiling issue.

    Without a debt ceiling resolution by Oct. 17, the United States would be in default, which would have a more damaging effect on the economy than this shutdown.

    As a result, stocks are lower in trading today in all sectors. The S&P 500 is down about 0.4% at 1,683.00 points, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 0.6% at 14,989.80 points.

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  • Stock Market News Today: Reactions to Government Shutdown

    Biggest stock market news today, before the opening bell: The government shutdown that kicked in yesterday after lawmakers could not agree on a federal budget last night has done little in the way of dampening the stock market. With politicians at odds now, investors are anticipating a faster resolution to another issue -- the debt ceiling issues that will come to the foreground in about two weeks.

    While some 800,000 government employees are now furloughed with another million asked to work without pay, investors seem to believe this closure will be short-lived. The shutdown is the first in the U.S. in since 1995.

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  • The Real "Pin" That Could Pop the Stock Bubble Nothing goes up forever. Not the Federal Reserve's balance sheet, not global debt levels, and not stock markets... even when governments don't shut down.

    Precisely because the Fed's balance sheet ballooned from $869 billion in August 2007 to over $3.6 trillion (and counting) today, and in spite of ballooning U.S. and global debt levels, U.S. equity benchmarks have been inflated to precarious heights.

    "Houston, we have a bubble."

    While the sky-high Fed balance sheet and rising global debt levels are their own bubbles, when they diverge - meaning, when the Fed starts to taper as global debt inflates - look out.

    If the Fed-induced pump priming of financial assets isn't backstopped by strong and real global GDP growth, the increasing debt burden of the world's citizens will act as the ultimate pinprick that explodes the United States' inflated financial assets bubble... and other global bubbles.

    So here's what's really happening, how to prepare for the eventual correction (or possible crash), and - more importantly - how to make money from it...
  • Stock Market News Today: Dow Ends Five-Day Losing Streak

    The biggest stock market news today: After five sessions of declines - the longest consecutive streak of losses so far this year - stocks finally closed higher.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 15,328.49, for a 55.23-point gain. The Standard & Poor's 500 rose 5.90 to 1,698.67, and the Nasdaq closed up 26.33 at 3,787.43.

    In stock market news today, new applications for unemployment benefits fell by 5,000 to 305,000 last week, according to the Labor Department's report today. However, that number is slightly shy of the 300,000 new applications economists expected.

    As for the gross domestic product (GDP), that report was unchanged, meaning the U.S. economy grew to the reported 2.5% in the second quarter.

    Here are the biggest stocks making news today:

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  • Biggest Stock Market News Today: Apple, BB&T, and GM

    Stocks this week are off to a heavy start as investors await more speeches from nine U.S. Federal Reserve executives this week that could shed light on the timing of the quantitative easing (QE) taper. Three of those speeches are scheduled for today.

    Comex gold prices are weighed this morning as the market hopes some of this week's comments from the Fed include insights into future monetary policy moves. Comex gold for December delivery is now trading at $1,324.76, down 0.37%.

    In the week ahead in stock market news, the U.S. Congress and the Obama administration will continue to debate the U.S. budget and debt ceiling issues as investors will keep an eye on any new developments regarding Syria and U.S. action there.

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