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Stock Market News Today: Stocks Slumping After Huge Week

Stock market news today, Oct. 14, 2013: The government shutdown and unresolved debt ceiling crisis continue to weigh on stocks today as lawmakers show few signs of reaching an agreement.

Nearly 800,000 government employees are still furloughed and about 1 million asked to work without pay as the shutdown enters a third week with no resolution on the federal budget nor an agreement on the debt ceiling.

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Stock Market News Today: What Week 2 of a Government Shutdown Looks Like

Stock market news today focuses on market reactions to the second week of the government shutdown, with markets down 80 points with just a couple hours of trading left in the day.

Investors are increasingly concerned that the conflict will not be resolved soon and fear the political stalemate will extend to the debt ceiling issue.

Without a debt ceiling resolution by Oct. 17, the United States would be in default, which would have a more damaging effect on the economy than this shutdown.

As a result, stocks are lower in trading today in all sectors. The S&P 500 is down about 0.4% at 1,683.00 points, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 0.6% at 14,989.80 points.

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Stock Market News Today: Dow Ends Five-Day Losing Streak

The biggest stock market news today: After five sessions of declines - the longest consecutive streak of losses so far this year - stocks finally closed higher.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 15,328.49, for a 55.23-point gain. The Standard & Poor's 500 rose 5.90 to 1,698.67, and the Nasdaq closed up 26.33 at 3,787.43.

In stock market news today, new applications for unemployment benefits fell by 5,000 to 305,000 last week, according to the Labor Department's report today. However, that number is slightly shy of the 300,000 new applications economists expected.

As for the gross domestic product (GDP), that report was unchanged, meaning the U.S. economy grew to the reported 2.5% in the second quarter.

Here are the biggest stocks making news today:

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Biggest Stock Market News Today: Apple, BB&T, and GM

Stocks this week are off to a heavy start as investors await more speeches from nine U.S. Federal Reserve executives this week that could shed light on the timing of the quantitative easing (QE) taper. Three of those speeches are scheduled for today.

Comex gold prices are weighed this morning as the market hopes some of this week's comments from the Fed include insights into future monetary policy moves. Comex gold for December delivery is now trading at $1,324.76, down 0.37%.

In the week ahead in stock market news, the U.S. Congress and the Obama administration will continue to debate the U.S. budget and debt ceiling issues as investors will keep an eye on any new developments regarding Syria and U.S. action there.

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The Biggest Stock Market News Today

After a summer of strong gains, stocks this week are in the red as tensions between Syria and the United States mount and investors fear near-term military action, likely as soon as this week. Other stock market news today weighing on shares includes the looming debt ceiling, with terms that U.S. President Barack Obama said he will not negotiate.

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This Week in Numbers


It's the numbers that count in this crazy world. They can tell stories that words simply can't. Here's a look at some of the fascinating, infuriating, amusing, depressing, and altogether important numbers that the world has put up on the board recently - and why you need to know them.

Here's the Key to How the Stock Market Will Move This Week

08192013KFG1 Coming off the worst week of the year, and with the very real possibility of the Dow Jones dipping back below 15,000, the question on everyone's lips is "Where's the bottom?"

That's why Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald spoke on Monday with FOX Business' Charles Payne of "Varney & Co."about just how low the stock market can go.

Fitz-Gerald looks at the stock market's support and resistance levels, and gives us a good picture of what to expect in the week ahead - and much more. He looks ahead to the Fed's Jackson "Black" Hole summit, and speculates on when the Fed's reindeer games will run out of gas.

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Stock Market News Today Why We Predicted This 10% Gainer Would Soar

Stock market news today focuses on winners and losers in the tech and consumer spaces, as well as how the S&P 500 will come off of its largest weekly decline since June.

Last week was tough for stocks since this year has been filled with rallies. Stocks fell as investors tried to understand the timing of the Fed's tapering of its bond-buying program.

Surprisingly, the market still seems very sensitive to any news on the Fed cutbacks.

This week, the market may continue to react to any news from the Fed, although other economic indicators are likely to be in the foreground of investors' minds.

Stock market news today starts with Japan, which we learned saw gross domestic product rise 2.6% at an annualized pace from April to June - well short of the 3.6% growth economists expected. The Nikkei was down more than 5% last week and is down another roughly 1% this morning.

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Goldman Sachs' "Warehouse Shuffle" Just Cost You $5 Billion

Construction forklift

It's just another game for Goldman Sachs Group (NYSE: GS) - a "warehouse shuffle" that moves aluminum around while the big bank collects rent on the metal.

Although the rent on the stored aluminum - Goldman isn't allowed to actually own the commodity - is just pennies a day, the vast amount of the metal it has stored in its 27 Detroit warehouses and the "warehouse shuffle" strategy that enables it to extend the rental period for months on end adds up.

Through the Metro International Trade Services subsidiary it bought in 2010, Goldman has accumulated 1.4 million tons of aluminum, which it stores at about 48 cents per ton per day. That's about $672,000 per day of revenue - nearly half a billion a year.

Experts say the warehouse shuffle game ultimately raises the price of aluminum to manufacturers - everything from beer and soda companies to automakers. That extra cost, about $5 billion over the past three years, is passed on to consumers - you and me.

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Why This Stock Market Sell-Off Will Continue

shah-sell-off A global stock market sell-off sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average down more than 200 points Monday in morning trading.

Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani joined FOX Business' "Varney & Co." to answer the big question: Will the stock market sell-off keep going?

Watch Gilani's full interview to find out how two huge factors will keep pushing down markets that have been falling since Ben Bernanke triggered triple-digit losses last week.

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