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The Cybersecurity Play That Doubled Once – Will Double Again

Not long ago, a relative of mine was the victim of identity theft. And I have to tell you that I really felt for the entire family.

The thief ran up nearly $20,000 in charges, opened new accounts and tried to open others.

And I can tell you that the frustrations over the losses (most of which ended up being covered) were dwarfed by the helplessness that came whenever new charges showed up – and the worry that was spawned by never finding out how the whole mess started.

As we watch the headlines about data breaches and cybercrime – and watch as the violations move closer and closer to home – those worries only escalate.

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    IPO Market 2013: What's Next After the White-Hot Start

    Initial Public Offering

    The IPO market has had a strong first half in 2013, in some cases delivering double-digit gains for those who have ventured into IPO investing.

    As the stock market has staged an impressive rally, investor demand to get into the IPO market is returning to pre- credit-crisis levels. The second quarter was actually the most active three-month period for IPOs in six years.

    So far in 2013, we have seen 92 deals. The average gain for initial buyers is around 20%.

    The pace seems to be picking up, as the first quarter saw 31 deals raise about $7.6 billion, and the second quarter had 61 offerings raise more than $13 billion.

    Financial firms, including real estate investment trusts (REITs), have been the most active industry, with 35 offerings. Healthcare companies are right behind, closing in on 34 deals so far this year.

    Some analysts think we could see more than 200 deals by the end of the year.

    That means more opportunity for IPO investing for double-digit's where to look.

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  • The Best New Companies In a White-Hot Sector Each of the companies you'll see today is just a few weeks old. That's why you need to know about them right now.
    You see, the market for all biotech shares is heating up.
    IPO action is proof of the big bucks coming into biotech, igniting a strong rally in the entire sector for the rest of the year. So far this year we've seen the most biotech IPOs in 13 years.
    And the gains are beginning to add up...
    The best-performing stock in this space, as you're about to see, is up 130% in little more than a month. And three other brand-new firms are roaring.
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  • How to Double Your Money in the "New Space Race" This trend is still in its early stages. But now one small-cap manufacturer of rocket engines is getting ready to take off - perhaps in the next few months. Here’s the whole story. Read More...
  • Four Ways to Play the "Cure" for the Flu DUCK;MEAT;HOLIDASY;LUNCH There's a new generation of flu vaccines that are "programmed" to fight designated diseases. This is a "disruptive technology" that will turn the $30 billion vaccine market inside out. Four ways to play it here. Read More...
  • Get in the Ground Floor of This $1 Trillion Industry

    How many times have you studied the stock charts of Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG), Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) or (Nasdaq: AMZN) - and wished you could travel back in time to become an early stage investor in just those sorts of king-making companies?

    We can't, of course, but I can offer the next best thing: I can tell you about the brand-new industry where the next stock like this will likely come from.

    I'm talking about 3D printing.

    Folks who've been following my work know that I've been predicting this sector's emergence for some time. Back in March, I told readers of our sister newsletter Money Morning that 3D printing was a $1 trillion industry in the making. In October, in a note to all of you, I followed up with a roundup report on the newest breakthroughs.

    In every piece I've written, my key message was always the same: 3D printing will give tech investors the next real shot at windfall profits.

    It's already playing out just as I predicted. But even I was surprised at how much money investors made off this segment last year.

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  • The Top Four Tech Stories That Keep Me Up Late At Night

    Like the financial markets, the world of technology is moving faster than ever. As I look back over the top tech news stories I covered in 2012, there are four that are so huge they actually keep me up at night. The impact of these breakthroughs could be huge – and so could their payoff...

  • These Five High-Tech IPOs Are On Fire

    Who says high-tech stocks have hit the skids?

    In a move that bodes well for 2013 stock market, high-tech IPOs have been absolutely on fire in the closing weeks of 2012.

    In fact, judging by their gains, high-tech IPOs have soundly beaten the rest of the market’s new issues over the last three months. At least five soared by more than 40%.

    Even the IPOs that many market watchers thought would fizzle have jumped out of the box.

    The most recent is SolarCity Corp. (Nasdaq: SCTY) which debuted last week.

    Instead of landing with a thud, shares of the solar panel installer soared nearly 50% on its first day of trading from a reduced offering price of $8 a share.

    That left SolarCity tied for third place among IPO performers in the quarter that ends Dec. 31. Even as of late yesterday, SolarCity shares were still up by 55%.

    But SolarCity is just the latest big winner. Here is a look at the other four winning high-tech IPOs based on their closing prices as of last week.

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